The Admiral Saga Continues…

Hi folks! Sorry for my little hiatus off the blog…I’ve had an interesting weekend. I have so much built up inside me, that I can barely focus on writing one post, and I have several half written posts drafted up (including a massive puppy post that I might have to split up!). But I am hoping to stick through this one, and maybe the rest will follow. 😀


I have a few Admiral updates…I am wondering if I spoke too soon when I said that we figured out what was wrong with Admiral. He is TONS better, but he is still acting a bit off. Again, mostly at night. He is content to sleep now, though, for which I am extremely grateful! It’s just that he doesn’t want to sleep in his bed. He will get up and curl up next to Hannah’s bed, or by Grace’s door (which opens off our room). He didn’t do it every night, and I let him do it for a while because it wasn’t messing with our sleep. But he started doing it more and more reliably like that’s what he thought he was supposed to do, so as of now, I hook him up to his leash that’s tied to a piece of furniture at night. Back to puppy days.

Right now, I am hypothesizing that he associates his bed with having a fever, and doesn’t want to be there anymore. But I am keeping my eyes open for an underlying problem. 😀

My other big concern is that in the last week or two, we’ve noticed that Admiral has been laying with his back right paw out. Now, I’ve seen him do this before, but now he is doing it at weird times, and doing it WAY more often than I’ve ever seen him do it before. I started trying to capture it on camera.


My mom did a spot of research, and found out that this was common in Labs as they age, and they a lot of times have trouble moving for themselves, especially navigating the stairs. The only problem is that he’s a little young yet to be having these issues. Sure, he’s 8, but most of the dogs having these problems were 11-13! It’s still possible that this is an early onset, or that it’s just something random! Time will tell. So far, the only thing I’ve done is to shave the fur between his toes on his back feet to help him get better traction. At least, that’s the idea. 😀


About when we noticed this, one evening we saw him have a spasm in his (we think right but we’re not sure) back leg that caused him to lose his balance a bit. I noticed it happen again the next morning. I haven’t seen it since, but it’s all a bit disconcerting.


But you have to admit – no matter what else he is, Admiral is cute! Don’t you just love that bone-chewing pose? He is such a styling guy!

What kind of befuddling things has your dog thrown at you? Have you had to deal with some serious health problems before?


2 thoughts on “The Admiral Saga Continues…

  1. I think the worst dog health thing ever for me was with Bella in California. I will never forget how all of a sudden she came limping over to me, yelping constantly, her tongue gray, her eyes half closed and totally in shock! SO scary…all the way to the vet, I was sure she would die. It’s still a mystery why that happened, and I wish I knew what caused that day of illness (?). But it’s been almost ten years, and it doesn’t seem to have affected her…thankfully!!


    • Oh man, I keep forgetting about that! I was so scared she would seriously die! I, too, wish we could figure out what exactly happened there. That was so weird.


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