Goodbye Selfies + Baby Puppy Pics

The Mariners puppies are long gone (two weeks!), but I have one last post I really wanted to make. Over time, I’ve developed several foster traditions, one of which is taking selfies with each of the puppies before they leave. I set aside a time to do it (before one of the false alarms), since I knew it would take me awhile.


Robbie was so good; it was getting a good picture of me that was the problem! Of course, he would sometimes look around if he heard something interesting.


Me and Nelson. I miss you buddy!

He was so chill on my arm, it was so adorable! He wanted to stay there forever!


Lol, it was so hard to get a good one of me with Kyle! Not his fault either, but he was third, and I was getting tired of smiling. I started getting a bit goofy (I spared you those!), and this was the best one. Kind of funny, because he looks like “What is going on right now?” But he was totally cool with it.


This kind of encapsulates how tired I was getting. I think I’m talking in the picture, but just my face and his face was like the epitome of bad picture moments.


Whitney was whining and jumping up the day I was taking the others’ selfies, so I figured she could wait until another day. So when I was surprised when they were suddenly cleared for surgery, I had to quick get a selfie with Whitney. Thankfully, the first one was perfect (except for the blurriness, but I knew in that lighting, that was as good as it was going to get)!

Ok, if you’re a germaphobe, you will probably want to skip this section. I actually let the puppies kiss me. I don’t care…it’s just too sweet to resist!

For some reason I don’t have one with Kyle. Oh well, I got almost everyone!

Baby puppy pictures: I found some pictures from when they were babies, and I thought it would be fun to do a kind of throwback to when they were little.


I still love their tails!


My brother came over one night when they were still fairly new in our house, and he held Robbie for a while.


Of course, being a four week-old puppy, and it being late at night, he zonked out.


Another picture of Robbie sleeping – snuggling with someone! He looks almost more like a little rabbit or something than a puppy! (Not in a bad way, Robbie!)


Remember when Whitney was this small?

Ready for some before and afters?




Waaa! He lost his pink circle! I mean, there’s still traces, but it’s mostly gone. 😥


His ears are still the same!!

So there you have it. The official puppy round-up. I hope I didn’t bore you with too many pictures, or boring stories! Goodbye Mariners! I love (and miss) you guys!

Oh wait, one last thing. (Please excuse the horrible photo-editing. It was simply for fun, so I didn’t try and make it look professional. 😀 )

WP_20150504_002 (Puppies)

I think I need this shirt. Or something like it anyway. 😛 What do you guys think? I wasn’t particularly a Mariners fan before I brought these puppies home, but I kind of am now! Even though I’m not really into sports, and especially not baseball, I know that every time I see the Mariners symbol, I will always think of them. Life will never be the same again! 😀 I want to go out and buy Mariners paraphernalia, but there’s just one problem…I’d be buying it for the puppies, but no one else knows that!

What should your virtual t-shirt say? My siblings and I (but especially Hannah & I) are constantly making up t-shirts, or else seeing something and saying that we need it on a t-shirt, but then we can never remember them all (if any)! We would have closets full of t-shirts if we had them all made! <- we’ve actually never done this, but are always talking about doing it. One of these days, we really are going to do it. Or at least we should. 😛


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Selfies + Baby Puppy Pics

  1. I love virtual t-shirts!! And, like you said, I have a virtual closet full of shirts with my favorite sayings, quotes and too-true statements. 😛 My current fave right now would be one with the classic “Life is good”, with that style of cartoon-y drawing, only of a blender and a bar of chocolate. Then on the back it would say something to the effect of, “…but a VitaMix and some chocolate makes it even better.” 😉

    I love the kissing pictures!! Robbie’s was especially adorable! And the before/after pictures shocked me; it really didn’t seem like they’d changed that much!!! And even I find myself missing the little goobers! 😦


    • Yeah, I can’t even remember all the different t-shirts I’ve said I wanted. They really run the gamut. That t-shirt is perfect for you!

      I know, I miss them, too! But I think I’m getting better at saying goodbye to foster puppies (so say I three weeks later! 😛 ). Hamish is still the hardest to-date. I loved that little guy!


  2. Wow, those puppies are so precious! I’d be dying to keep them all, even thought that might not be the most realistic plan haha. And I LOVE Nelson’s folded ears! My dog has one folded ear and one perked up ear and I think it’s the cutest thing ever haha 🙂


    • Oh I know! I figured out if I kept all the foster puppies I would have wanted (a few were little terrors 😛 ) I would have a minimum of 4-5 dogs right now! With just me! Yikes. 🙂


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