Second-hand Shopping Spree!

This last Monday, my mom, sisters and I went to check out a new Value Village near us, and had a blast! Of course, we had an appointment (and puppies) to work around, but we made it work. I’m pretty sure we could have spent all day there… We found several things that we had been looking for for a long time, and got several amazing deals! (I am a Goodwill regular. I practically go into convulsions if we spend more than $10 on any piece of clothing or shoes (with the exception of walking shoes; that has a $50 cap). I know most people wouldn’t think twice about $10, but I have never lived that way, and probably never will.)

Anyway, 6 loads (two were small) later, and I think all the new clothes are through. Here’s what I got!


A few tops similar in style to one another, and all colors I like.


This hoodie…perfection in a shirt, IMO! ( The picture doesn’t do it justice.) It has half-sleeves, which is perfect for me because the only part of my arms that get really cold are my upper arms, so usually my long and 3/4 length sleeves get pushed up to my elbows…and that looks weird. But it also has the button tie things (do those have a name?) to give them the option of being short-sleeves. Plus, it fits me perfectly, I love the color, AND it looks good on me! Despite the stripes! *sigh* I love it, and I haven’t even worn it!


This skirt was an unusual one for me to pick out, but for some reason, it just made me happy. I can’t wait to wear it; I think it’s going to be one of those closet pieces that goes with almost anything!


These shoes are my granola shoes…back to my mom’s roots! πŸ˜› When I put them on, I feel like I should shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (not that I would complain about that…come closer Whole Foods!!).


And a new hat for us to share!

My poor sister, Grace, didn’t get much at Value Village, and so on their way home from another appointment (yeah, we were busy that day!), she and my mom stopped at our Goodwill to see if she could find anything there. Whenever some of us aren’t there, the ones who are shopping will keep an eye out for stuff the others would like, and they found a couple things for me. Since we live fairly close to Goodwill, my mom just swung by and brought me back to try stuff on. I got two denim skirts out of the deal, which I am super excited about, since I’ve been looking for good denim skirts for a while!


I’m really excited about this, because they are two different styles/looks! The long one (I’ve been looking for this style for about 6 years!)…


And a shorter one! I love them both in very different ways. πŸ˜‰

I think one of the biggest deals we got was a pair of shoes for my mom. They were her size exactly (which can be hard to find), cute <- also hard for her because of her size, L. L. Bean, and looked like they had been worn once – or maybe brought on a trip or to an event. And all that for $7!!

Do you shop at second-hand stores? Got any good deals recently? Do you have a hard time spending more than a certain amount on something?


2 thoughts on “Second-hand Shopping Spree!

  1. I honestly don’t want to know how much I spent at the thrift store the other day…but I’m sure it was 10 times better than if I’d bought them full price!! It would’ve meant I couldn’t have bought as much loot. πŸ˜› I nearly always shop second-hand or else cheaper, not-specifically-clothing places, like Fred Meyer, because I am a cheapskate like that. But although I am totally with you on not spending much on clothes, there are a few things in which I have more of a spendy tendency…well, like walking/running shoes. πŸ˜› Mostly probably because I’ve experienced the huge difference it makes in my bio-mechanics to have high-quality shoes, so I’m willing to pay for that…which means pay more. πŸ˜› But there are a lot of things where I have an arbitrary price threshold between “reasonable”, “pricey”, and “exorbitant”. πŸ™‚ This scrutiny and wariness is most common for me, though certainly not limited to, produce and food.


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