Why am I here?

One’s first post on a blog seems like such a momentous thing. As I was thinking about what I should write about, there were several things that came to mind, but every single one I thought, “No, that’s not special enough. I’ll have to think of something else.” But then I realized that would get me nowhere! Finally, I decided to write a more thorough explanation of why I started Cracks in the Fence. I’ve touched on this a little in the about page for Cracks in the Fence, but not very extensively. There are several things that led to my situation, but it was my situation that drove me to the point where I had to take action.

First, the reasons:

  1. My family had been a part of a program called Bible Quizzing for about ten years – until about two years ago, when we had to make the difficult decision to stop because of a change in bible versions that was made. (I will be working on a page that hopefully explains this better, but it isn’t written yet, so bear with me.) Because of this, a great deal of my social life was wiped out all at once. At first I was excited to see what God had in mind for me, but over time, I became more and more lonely.
  2. Around the same time, my sister, Hannah and I were diagnosed with auto-immune Hypo-thyroidism. She was worse than me, as she had had it for longer (long story, involving allopathic doctors saying she was fine when she was NOT, and us trying to fix it with information off the web…but that is another story for another time. 🙂 ), and her energy level was so low, she could barely live her normal life, let alone do anything extra! This meant that we were at home a lot during our recovery time. We’ve kind of gotten into a rut, and are currently trying to work on getting out and doing more now that we are both feeling better.
  3. We also at this same time left our church. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the people! But we didn’t agree with some of the things being preached, and it was a small church, with the wrong demographic. We wanted to find a church with more people our ages. Unfortunately, our search hasn’t gone too well, as all the churches in our area don’t believe in college-age kids existing. Or something…

These three things together cut us almost completely off from the outside world. At first, for our introverted family, it was a relief. We had a breather. Then I started getting antsy and lonely, as I said. I contemplated starting a Facebook account, but I have heard SO many people say that they get addicted to it, and they wish they could stop, and have told me not to start. I’ve seen them become different people, and I was definitely concerned, as were my parents. But I was desperate. I needed something to do, from home, without having to get into the car and go somewhere. I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog, but I wasn’t sure if I was up to the work. But my mom pointed out that my posts didn’t have to be long; it’s not like I’m doing this to make money, like so many of the other blogs I follow are doing.

So I am here to stay connected with the friends and family who put up with me, express myself, encourage others, and make new friends. If nothing else, it will at least be out there, and that will ease my mind.

Thanks for being there!


7 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging, Abbie!! I love reading your view of the world and can’t wait for more posts! 🙂 You are such a unique and special person, and I’m so excited that you have this opportunity to share who you are and what you are up to. It is a lot of fun, and a good way to reach out, get connected and stay connected. You are making some very wise choices (my opinion), and I am thrilled to be along for the ride, not only on the blog, but also in life!! You are one of the best sisters I could ask for, and I am so privileged to know you far better than I ever could via a blog! ❤


  2. Awesome sauce! So glad to see you online. It’s almost a year to the day that Beth’s food blog went live. 🙂

    Can’t wait to learn more about you. I’d love to see you on Facebook as well, by the way. 😉

    Hope you have a wonderful journey.

    I’m sorry about the falling out at your church. I’m curious about what happened. It’s so hard to find churches that truly reflect one’s own beliefs. Especially when we all grow, evolve and discover spiritual truths at different rates than others. We’re all on our own unique spiritual journeys, I suppose.

    Can’t wait to see you and your wonderful family again soon!


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