The Mariner’s puppies – Week Six!

This last Friday, the puppies turned 6 weeks old! Now, for those of you who have never cared for underage puppies, between 6 & 8 weeks is when the puppies tend to become more obnoxious and therefore more challenging to care for, especially when they are multiple of them. They are bolder, spend more time playing, and are all around more destructive than their previously angelic 0-6 week selves. I don’t want to jinx myself, but it seems like our little Mariners are going to be one of the easiest litters we have ever had the pleasure of caring for during those “hell weeks”.


Since their 6 week birthday was on a Friday, and my regular volunteer shift is also on a Friday, I brought them with me so that they could have their 6 week check-up. While I worked, they stayed in a little cubby in the building where their kitchen/laundry room is. This is how I found them upon my return…they were taking up about maaayyybbee 1/12ths of the space. They were so adorable!

A couple days before they went in for their 6 week check-up, I heard a few coughs now and then (and it was pretty much always in the crate, where I couldn’t see who it was, or if it was the same one). I couldn’t tell if it was kennel cough or not (it was such a little cough, but then, they are SO little), so I mentioned to vet services when they went in. Sure enough, one of them had it (I don’t know for sure which one, but I am guessing Robbie, because he was the most lethargic). So now they are all on medication, and it is amazing how much Robbie has perked up after being on it for a few days!


We decided to try this several days before I actually did it (or maybe it just seemed like it was multiple days? Maybe it was only one?), but as of Monday, we took out the pee-pad that was in front of their crate, and replaced it with a blanket. I was hoping this would create a space where they could play outside of their crate, and also something to chew on/rip at besides the pee-pads, which is what they were currently occupying themselves with when they were out of the crate. I wasn’t sure how this would go, since they are still so small, but it worked really well! They have pretty much not left that blanket since I put it in there (except, of course, when they needed to go ๐Ÿ˜› ), and we kept finding them in a little pile in the corner of the x-pen. I’m like, “Um, guys, you know you do still have a crate – you know, like your den – that you can go to!”


This was taken before the blanket was put in. In case you were wondering, there are only three puppies in there. I was holding Nelson (he is a good cuddle buddy!), and was putting him back when I was confronted with this.

Ready for the 6 week mug-shot line-up? Here goes…


Whitney. It was so hard to get a good picture of her because she kept giving my phone a look-away and/or closing her eyes. Whitney’s philosophy is: “Why walk when you can run?” She will run between targets, be it sibling, toy, me, crate, or food. It is so funny, because she is fully capable of walking! She likes to climb up on our shoulders for who knows what reason, but she gets to a certain point where I grab her because I’m afraid she’ll fall off. She is the second boldest (to Kyle), although it depends on the situation.


Robbie. Is it just me, or is his signature pink circle is slowly disappearing? Waaaahhhh! No! That can’t happen! The poor little guy is everyone’s play thing. He is probably the most fearful, but we are working on that. He loves to burrow into things, especially if it’s a person!


Kyle. Or as I say it, “Kweye-ohwlh” That “h” on the end is particularly important. ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t you love his one ear up, one ear slightly-flopped look? It looks even more dramatic in person, if that’s possible. I tried so many angles and took lots of pictures to try and get that elusive perfect picture, but it didn’t happen, at least, not yet. I haven’t given up!


Nelson. I have so many good pictures of Nelson, that there are more coming. He is the opposite of Kyle, he is relatively easy to photograph. That means, several cute puppy pictures that I couldn’t help but not post! But this was his “official” picture. He is so chill!


He likes to be held with his head under our chins, and he will stay there, sometimes until he falls asleep.


Robbie sneaking a taste of Hannah’s finger. We are working with them on keeping their mouths to themselves, but first, since they had no mother, we have to work with them on their bite inhibition.


It is so fun to let them play around out in the living room! I usually only take two at a time, but this time, I had all four out at once, which was a little crazy! Whitney seemed to think she could make some headway on some of Admiral’s bones, and Nelson came over to see what she was doing. “I’m sticking my head inside this tunnel, what does it look like I’m doing, bro?”


Remember what I said about Nelson being a cuddle buddy? He is always so good, and he will climb out of the crate and sit at the gate of the x-pen, just watching us. He almost never stays there though, because one of us (usually me ๐Ÿ˜€ ) can’t resist his little face and his quiet request (yes! let’s reward that!!), and I’ll hold him. Sometimes I’ll pass him off to someone else, if I have something I really need to be doing. ๐Ÿ˜›


He’s good at it too! Isn’t this picture SO caption-able?! (I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!! What is Nelson saying?) I just can’t get past his cute little face to think of anything creative!


Nelson was even calm enough to sit on my lap while I worked on the computer…


…that is, if I wasn’t distracted by taking a bazillion pictures of him! ๐Ÿ˜›


I turned it to the front facing camera to see if I could get a picture on his level, but then he was curious about the puppy he saw in the phone. “Who’s zat?”


This is actually Robbie. This picture fooled me, and I had to compare to make sure it was Robbie and not Nelson!

That’s all for now on the puppy front! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with pictures of the Great Explorer Kyle!

Any caption ideas for Nelson? Do you have any fun puppy stories?


4 thoughts on “The Mariner’s puppies – Week Six!

  1. I agree…SOOO captionable!!! I actually kept this picture open on my phone, so I could see it and perhaps inspiration would come to me. I felt like that elusive caption was lurking there somewhere in the back of my mind, and the niggling was driving me crazy!! He kind of looks like he’s saluting or something…but at the same time, he also looks like a total cool dude. I don’t know…I’ll probably think of something a few months from now, lol! I love the pictures you get of the puppies; you capture their adorable selves so well.


    • Oh, the puppies are so cute! Thanks for sharing the great pictures. My caption for the cute Nelson pic is “…a sleepy hello”. Then I realized that with his paw held up like that he looks like the Japanese “good luck/prosperity” character which is a cat with his (left) paw held up in a wave just like Nelson’s.
      They are all so cute as they get a bit bigger. I love the pics of them sleeping in a small heap.


      • Both great ideas… I can see it both ways! They are just SO adorable…which helps them out a ton when they get into mischief! ๐Ÿ˜› I think that’s why God made puppies so gosh darn cute! ๐Ÿ˜€


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