Mariners Puppies’ Photoshoot

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 001 (edited)

“Hey folks! How’s it goin’? I hope you are all having an excellent morning!”

I have this annoying habit of trying to take puppy pictures at night. I was able to get away with it when they were younger, but now they are more active, they think when they get out, they are coming out to play, which makes them wriggly. This last weekend, I couldn’t do it at night and use my phone. It was just a bad combination, and believe it or not I can snap pictures faster with our DSLR, so I cracked it out. I have to say, I am not happy with the pictures because I “had” to use flash. Blegh. (As you will see, I didn’t exactly need to use flash, but the outcome was better? With the fast moving puppies, it was at least tons easier.)

I got several cute pictures that were too good not to share. πŸ˜€

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 004.jpg

Whitney is just a little spitfire. She moves very fast, and isn’t afraid to challenge any of her brothers. She also tries very hard to get the humans to play with her, although she has a rather unconventional way of doing it which includes dancing around on her back legs. It can be pretty amusing if you are the human in the situation!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 009 (2)

This one shows her more sensitive side…ha! I’m not sure she has one. πŸ˜› She is very sweet, but she can be a bit intense; at least she sleeps sometimes (thank God)!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 014

Kyle…oh, my! There is a little bundle of mischief and personality! He is a bit of a troublemaker, but he is a bunch of fun, and good for a laugh.

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 015 (edited)

This picture perfectly encapsulates Kyle’s personality. “What’s that??” Yup. He is so curious – and fearless, too!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 022

Robbie actually kind of reminds me of Keely (my brother’s Papillion mix). He loves people, and loves to burrow in for attention; he cannot be close enough to you. But he also loves to play, and is really good and polite with our adult dogs. He is a special little boy!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 025

Luke was holding them for me and he was kind of giving Robbie a finger massage, which Robbie loved – hence the zen look on his face. πŸ™‚ It was so funny!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 027.jpg

Oh, goodness. I have so many cute ones of him! Don’t you love that face?!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 030

Nelson: “I didn’t hear that!”

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 031

“I’m cute, too, right??” Oh my yes, Nelson! That face melts me!

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 033

“So there, Robbie!”

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 036

Nelson is the most laid back puppy. He is SO photogenic, mostly because he moves slower than the others. He is also a little snuggle bug once he’s got his wiggles out.

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 037

On his way to explore something – who knows what. I love how he looks so purposeful.

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 010 1

They all love people so much, and it is so sweet to see them get excited when they see someone they know, in this case, Luke. Kyle was wiggling and licking Luke’s chin so fast, we were both laughing because it was funny and sweet at the same time.

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 016

This was so funny! I was messing around with the camera settings, and I told Luke he could set Kyle down so that he could get some of his energy out. Luke laid down on the floor with him, and Kyle kept going in circles around his head, and going through the tunnel that Luke’s neck made with the floor. Between it tickling, and Kyle’s determination to keep doing it, Luke was laughing so hard! It was funny!

I have TONS more pictures, but I think they will need their own post.

Have a good evening everyone!


2 thoughts on “Mariners Puppies’ Photoshoot

  1. Oh. my. That sticking-out tongue picture totally made me lol!! I don’t know how you capture these expressions, Abbie! I have to say, these are the easiest foster puppies we’ve had so far, IMO. And their cute faces of course help. πŸ˜›


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