The Seattle Mariners come back as…Chihuahuas?

I am just popping in with a few foster puppy pictures… I picked them up late Friday afternoon after my regular volunteer shift, which was really nice. They are four-week-old Chihuahua puppies, and they sleep a lot! That will change as they get older, but right now they are super sweet and will sleep anywhere! Right now they are so much easier than any other puppies we’ve had that I keep checking myself and thinking, “Wait, do we have puppies?” Part of that is because they don’t have their mom with them. They were surrendered without her because she got preeclampsia, and was in the doggy hospital. This is not so good for the puppies, because they need their mom to learn certain things behaviorally, so “we” (Admiral & Keely) will have to give them some socialization with adult dogs. (Bella ignores everything puppy, so she doesn’t really participate! 😛 ) There are three boys and one girl. Their previous foster mom named them, and although she said we could change them, we decided not to, because they are super cute names! She named them after Seattle Mariners players, because apparently there was a really good game some time in the recent past.

Their names are Nelson, Robbie, Kyle, and Whitney. (I’m not sure where she got Whitney because I looked up all the players who have ever played with the Mariners, and I could find anything that could be construed to be Whitney. Maybe she picked a random name? Or maybe that was somebody’s nickname? Who knows! [Edit: My mom, the research queen got onto it, and from what she could find, a player named Tyler Whitney was signed on in 2010. He was a left-handed pitcher from Mississippi State University, and was originally from Lakeland, TN.)


Sleeping in the back of their crate… Aren’t they just too precious!


This is Whitney. She was being passed around yesterday afternoon to whomever was available to hold her. This was when she was with Grace, and she just curled up in Grace’s hands. It was too cute!


The nursing instinct is still strong, especially in Whitney. She tries to suckle our fingers, hands, arms or ears. I had to get a picture of her “nursing Hannah’s ear; it was so funny! (By the way, having your ear suckled tickles. Just for future reference 😛 😀 )


This is Whitney with me…she fell asleep in my hand up against my apron.


From the front…


Their tails are so cute! They remind me of Beanie-Baby tails, although I’m not sure why. They are just so funny!


This is Kyle…He is the only one who is completely colored a yellowish cream (Admiral colored 🙂 ). If you look really closely at Whitney, she has a bit of cream on her edges. Like my mom said, “Kind of like she’s been playing in tea.” Here he was cuddling with Mom, and I couldn’t resist his little eyes. 😛

I promise I will eventually get pictures of the other two! There will probably be more puppy pictures here than anyone cares to see, although too many puppy pictures is an oxymoron in my book! 😛


6 thoughts on “The Seattle Mariners come back as…Chihuahuas?

  1. Oh, they *are* just too cute! Which I’m sure will help when they get more vocal. 😉 And because they are so small, it makes clean-up WAY easier, which I like, because I am super-lazy. 😛


    • It’s all about the clean-up! I didn’t mention that in case it would gross people out, but I am definitely enjoying that plus! (I think it will be even better once they are older and on kibble…) ;P


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