Life Right Now

Lame post title. Pretty soon I’m going to stop saying that. I’ll strike the creativity gold mine and always have titles that I’m happy with. But that’s not right now. 😀 I’m still looking forward to that day, whenever it comes. You can hurry up you know!

Anyway, I wanted to update you on what’s up here besides the puppy happenings. Ok, and a little of puppy stuff, too. But not just puppy stuff. 🙂 This is going to be a random ride!


We got farm fresh strawberries a couple weeks ago, and they were sooooo good. Remind me whenever I think I’m not a big strawberry fan that I just don’t like the kind they sell at Costco (very unusual!). I’m a huge berry snob, I guess. It’s an all or nothing deal for me. Some things I don’t mind compromising on, but not fresh berries! We froze most of them, and although we were considering making jam, we didn’t have time before they would have gone bad. I was a little bummed, because I don’t really use them frozen, so imagine my excitement when I saw this recipe of Lindsay’s ( ❤ )! We were hoping to make it without refined sugar, and were going to experiment with a couple different recipes, one with water and one with apple juice, since some of us were concerned the apple juice would contribute an off flavor. But since we’ve already tried Bai5 and liked it (at least, some of us 😉 ), this seems like a really good compromise! I think we will try it… I hope it turns out!

I found out last Saturday that Jessica accepted a promotion within Seattle Humane (I don’t know what she was thinking! 😀 😉 ), so she will no longer be Dog Foster Coordinator. After receiving the announcement, I kept thinking of how I should have known because of this or that reason, and I probably said, “I should have known!” way too many times that day. I’m still adjusting to this; I am not good with changes like this. 🙂 I’m sure everything will be fine with the next Coordinator, but it is a bit discouraging to have to get to know someone else just when you are on a roll with the previous person.


Poppy went back on Friday, which was a bit of a relief, because she was a little intense to care for. We had her for two weeks, and while she was doing much better, they decided to put her in foster for another 2-4 weeks. She learned to love her crate, and although she didn’t like going to bed, she would sometimes go in there on her own in the middle of the day for a nap. The funny thing was that it is so warm here, she would get into these weird positions. Or maybe she just liked laying like that, because at the time this picture was taken, she was in the air-conditioned car! 😛


She was cute, though. Even though it could be frustrating when she decided she was going to flop down in a random place to play while I was trying to go somewhere. She loved that stuffed toy!


*cue all the country songs about break-ups* Admiral is already missing his play time with her. Every night while she was here, I would let him out to go, and then he and Poppy would play. Friday night he asked me to go out, and after going to the area, he came and sat waiting for Poppy to play with him. It was so sweet!

I’ve also been sunglasses shopping, and I found a pair I liked, only to find out when I got home (I was in a hurry, so I wasn’t super diligent at the store) that there was a piece chipped off the sides, and one of the lenses wasn’t set right. So I’ll have to return them. Hopefully I can get a replacement, but if not, I’ll keep looking.

On another completely random note, this is definitely not something you see on your average shopping day!


We are going to be keeping an eye out for the pictures they took. It was kind of cool, except for the fact that they made shopping in the produce section a nightmare, since they took up an entire isle, so people had to work (and walk) around them. And because all the kids are out of school, it was even more of a zoo than usual!

All in all, this past week has been crazy busy, accompanied by a tornado of different feelings. Fear, excitement, joy, sadness, love, aspiration, and so much more that I can’t put into words. I’m not good at that!

I hope everyone had an awesome Independence Day weekend! I had a blast <- no pun intended! and hope to share it with you soon!


2 thoughts on “Life Right Now

  1. I know, even though I didn’t work with her directly, I am so bummed about Jessica not being foster coordinator anymore! I mean, *ahem*, couldn’t she have asked our permission first before accepting a promotion??? 😛

    And Admiral was so sweet! His body language spoke so loud and clear, he may as well have spoken out loud! Kind of funny, too, if he hadn’t been so sad -looking!


  2. Yeah, the only problem with her asking for us foster parents first is I would have voted no. 😀 Not so good for her, especially since I’m sure I’m not alone in that! 😛

    I know…I felt so sorry for him! 😦


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