Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4

Here I am again thinking out loud with Amanda!  Last week after I posted on Thursday I kept thinking of more and more things to do this week, so I have a pretty extensive list, or at least I would if I could remember them all!  I think I’m getting addicted to this…


1.  My sisters and Mom went to Goodwill one day this week when I was busy doing something else, but they kept an eye out for things I’ve been looking for or for stuff I might want.  (I actually ended up with a new skirt!)  One thing I’ve been looking for is something along the lines of Converse high-tops to wear to my shift at Seattle Humane. <- I’m gonna stop linking that…  Anyway, I want something that is cool and gives me some extra protection on my ankles, but I don’t want to spend top dollar for shoes that are going to be trashed.  Well they found a couple possibilities which I ended up deciding not to get, but I was blown away at how expensive they were!  There was a pair of Keds that was $12.99, and a pair of boots (more fashion boots, which is why I turned them down) that were $14.99!  What the heck?  This is Goodwill!  Are they getting all snooty on us?


2.  Speaking of Goodwill, when they came home there was a calendar with Goodwill’s sales printed out on it (if you’re a Goodwill regular, you know what I mean) in the bag.  I found the ad along the top amusing, because it seems like everyone is taking advantage of the popularity of “Let It Go” and using it to mean all kinds of things.  Kind of amusing, kind of infuriating to me.  Why can’t they just let the movie and music be?  I understand that companies want to seem “in” on #allthetrends, but seriously, sometimes I think they take it too far.

3.  We love carrots, and we have roast carrots about once a week as a treat.  (Even in the summer!)  We all cover the cookie sheets a bit differently, and we have a theory.  We think that if the person doing the stirring covers the cookie sheets with foil themselves, then the foil is less likely to rip than if someone covered them for them as a favor.  Note that I said less likely – it will still rip sometimes.  At first, I thought this was a bit weird – maybe even superstitious – but it really has turned out to be true.

4.  I know not everyone views the Bible in the same way I do, but it really gets my goat when people (especially professors) completely ignore it as a historical reference.  I have run into a lot of speakers who, although do not agree with it from a religious perspective, still use it as a resource, and I don’t understand why some disregard it altogether.

5.  I think I am being chased by a word.  It’s a 50¢ (at least!) word, too; I didn’t know it until recently!


First we had a conversation about it because someone played it on Words With Friends.  Then I got it from as a word of the day email.  Then I was typing something very innocent on my phone, and it suggested it to me!  Like, really, how many times have I typed that word?  Not once that I can think of!  And each of these instances were within weeks of each other.  I don’t think I’m forgetting the meaning of this one anytime soon!  Now I’m wondering where it will show up next…

6.  The other day I was stretching after working out and I somehow dropped my knee onto my left pointer finger.  It hurt all day.  I blamed the workout for tiring out my muscles so that they got to the point where they decided they weren’t going to hold me up anymore.  Ha!

7.  I’ve also dripped peach juice down the sleeve of my hoodie multiple times this summer.  Don’t think about the hoodie in summer thing.  I’ve been spoiled with extra warm weather this year, so when it’s only 60 degrees outside in the morning, I need a hoodie if I have a smoothie for breakfast.

8.  I love Witch Hazel.  So much so, I thought about doing a post on the wonders of the stuff.  I give it credit for keeping my complexion (relatively) clear, it is super good for wounds (and sunburns!) and helps them to heal.  But I am very particular about the bottle.  I got used to a certain kind, and know exactly how much to squeeze it to get out the perfect amount.  Well, we’ve tried a couple different brands lately, and although it doesn’t make much difference which kind we get product-wise, I really don’t like the funny bottles.  I was a little confused at which kind we had decided on, but I thought it was the one with the bottle I liked, so when the I finished the last bottle, I did the responsible thing and recycled the bottle and tossed the lid in the trash.  I was going to get a replacement at the same time, but something came up and I forgot until that evening.  I went to get a new one before bed and there were only the funny bottles!  I triple checked to make sure there weren’t any good ones before going to retrieve the old one from the garbage.


My special bottle…

Yes, I am dedicated enough to my bottle to fish it out of the trash. But wait, it gets better.  I tackled the garbage first, because I knew looking for the lid amongst the other garbage would be the more challenging than looking for the bottle in the recycling.  Thankfully everything was pretty innocuous, and I was beginning to think it was going to be pretty easy.  But I couldn’t find that lid!  I figured out from the things at the bottom of the garbage that it must have been taken out shortly after I threw the lid away, so it must have been in the previous bag.  So out I went to the backyard to look in the older garbage bag.  Trying not to think about the raw meat plastic stuff that was in there, I started at the top, hoping against hope that it would have stayed there, but it hadn’t.  I finally found it at the very bottom of the bag, covered with some unidentified powdery stuff.  Shivers going up and down my spine, I retied the bag, telling myself over and over that I was washable.  I came in and gave myself a good wash or three before looking for the bottom of the bottle.

“Well, at least finding the bottle will be easier,” I thought to myself.  We have three different recycle bins, and I looked through the inside one first, because I was sure it was in there.  It was fairly full, too, so it took several times through to assure myself that it was not in there.  I decided I must have put it in right before Luke dumped it that morning.  I headed out to the garage bin for try 2, but it was almost completely empty.  How this was possible I had no idea, but one thing was for sure; it wasn’t there either.  Which meant if it had been at the top, once it was dumped, it should be at the bottom.  Shaking my head, I went out and cautiously opened the lid of the recycle bin.  There on top, defying all logic, was the bottle.  I laughed.  I literally laughed out loud.  Here I was, expecting to have to dig deep into the recycle bin to find my precious bottle, and there it was on top.

I actually had fun doing the whole thing, because it was so funny, and I was listening to music, which always (well, almost always) keeps me in a good mood.  So to sum up, this is the lengths I will go to in order to get my precious bottle back.

Am I weird? Or would you have done the same thing for something you are particular about?

Any random thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4

  1. I’ve heard such great things about witch hazel, but never actually tried it myself… Or at least not on it’s own, since I’m pretty sure I’ve used other products that had it listed as an ingredient. And I have some pretty strange quirks, so I’m not one to judge anyone on the lengths they’ll go to for something they like 😛


    • It makes sense that they add it to a lot of stuff, since it’s so versatile! I love how clean my face feels after using it, and I always feel much more awake afterwards. But of course, I don’t wear make-up so maybe if you did, you wouldn’t notice it that much. I feel the same way; whenever I read stories of people doing “weird” things, I usually go, “Oh my gosh, I would have totally done the same thing!” I love your quirks, BTW! 😀


  2. Ive never heard of Witch Hazel but after tanning at the beach last week, my skin could probably use it! That’s funny that you went on such a search and it was right on top 🙂 The same thing just happened to me when I was making my new bed! I just moved into a new apartment this week and my mom called and said you put the mattress cover on first, right? And I was like no…I literally have no idea where that is or what that looks like. And it was only after the bed was completely made that the cover was staring me in the face from across the room 🙂 Haha!


    • Oh my gosh, that sounds so much like something I would have done; actually I think I’ve done that very thing when making our guest bed! So frustrating when you have to redo the entire bed because you forgot the mattress cover.
      I don’t tan – I burn, then when it heals, I might be a bit more brown where I burned, but not noticeably. I don’t know if it would be especially good after tanning, but I imagine it couldn’t hurt, as it is good for your skin anyway! You should try it, it’s amazing! I don’t wear make-up, so I don’t know how that would impact it, but I think they recommend using it before putting make-up on and/or when you take it off. (I think it helps to clean out your pores, but I’m not sure.)


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