Hello everyone! I had Friday favorites all ready so I could write my post, but when Friday came around, I was a little busy. Doing what, you ask? Well, I was on standby to watch the kids of some friends of ours when she went into labor, and that was Thursday. So I was at their house watching five kids under the age of 10. It was crazy, tiring, sweet, interesting, unique and an altogether good experience.

I contemplated trying to write the post from my phone, but when I was going to bed at like 12:45 at night Thursday night, I knew it was out of the question. The baby was born Thursday, and they came home that night, but we stayed to help with the older kids a bit the next day, and ended up coming home late Friday night. I have spent the last two days resting, rejuvenating and getting back into my groove.

The parents have asked me not to share pictures of their kids on the blog, which I totally understand but it is SO HARD because they have the cutest kids ever! I thought about trying to get pictures of things that would be ok to share, like when their 2 year old wrapped herself in a towel after her bath – after she was dressed – like a cloak. SO adorable, but I wasn’t able to because a.) all my energy was being used elsewhere, and b.) they moved too fast.


Since I can’t show you a picture of the baby, here’s part of the picture of me holding him! I don’t think I’ve held a baby this new since Luke was born 15 years ago! Now that sounds like a really long time… No wonder I was nervous holding him!

The lack of sleep left me feeling really scatter-brained, and the other night I tired myself out by trying to sort all the post ideas I had into individual posts instead of the enigma that is their current reality. So I decided to give it up and revisit it once I had the brain power to process it.

So that’s what’s up around here; hope to see you guys soon! (As for my favorites, I thought about doing them in a post yesterday, but I think they’ll get stuck onto next week’s post. I don’t know, we’ll see!)


What are your thoughts?

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