How Many Puppy Pictures Can You Take In One Sitting?

Apparently I got lucky. ๐Ÿ˜› This is not exactly what I envisioned when I said that yesterday, though. But first a little background:

At the puppies’ 8 week check-up, we decided to give them another week because Nelson was the only one who was over two pounds. A couple days later, Kyle popped over the line, and we were hoping that the other two would follow suit by Friday. They didn’t, so I kept them over the weekend, and they were going to go in for their surgeries this morning. As of last night, they were over all over 2 lbs. We were good to go!

This morning, I got up early, fed themย only a small breakfast like we are supposed to before surgeries, and then just to check, I gave them a quick weigh before leaving. Annnd…Robbie and Whitney were both a 1/2 oz. too light. Argg. I really don’t mind keeping them for longer, it’s just that we finally were able to align the stars right and have an open morning to bring them in, and I have this big question mark of the jury duty thing, so it’s not like I can just bring them in with my regular Friday shift. I might, but we don’t know. They don’t do surgeries on Saturday mornings (although I’m not sure why not…maybe I misunderstood that. I should double-check), so that means probably next Monday. These poor puppies.

The hardest part for me was that I had to make the decision myself not to bring them in this morning, because I couldn’t get a hold of anyone at SHS. I don’t like being (or seemingly being) a no-show. The other, arguably harder thing, was the puppies were being super good for more food, but I didn’t want to feed them until they for sure weren’t having surgery today. Can you just imagine four little puppy faces lined up at the gate of their x-pen, all sitting and waiting patiently for the rest of their breakfast? It’s absolute torture!ย  (They did get the rest of their breakfast, BTW. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But I know I am way overdue for a puppy update, so here you go. It’s long…

I’m actually going to take you back in time to when they were 7 1/2 – 8 weeks old, because I have some pictures that I never shared! As we go along, it’ll be more and more recent pictures.


I honestly don’t remember what was going on here, except I kind of collect puppy-pile pictures. I can’t see Nelson, though, so he must have been out with someone. I can’t believe how small they are!!


Whitney is usually the one who lays on the others, but this time Kyle was literally sprawling on top of everyone. And it was a warm day (I think in the low 80s?) that day, too!


I finally caught Whitney laying on top of her brothers! It’s her special spot…and one I can’t think her brothers are particularly fond of!


I promise I did not set this up! Kyle (I think) had been playing with it, and when I looked over, I saw it was in the shape of a heart! I couldn’t resist… It’s so colorful, too!


Have I ever told you about how much Whitney loves any kind of toy? She especially likes to chew on Admiral’s bones.


Kyle decided to come see if it was interesting. He didn’t like it as well as Whitney. Those two are so funny together. They get each others’ wiggles out!


This is a fun (for me ๐Ÿ˜€ ) and rather random tradition I have with foster puppies. I put my old phone that I use as an MP3 player to play some song, and put it in with them to see what they think. They’ll have to get used to phones making noises, so hopefully it serves a practical purpose as well. Socialization, right? Yeah, it’s all about the socialization. ๐Ÿ˜›


I find this sequence of pictures particularly funny because Kyle is sitting there on the sidelines the entire time, pretending to ignore it, and hoping I will pick him up because he is being good and sitting. He looks so indifferent. The others go back and forth between thinking it’s cool, to maybe it’s scary, and back to it being interesting again.


After jumping on top of Robbie, Whitney made tracks shortly after I put it down. Nelson is trying to see if it will play with him, and Robbie is skeptical of the results. (Kyle is ignoring both the phone and his brothers’ attempts to engage it.)


Kyle: I can’t see it. I am being so good though. Won’t you pick me up? Nelson and Robbie are thinking it’s interesting right now…


Kyle: Puh-leeeese!! Look! I’m still being good! At this point Robbie is convinced it should be given some space, and Nelson is wondering if it’s edible.


Have I ever told you that Robbie loves people and dogs? A lot. He will always go and check Bella’s bed, and if she’s there, he will try to lick her and wag his rear-end off. If she’s not, he will keep looking for her. Unless he sees another dog he can bug. Or a human. ๐Ÿ˜€ Those are a lot easier to find, and are usually more receptive of his overtures.

