Another puppy?

Yes, I am that crazy. We had about a week of a normal house, but when there was a foster request saying that they had a bunch of puppies coming in on a transfer from California (pick-up being on Friday afternoon), I couldn’t resist offering to help. I thought that maybe a singleton puppy would be easier, since we had already cleaned up all our fostering supplies, and if there was only one, it wouldn’t necessitate getting out our handy-dandy foster area.

I ended up with Poppy, a 3 month-old lab puppy who has Demodex, which means she has kind of a lot of hair missing. =S (It does not spread to humans or dogs. We have way too many people/dogs to risk that!) Because of this, she doesn’t get that “awww” puppy reaction most of the time, it’s more of a “oh, poor thing!” kind of reaction.

So, with that in mind, here’s a picture of Poppy:


She needs baths every three days with medicated shampoo, and she is on two other medications (one pill, one liquid). Thankfully, she is awesome at taking her meds, and she loves the baths! She had a lot of energy the first night I brought her home, but I wasn’t surprised, since she had spent all day in a van on her way up from CA, and then a bit in a kennel before the crate ride home with us. She still has a lot of energy, though! More of what I was expecting, although she can be a bit unpredictable. She is very people-oriented; she will play by herself only if someone is nearby. Otherwise, it’s no fun. (She’s getting better at this!)


She love toys, especially Admiral’s bones.


As active as she is, I have proof that she does, indeed, sleep.

One of the things SHS was really hoping for was that the foster home she went to would have a dog she could play with. Admiral surprised me by not only going along, but enjoying himself!


Poppy really likes Admiral. The two of them together really remind me of Will’s dogs, Eko and Penny. So much so that I’ve found myself slipping and calling her Penny! There isn’t very much difference between the two names in my mind (my mind works in word-pictures, so the big “P” followed by vowel, double letters and a “y” are “almost the same”. I know, I’m odd. 😀 ).


I’m actually very grateful to have seen all the pictures of Penny and Eko playing, because it’s helped a lot in me seeing what is “normal” dog play. Sad, I know, but our dogs never play with each other. Bella’s too old/has never been inclined to play with other dogs, and when Admiral and Keely play, he is so much bigger than her that he scares her and she hides in a corner.


One of Admiral’s favorites is tug. They were out playing tug for probably at least 10 minutes straight!


This is just one of my favorites, even though it’s blurry. 😀 I love how Admiral is glancing up at me with the corner of his eye! (Do you see The Chickens? Yes, we have done the chicken thing, but that’s another whole post. 😀 😛 )


On Monday, Grace and I took a walk with Poppy, and Poppy and I read while Grace worked out. Or rather, Poppy chewed on her toys and then conked out on the pavement while I read. 🙂


One thing I did to keep her occupied was give her an ice cube. Admiral got her hooked (he has a habit of doing that doesn’t he?), and she loves, loves, LOVES water, so she was motivated to keep at it.


Those eyes look so, so innocent!


And her sleeping! We all did a happy-dance, because she can be a little tiring when she’s awake. 😀

P.S. I started this post on Sunday, but between a jammed schedule and Poppy, I’ve had to work on this here and there. I know I still owe you a Mariners post, but I’m taking life as it comes to me. At least, that’s the idea. 😀

P.P.S. I don’t know when she is going back, because this week is a bit crazy and I’m not sure if we” be able to take care of her the whole time, so she may go back early. (She needs two weeks of foster, and she’s had almost one now!) She’s coming in with me tomorrow to my shift so they can check her for Kennel Cough. I’m convinced she has it, though. Cough, sneezing, nasal discharge, she’s had it all!


4 thoughts on “Another puppy?

  1. Yes, as long as she’s sleeping, she’s a complete angel. 😛 That puppy has SO much…BOUNCE!!! I feel like my old 11-year-old dog and I are in the same camp, constantly being startled by her extreme-ness…she tires me just watching her!! But I’m getting more used to her. 😉


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