Kyle the Puppy Gymnast!

This is Kyle…


If you have seen my other puppy posts, you’ve met him before. But what you may not know, is that he is extremely bold, active, curious, and most of all agile. This makes him very challenging to photograph since he is almost always moving.


See this picture? Kyle was right there, standing still for once when I snapped it, but by the time the shutter closed, he was gone.


I love this picture, even though it is so blurry, and you can barely see him. When I took this picture, I already had several ruined from him running out of the shot. So when he took off this time, I followed him with my phone, attempting a very amateur version of panning. I am horrible at panning, but I thought this picture captured his constant movement perfectly!


Even while sitting, he still moves around.


I’m pretty sure he wants to be a gymnast (aka, an agility dog)  when he grows up. But he decided to start small, and instead of investing in expensive equipment, he worked with what he had: the big dogs’ toy basket.


I can’t decide whether he’s practicing jumps, tunnels or weave poles. But whatever it was, he was using Admiral & Keely’s tug toys. And he did it multiple times!


The Great Kyle feels out his Adversary…I wonder who will make the first move.


He really liked the toy basket! First he came around the back and investigated. He’s already met the fleece ball, so he recognized a friend.


Which I guess made the basket safe to climb in!

Sorry for all the blurry photos. I thought they were funny, and funny = good in a different way than masterpieces. Kyle can be a little trouble maker sometimes, but he is also a lot of fun!

Well, I have to get ready for my shift and dinner with friends tonight, so I’d better go! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Do you prefer cuddly puppies, rowdy puppies, or something in between? I’m usually more of a sucker for cuddlers, personally. But I think the spunky ones are fun to spice things up a bit. And they are good for a laugh (or five)!


4 thoughts on “Kyle the Puppy Gymnast!

  1. Hi Kyle! What a cutie! I love the blurry pictures because they show his fluid moves. Isn’t it neat to see an early glimpse of what he will be (gymnast) when he grows up.


    • Oh yes! I wish I could follow through with all my foster puppies so that I could see how they turned out…although sometimes I think maybe it’s good that I don’t. 🙂 There are a couple that I really wish I could see now (my favorites). I know I will miss these little guys when they get adopted!


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