Celebrating National Purebred Dog Day #purebreddogs

I%20Love%20Purebred%20Dogs%20png (2)
Today is National Purebred Dog Day (NPDD)! This is actually only the second year it’s been celebrated, and the first one since it was officially recognized as a holiday by Colorado (March, 10th 2015), so for once I’m actually on the band-wagon from the beginning! Or close enough to count it for me… 😛 Thanks to Susi Szeremy for creating this holiday!

It is really more of a social media thing, but since I don’t have anything, I figured posting here would be better than nothing. Not like anyone will read it, at least not now, except for my family. But it’s all about spreading the word!

I love all dogs. I volunteer at Seattle Humane Society, and through that have met all kinds of wonderful dogs, including my brother’s dog, Keely, who was a foster failure. But I also love Purebreds, and feel like it is some sort of crime in today’s world to admit that you are planning on buying a dog from a responsible breeder <- that right there is of the utmost importance!

In my perfect world, there would be no shelters, and all breeders would be responsible, ethical and humane. But we all know that will never happen in this world. At this point, I choose to help homeless and abandoned dogs by donating my time to the Humane Society as a foster parent and my weekly volunteer shift. I am not sworn off adopting a shelter dog, it just so happens that most of the dogs that end up in the shelter don’t fit well with my personality/lifestyle. If a dog comes in that is a good fit, I will give it some serious thought.

Here’s the picture of Admiral & I with the I ❤ Purebred Dogs sign; not great, but it was our first time…WP_20150430_007

Admiral had gone for a run in the backyard before taking our picture, and all he wanted to do was lay down with his head in my lap. I made him sit up for the picture, and as soon as we were done, he laid right down and gave me This Look:


“I can’t believe you made me put off my nap for a picture


Who knew that taking pictures was so exhausting! ;P

Thanks to My Brown Newfies for spreading the word! Check out her NPDD post with 20 Fun Facts About Newfies. <-What a great idea! <- Am I using too many of those arrows? I don’t know, maybe I need a few more to qualify! ;P

Also, I am picking up 4 four-week-old Chihuahua/mix foster puppies this afternoon! See you soon with cute puppy pictures (hopefully!)!


5 thoughts on “Celebrating National Purebred Dog Day #purebreddogs

  1. Haha, I love the arrows!! ‘Course my age and the fact that everyone thinks I live in a cave work against me when I try to use them. 🙂

    Yay for *responsible* breeders and purebred dogs everywhere!! 🙂


  2. I have a shelter doggie and a purebread one, and I find the first one more unique! The second one looks like all of her race, if one day I lose her among a hundred I wouldn’t recognize her so easily!


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