The Mariners Out and About

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 035

“Hey, I hear that more puppy pictures are being requested! You might want to get onto that!”


I can’t believe Kyle sat still for long enough for me to get this picture of him. I was kinda ridiculously excited about it.


I love taking selfies, although I’m only satisfied with maybe 50% of the ones I take. One night, I felt particularly in a selfie mood, and so after I was done weighing the puppies, I decided to take a few. I had Nelson with me because he had been very good, so he got to join in on the selfie fun. I took this one of him…


…and one many of us together. This is the best one. 🙂

Whitney shocked me last Saturday when we were in the car after a vet appointment; she lifted her head up, and behold…


One of her ears flops over! It was literally not doing it one minute and the next it was. I don’t know about you all, but I’m kind of wondering if one of the vets or vet techs thought it would be a cute addition….


If so, they were right! It fits her personality perfectly!


Doesn’t she look like she is about to launch a campaign against the world using her cuteness as her weapon?


I’ve put a collar on them a couple times to hopefully get them used to it. That’s Robbie modeling it, and they all pretty much spent the whole time scratching. *sigh* I figure that any time they get with it is a bonus…


Speaking of progress (I was talking about Admiral’s progress earlier…)! At first, Keely avoided the puppies like the plague. As my mom said, “She looked like a fourteen-year-old girl whom you just asked to change a baby’s diaper.” Pretty much exactly how she looked every time she caught a whiff of puppy smell. She’d turn tail and walk in the opposite direction. After some treats, though, she became a little more tolerant. Also, Robbie is very polite, and I think that raised him a bit in Keely’s eyes.


Things are going really well…


Umm…Whaaaatttt!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her doing this! The funny thing was, he let her! (Usually, Keely is the one letting Admiral stick his nose down there, so it was a bit odd to see her doing it. Sorry for the TMI… 😛 )


Then Robbie saw the leash, and it gave him a good idea….


“Let’s go, Keely!


“Ok, now I want to go this way…”

Actually, Keely’s leash was tantalizing to all the puppies, and I think they all picked up the leash at least once. Whitney for sure did it several times, but always at the very end of the leash. I tried to discourage it as much as possible, but when Robbie took a hold so close to her that she had to follow him, I couldn’t resist. He really was leading her around, and you could see Keely thinking, “What the heck is going on??”


“Uh, oh. I can’t go on! Something’s in the way. I wonder what exactly it is anyway…”


“Maybe I can just walk through it.”


“Actually, this is kind of a fun toy!!”


Victorious! And back atcha!


Admiral is making progress in playing – and interacting with puppies in general! Keely has helped him let his hair down a bit, though. He’s having fun applying it to the puppies.


I love this picture! I know it doesn’t look like it very much, but they were both having fun! The only problem is that I have to keep a close eye on Admiral to make sure he doesn’t get too enthusiastic. When he gets excited and wound up, he moves fast, and having a 70 lb. dog moving at breakneck speed with a 1 1/2 lb. puppy around can be a little scary.


“Don’t you dare take my squirrel…it’s not dead yet!” (In reality, he would have no problem if I took the squirrel. No worries!)


“Ok, well, maybe it is dead, but I want to be sure.”

After all that action, it seems fitting that I leave you with a more peaceful picture.


A pile of passed-out puppies is a beautiful sight indeed!

Side-note for anyone who has been keeping track: The puppies turn 8 weeks-old tomorrow.  Normally, we would take them in for their 8 week boosters and their spay/neuter surgery, and then they would be put on the adoption floor, and would be available for adoption the next morning.The only problem is, they have to be 8 weeks old and over 2 lbs. in order to be spayed/neutered. So they are probably going to be too small. Nelson is the only one over 2 lbs., although Kyle is almost there at 1 lb. 14 1/2 oz. The bottom line is: we don’t know for sure when they go back, but within the next week, they should be all over 2 lbs.

Does your dog play well with others? Um, seeing as he was more obsessed with the smells at the dog park than playing with the other dog, I would say…maybe? He’s a little on the sensitive/cautious/nervous side, so he’s easily freaked. But at least he isn’t bad with other dogs. 🙂

Do you prefer flopped or pricked-up ears (or both at the same time like Whitney)? I like any form of upright ears. And if the ears are different, that somehow makes it even more adorable in my mind.

Have a great weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Mariners Out and About

  1. Mostly Bella ignores/flees from other dogs, lol! Though she is *very* conniving…I figured out yesterday that all this time when I thought she legitimately needed to go out, I think she’s been ringing the bells because she can smell when the neighbor dog is out and she wants to go taunt. She plays her typical part of I-don’t-know-you’re-there-’cause-ya-know-I’m-deaf, while the other dog goes wild on the other side of the fence. Then Bella does her business, goes back inside and repeats as often as bored. I’m onto you, Bella!

    I love the one-up, one-down look! But some dogs just look so perfect one way or the other, and I was sad to see Whitney’s ear flop because I think she is just too cute as chief of the Bat-Dogs. She could take off with those ears! 😛 But I like the flopped look too…I just have to get used to Robbie being the only Bat-Dog left. 😉


    • Hmm…I’m still not convinced that that was what she was doing. 🙂
      I think Whitney’s ears are going back and forth now. They can’t decide either.


  2. Thanks for the puppy post; they are so adorable. Each time I found a “favorite” photo the next one was also great!
    Will all 4 pups get their shots, etc or will they each do it as they reach 2 pounds?


    • That is a very good question, and one I am not altogether sure of the answer. I am going with them all going back this Friday unless I hear from the Foster Coordinator. 🙂 Kyle is over 2 lbs. as of last night, but Tuesday and Wednesday are the Foster Coordinator’s days off, so I doubt I will hear from her.
      Thanks for all your encouragement, Dona!


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