Happy Mother’s Day!

I love relationships; especially parents with their kids. My heart just swells up inside me when I see a good parent-child relationship. Today is a celebration of the mom half of the equation. One of the great things about moms is that they are the best mom to their kid(s)! (So it should be no surprise to you that I think my mom is the best!) ;P

I know this is an old song, and it made it’s rounds on Mother’s Day in it’s day, but I love it so much that I had to share it.  Plus, I think of my mom every time I listen to this song. It could have been written about her!  And that is what Mother’s Day is about, isn’t it; honoring, appreciating, and thanking your mom!

Thank you so much, Mom, for pouring yourself out for us every day, and putting yourself out to make each and every one of us happy and satisfied.  You have made so many sacrifices for us, and no one could find a more unselfish person on the planet.  You are beautiful, and you are changing the world, one heartbeat at a time!

❤ Abbie

P.S. Fun fact: My mom pointed out that this year, Mother’s Day is on 5/10/15! Cool, huh?


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thanks for the much needed Mothers Day post. I thought you might be interested in the impact of that post. My son has Aspergers (autism spectrum) and does not really understand the concept of Mother’s Day. I love my son dearly and am happy and proud to be his mother but it was a little hard yesterday to receive no “Mother’s Day love”. But when I read your post last night it was as if God was reminding me that I am C’s mom and he loves and appeciates me even when when he can’t express it himself. Thanks for passing on the message, it was gratefully received.


    • Thank you so much for telling me your story, Dona! I can only imagine how hard that must be… It is an encouragement to me to know that I have blessed someone!


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