My all-over-the-place weekend

Welcome to June everyone! I kid thee not, as I write this it is overcast and approximately 60° outside. Yesterday was in the high 70s. Ridiculous, right?


Yes, that’s a wet patio! Actually, I don’t really begrudge the rain. If it’s going to be overcast, I think we should get something for it. Plus, I’d be a fool not to be grateful for any extra water…it means less worry over the whole water shortage business. But anyway… It’s supposed to be June, and rain in June is just wrong. I was whining this morning about how I wasn’t ready for summer to be over. Thankfully, it’s not! If the weathermen are right, by Thursday or Friday, the weather should be back up to 70-80s. YES!! You won’t find me complaining about the heat! I was really enjoying walking in the heat of the day, and coming in all sweaty. Maybe I should stop now…

This weekend has been a bit crazy, so I thought I would catch you up on everything that was going on!

Friday I had my shift, and the puppies had their 8 week check-up. Only Nelson was over 2 lbs., but we are hoping that they will all be over 2 lbs. by next Friday and can have their surgeries then.

Saturday was a yard work day. We weeded, took care of various pest problems, and did other odd jobs about the yard. Next week we are hoping to edge the grass back to where it was when we originally put it in, and put new chips everywhere. Definitely an all-day job!

We finished up, and while I waited in line for the shower, I took the puppies for a little romp in the grass. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, because I was a bit pre-occupied with watching four puppies!

Also on Saturday, Keely graduated from her shy dog class she was taking at Seattle Humane!


(Aren’t her nail’s so cute?) She got to try out agility, too, which was an unexpected plus! Luke wants to get into agility with her, so it was fun for them to try it a bit! Because they had to reschedule two of the class dates last minute, we get 50% off another class at Seattle Humane, and I am thinking it will probably be an agility class!

On Sunday, we visited a church in the morning, and when we got home, listened through Matthew West’s new CD, Live Forever. I could say SOOOO much about that CD and Matthew West, but I won’t right now…that will have to be a separate post! 🙂 (By the way, in case you were wondering, my earrings lasted about half the day. Real life proof for what I said in my about!)

I didn’t feel like doing much Sunday afternoon, so I messed around with “The Watson Personality Insights service”. It takes things you’ve written and analyzes it and comes up with “personality insights”. It was a good thing I don’t base my self-worth off of the results, though!

Watson Personality Viz

The percentage is like a scale of 1-10 kind of, only with percents, so it’s more like a scale of 0-100. And it’s compared to the people who participated in the study. There are a whole lot more personality traits than the ones here; these are just the ones I found amusing!

Artistic interests – 2% (Seriously! I’d like to think that my music appreciation gives me a boost in this area!)
Imagination – 0% (Wow, thanks! I seriously don’t have a great imagination, but I hope it’s not that bad!)
Intellect – 9% (See note above)
Self-discipline – 0% (See note above 🙂 )
Assertiveness – 88% (Whoa Nellie! I am not assertive. At. All. Just ask anyone who knows me! I don’t know where they got this from…)
Emotional range – 97% (I think they’ve got this one pretty much right ;P )
Fiery – 96%
(I have no idea why, but this kept coming up high for me. Again, not really me.)

Love – 16% (No. Words. I don’t have much of a need for love in my life according to Watson. I think I’m going to go cry.)

(Playing around with it was fun, but I found out today that it came out with a lot more reliable results when I entered in emails as they suggested, and not the journal entries I had been doing. 😀 Funnily enough, the journal entries produced a better summary, and worse percentages, and when I did the emails, it was vice versa.)

After wasting all that time playing with Watson, I asked Hannah if she wanted to work out before dinner. I really wanted to be able to sleep in a bit this morning because I had a bad night Saturday, and had to get up early for church. It was so nice to be done last night! word-of-the-day

Today, I learned that moonbow was a word. And now I want to see one. Badly. You know how I am about the moon. And I love rainbows, too! So this would be heaven in my mind!

What’s the weather like where you are?

Do you like doing personality tests/evaluations?
I love a lot of different self-help, get-to-know-yourself-better types of things, and even if in the end I throw it all out and say, “That’s totally not me!”, I still enjoy doing it. Craziness.

Have you learned any new words lately?


2 thoughts on “My all-over-the-place weekend

  1. a) same as you
    b) ditto
    c) moonbow 😛 (and I really want to see one too!)
    And with that comment, I’ve told you *so* much more than you already knew! Not. I think we can now see why my “Intellect” scoring was perpetually low…had there been an “Originality” score, I would have scored even lower on that, lol! 😛

    P.S. I laughed SO hard after your “Love” commentary…me too!!! And I agree with you *100%* on “Live Forever”!!


    • Yeah, I can almost always guess what your answers will be, but I never know how you’re going to answer. 😛 But I think your things were all skewed ’cause we were imputing the wrong kind of data. So don’t let that get to you! 🙂


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