Of Weather and Rubik’s Cubes

To be absolutely truthful, I usually don’t mind Mondays. I usually have a good amount of free time to get things done. But this Monday was, weird. And what wasn’t weird was bad. But I’m going to skip over that part. πŸ™‚

First of all, it was cloudy. The sun came out for about 10 minutes before setting, and then the clouds came back. Sunday was RAINY. With thunderstorms. Now if we lived in the Midwest, the thunderstorms in summer would be normal. But this is Seattle; we don’t have thunderstorms in the summertime. That’s a winter thing here. Technically, the temperature here this past week has been “normal” for our area, but coming after days in the high 80s-90s, it feels so cheater to have 65-75 degree weather! Because the majority of the day is in the mid 60s. Brrrr. (Now watch, come winter, I’ll be making fun of all the crazy people who carry umbrellas and wear scarves when it is 50 and misting outside. Because 50 in winter feels warm!)

It was so cold yesterday morning, that I had to wear my hoodie (inside), and after drinking my shake (which I almost didn’t have, but I really didn’t want to mess with trying to come up with another (warmer) breakfast), I was so cold, I almost got my furry boots out! I did warm up a cozy and curled up on the couch in an effort to warm up before finishing my breakfast. It didn’t work super well, but then Keely got up, and guess what? She was cold, too! I picked her up to say good morning, and she seemed so cold ( πŸ˜‰ ) that I thought I really should help warm her up…


So I did. I re-warmed the cozy, and put it in my hoodie pocket, and it helped keep us warm as well as support Keely so she didn’t fall out. She was being too cute to not take a selfie!


Sometimes you gotta just knuckle-down and tuck even your head under the blankets. Isn’t her ear so cute/pretty?

Anyway, I’mΒ basically hyperventilating because it really seems like summer is threatening to leave, and I’m so not ready! And my sister is talking about how even though she doesn’t want the fall weather yet, she’s starting to feel like fall flavor combos and dishes. Does anyone else realize it’s not even August yet? *Deep breaths, deep breaths*


Oh good! My weather app says it’s supposed to be 80 and SUNNY tomorrow! Just what the doctor ordered. And it’s all uphill from there (for the next five days at least)!

Now that I’ve wasted a bunch of your (and probably my) time talking about the weather (thank you for listening, it felt good to get it out), let’s moooove on…

I spent most of today trying to solve Rubik’s Cubes. You remember those, right? Well, my brothers played with them a lot when they were teenagers, and I could never remember how to solve them, no matter how many times they explained it to me. I just accepted it as some sort of older brother magic and forgot about it. Until now.


My grandparents got us hooked onto The Great Courses several years ago, but more recently we’ve been getting more into it. They can be kind of pricey, though, and they have a lot of interesting sounding ones (of course different courses appeal to different members of the family). So since we can’t possibly buy all the ones of interest, we will suggest to our library system to buy it, and then check it out. Well, Luke checked out this course on math and how it relates to games (basically), and one of the lectures was on How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube. We have all really enjoyed over-hearing the other lectures in this course, and were looking forward to the day when we could learn how to solve our Rubik’s Cubes.


That was today. After literally spending probably upwards of 5 hours all put together (not all at once) I think I can do it ok. I don’t have the last steps memorized, but I did (finally!) stop messing it up and having to start over! Between Luke and I (and some help from Grace) we solved all four of our Rubik’s Cubes that had been messed up in storage. You see, we didn’t know how to solve them, and whenever we tried, we just made it worse! I told Luke we should have taken a before picture, but we weren’t about to mess them all up again so we could fake it! πŸ˜€

Oh, and a bonus story to end this post. Every morning, I take Admiral out first thing, and feed him on our way inside (the food is in the garage). Well, last night, Peter came over for dinner and a chat (I will spare you all the crazy things he’s considering doing! =S ), so we were up a bit late. I took Admiral out to go before bed, and I was reading a funny email on my phone at the same time. I was so caught up in the email, I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. I was inside, and reading part of the email to the rest of the fam before I realized that I had not only dished up a second dinner for Admiral, but I had set it on the floor, released him, and he was halfway done! I told him to leave it, he stopped, and I picked it up and just stood there laughing so hard I could barely think straight.

I float his food in water, so I couldn’t exactly leave it for the next morning. Plus, the way he eats is he drinks most of the water and then chows down the kibble (the water is real effective, I know!), and he had just gotten to the point where he was just going to start the real eating part. I tried to think if there was some way I could take some out and he could still have some – but not all of it – but I just decided to give it all to him. He was being so good, and he had stopped right away (probably because it was his seconds! πŸ˜‰ ), and I would have felt awful if I hadn’t let him have it. After all, one time of having two dinners wouldn’t kill him, right? Dogs are scavengers, so they should be able to handle having a little more one day than another.

No repercussions noticed so far, except for extreme amusement of the humans in the situation. I laughed so. hard! It felt good!

What’s the weather like where you are?

Have you/do you know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Have any funny stories about a time when you were multi-tasking and made a silly mistake?


4 thoughts on “Of Weather and Rubik’s Cubes

  1. Hi Abbie,
    I really enjoyed this post, right from the beginning. I usually enjoy it when you post about your weather because our locations and weather are so different and I find the difference interesting.
    When you were talking about being cold and Kylie coming in I was thinking rhat you should pick her up and cuddle for warmth, and you did! Love the selfies!


  2. I was hyperventilating about the weather, too…I feel the same way, even though there is this teeny-tiny part of me that wants the flavors of fall. But then I think of soups and I go, “Ugh…bad idea.” But now that it’s warmed up again, it makes the chill, the rain and the thunder so a thing of the distant past! πŸ˜‰

    I l.o.v.e. that picture of Keely’s ear!! So adorable!! And the Rubik’s cube tower was a cool one, too.

    Never have, never will be able to solve a Rubik’s cube. It would be like me playing “Carcassonne” or being a website manager. Nope, beyond my skill set.

    I think most of my multitasking mistakes would be rather more disastrous than funny, though sometimes they are funny afterwards. Like last month when I lit the grill planks on fire because I was trying to do too many things…actually, come to think of it, my multitasking mistakes are probably at least 66% cooking related, and most of the time involve fire. :O


    • I know, “Be gone foul weather, you have been outbid by the sun!” In other words, I ‘m super happy that the warm weather is back. πŸ˜€ (That tower pic was Luke’s idea; I wasn’t sure we could get it without getting the rest of the kitchen in, until he pointed out that I should take it from above. Brilliant!) I hate Carcassonne too, so you aren’t alone there! Kind of disturbing about the fire, although the good news is, you are getting really good with dealing with it! πŸ˜› And your mistakes are pretty funny. πŸ™‚


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