Mariners Puppies Update #212

I promised more puppy pictures, and it’s about time I made good on that promise!


When the Mariners puppies got to be older, they became increasingly harder and harder to get a picture of them sleeping. I would spend 15-20 minutes slowly creeping up on them, only to have one of them (usually Whitney) open up her, I mean, their eyes, or sit up and look at me, thus ruining the cute pose. But this time, I was determined to take however long it took to catch them napping.


I walked toward them until they looked up, then I’d turn around and ignore them, working on my phone until they fell asleep again. Then I’d repeat. In this way, I was able to get a close up of them sleeping.


*wicked laugh* I outsmarted puppies!


I’ve said before how much Robbie loved other dogs, but sometimes a lot of times, he was too bold and rambunctious for the adult dogs’ liking. Nelson, however, was slow enough that Keely permitted him to play with her, and one time, she even chased him! (I think that Nelson kind of had a crush on Keely, but maybe that’s just me. ;P ) This time, I convinced her to play tug with him by getting them started on each end with my hand in the middle of the toy. Then I let go, and they actually played together for a while!


It was funny and cute at the same time!


Of course, Nelson would blow it every once in a while, and get too interested in Keely and the game would end, and I would have to restart it. But it was good for both of them. πŸ™‚


Speaking of tug, I picked out this rope toy when they were little, because I’ve had similar ones in the past and they were always a hit with puppies! The really funny thing was that while these puppies did tear up the ends, they also tore up the middle with their sharp puppy teeth. Unfortunately, I don’t think this toy has much longer for this world, but I’m leaving that up to SHS to decide for themselves. πŸ˜‰


Another puppy pile picture! I thought this was particularly amusing because Kyle was perched on the top of the pile between his siblings and the rocks. They loved those rocks, by the way. Which was a little weird, but fine!


It got pretty hot during the last part of their stay with us! I had to fill their bowl several times a day – granted, it was getting too small there at the end, but still. I felt bad if I ever found their bowl empty! They were water guzzling machines, though. They loved it! (And here I was wondering when they were younger if they would ever get the whole water thing. I guess they did!)


Nelson passed out on another hot afternoon. I don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but it seemed like when it got really hot, they would sleep during the peek of the day and play more in the mid-morning and early evening. Instinct or coincidence? I don’t know…


And lest you feel sorry for the poor, puppy-persecuted adult dogs in our house, it wasn’t so bad! Bella’s eying the pile of treats that are on the table by her bed. If a puppy approached her while she was in her bed and disturbed her beauty sleep, she got a treat. (We are working on puppies being a good thing rather than stressful.)


Admiral isn’t missing out, either! See his adorable little frown, and bitten lip? He knows treats are on his horizon, too! (I didn’t get a picture of Keely waiting for treats, but she got her fair share!)

My sister, Hannah and I worked together to take some pictures of them for their little adoption profiles on Seattle Humane’s website. There are so many cute ones, that I’m going to give you a sneak peak. πŸ˜› The puppies received compensation for their time in the form of cheese. πŸ˜€

Kyle (1024x683)

Kyle looking very grown up!

Nelson 2 (1024x683)

How could you not love Nelson’s eyes?

Robbie 1 (1024x683)

Of course, unless you preferred Robbie’s…

Whitney 1 (1024x683)

I had this fluffy elastic from my aunt that I haven’t used in a while! πŸ˜› But it fit around Whitney’s neck perfectly without strangling her! I couldn’t believe it. It was so cute on her, though!

Robbie 3 (1024x1024)

In case you thought I was making up the cheese thing. πŸ™‚

Whitney 5 (1024x683)

I think we can safely say that they liked it! ;P

Whitney 6 (1024x638)

Um, yeah. πŸ˜€

Whitney 4 (1024x683)

Because Whitney was the most active (yeah, she even beat Kyle in the end, I think!), we took the most pictures of her, which meant that we ended up with more of her than of the other, easier ones. We were also trying to find a good background, lighting, etc., which is why in this picture she’s clearly in my lap. But it was too sweet to pass up!

Whitney 3 (1024x683)

I love how she looks so wistful in this picture! Makes you wonder what she’s thinking!

I have at least two other puppy posts I want to do, so stay tuned!

P.S. About the post name…I am horrible with coming up with names, so I picked a random big number, because especially after writing so many puppy updates, it feels like I’ve named about 200+ puppy posts. In reality, it’s probably like 4. Ok, that’s an exaggeration the other way, but I don’t have time to count them now! πŸ˜› See you all later, and have a wonderful evening!


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