Ok, mug-shot line-up time! These are the “official” 8 week pictures…


Whitney’s ears decided to go back up. I would be convinced I had imagined it if I didn’t have photo proof!


Kyle is so big now!!


Not the best picture of Robbie. He is much cuter in real life!


Again, not the greatest picture of Nelson, either. You can kind of see how big he is, though!


They are finally more into their toys! I was so excited that I got a picture of them playing four-way tug! It’s only happened twice that I know of, but it’s so cute (and funny) when they do it! They can be ferocious tug opponents! (Except for Nelson. He’s a little halfhearted most of the time. But he can really get into it. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


It is so much harder now to get pictures of them sleeping because they wake up and look at me. I was trying to get a picture of Nelson because he had worked his way out of the crate and was sleeping in a weird position. But they woke up and looked at me with that, “Yeah, you wanted us?” look. Still cute!


Um, a puppy (especially Nelson) winking at me? I can’t resist!! I just start laughing out loud when I see this picture.


We have these aprons with Chihuahua-puppy-sized pockets, and when we fostered Chihuahua puppies before (our first litter was Chi/mixes), we would sometimes put them in our apron pockets. Whitney was being super good, and I wanted to keep track of her, but I needed to use my hands. So I put her in my apron pocket. I didn’t think she would go for it, since she is generally so antsy, but she had been out in the living room playing with Kyle for a good while before I put her in, so I think most of her energy was out, and she just chilled there.

WP_20150604_016 (2)

I couldn’t get a great picture of it, but she had one leg out, and it was hooked in a very cool-dude-puppy sort of way. It was so funny, especially since she doesn’t usually sit this still!


Another angle… She thought the smells on my apron were really good!


Speaking of sitting still! After I took her out of my pocket, she laid in my lap! I I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was pretty sweet.


To the people who adopt Whitney: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. What happened to our little bouncy Tigger?


This was an exciting innovation! They’ve been eating dry food soaked in water ever since I weaned them off the canned food (since about six weeks), and I had tried them a couple times on dry food without soaking it, but they would just try to lick it up, which wasn’t working. Well this week, I decided to try them again, and it worked!


They thought it was some sort of new game, and it kept them more focused on eating believe it or not. (Before, they would eat a bit and then kind of just graze as they played.)


They’ll each grab a kibble and make off to various corners to crunch them. Sometimes, one will investigate and try to steal someone else’s partly chewed kibble. Even if it’s still in the mouth. ๐Ÿ˜›


This was so funny! I had just replaced all the blankets in their area, and they pulled the one that was in their crate out and were playing with it. Then they all curled up and went to sleep…except for Robbie. He curled up on the crate blanket.


It was probably the comfiest spot around, because there were several layers of blanket underneath him. He’s always been a bit of a loner when it comes to his siblings. Not that he doesn’t like being with them, or that he is always separate; it’s just that if there is one puppy away doing their own thing, it’s Robbie. But at the same time, he loves being with people. ๐Ÿ™‚


This is my newest training love: cheese. Keely actually put me onto it, because when she was still a foster dog, I used cream cheese to give her her pain meds (she turned her nose up to peanut butter at first, before Admiral straightened her out in that department by telling her The Wonders Of Peanut Butter), and she loved it. So when Luke needed a easy, higher-quality treat for class, we had the idea of breaking off small pieces of sliced cheese to use. Then when I ended up keeping the puppies for over the 8 week mark, I thought maybe I should get started with some basic obedience with them. I broke the cheese up into tiny, tiny pieces, and it didn’t take them long to get the hang of it!

Mariners Puppies' Official Photoshoot - June 2015 - 032

In a very Chihuahua tendency, they use their paws to manipulate my hands. It doesn’t help them at all, but they still do it. Silly puppies!

Phew! That was a lot of pictures! Sorry again that it took me so long to put this together. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon/evening!

Do you have a training tool/treatย (old or new) that you like to use? I think probably my favorite training tool is a clicker. It makes things so much easier for me! That is, if the dog isn’t deaf like Bella! (No offense, Bella! At least you’re very food motivated!)


What are your thoughts?

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