If You Need a Smile…

I know a lot of people enjoyed a long-weekend this 4th, but for most of us, it is pretty much officially over now. Out of town visitors have most likely left for home, picnics and big barbeques with flag decorations are over, and we all realize it’s going to be another 364 days before it happens again. 365 if you take Leap Day into consideration, and of course it’s less than that if you’re counting from today. But the point is, it’s a bit disappointing, at least, it is for me.

So to counteract the post-holiday blues (especially combined with the Monday factor!), I have one handy tip that never fails to make me smile. And it’s super simple, only one step.

I discovered this tip one day when I was staring off into space, which just so happened be at this stuffed toy of Poppy’s that was sitting on the floor. After awhile, I realized what I was looking at, and how ridiculous his smile was. Once I thought of that, I couldn’t stop smiling!

So, if you need a smile today (or any day), try this: stare at the picture below for as long as you can without smiling. It usually takes me less than 10 seconds to break down and start grinning, but for those of you with a stronger will than I, it could easily take longer, and perhaps (sadly), not work at all! Hopefully not, though!


Did it work?Β  It still works for me. Every time. I’m sure it will get old someday, but it’s pretty awesome right now! πŸ˜›


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