Freak-Out Moments I’ve Had Recently

So kind of a random post, but this is for fun.  I’ve had several freak-out moments recently, and it was weird because several of them were very close together.  Two of them were podcast related, and are kind of on the same theme.

1.  I was listening to this podcast with Gabe and Ashley Rodriguez, and I realized that they lived in the Seattle area.  How did I miss this before?  I read Lindsay’s post about when she came to Seattle to go to their workshop, but failed to put two and two together.  And in my family, we always joke about how no famous people live here…  Ok, so they’re not exactly famous, but I am also hard pressed to find other bloggers in my area.  Not that I’m in the same league as them AT ALL, but hey, at least there is hope!

By the way, Ashley is the creator of my obsession THE best Chocolate Chip Cookies e.v.e.r.  They even sell a mix so that you can make them if you don’t want to go to all the work of making them from scratch!  Yum, yum!

2.  This one has some background.  A looonnng time ago, Hannah told me about this blogger she had run into multiple times: Caroline Rector of Un-Fancy.  We had discussed her blog, but I never visited it, even though I meant to and had it on a mental to-do list, I kept forgetting.  The other day I was listening to the Lively Show, the episode where Jess was interviewing Caroline (the first time), and, not to sound weird, but I felt a connection with her, even though I’ve never even met her.  With everything that Caroline said, I felt like I could have been saying it. 😉 😛 She really reminded me of myself (and she has a Whippet, too! How crazy is that?!), so I made time to go and visit her blog.  As I was briefly scanning her most recent posts, I saw the line moving to Seattle.  WHHHAAAT?  I totally freaked out.  Oh my gosh, they are moving to Seattle.  How is this even possible?  Then I realized (after Hannah gently pointed it out) that they were only coming for six months.  Slightly deflated, I then figured out that they still have 1 1/2 – 2 months left here!  Of course then my brain was like, “I could totally meet them”. 🙂 Highly unlikey.  “Hey, Caroline, do you need someone to dog-sit Steve-Z?” 😀 😀 Kidding (sort of). 😉 (And I did listen to the second interview Jess did with her…both were good!)


3.  We picked up some whole raw milk from a local farm (so good!  And that’s coming from a girl who grew up on skim and turned her nose up at the thought of even 2%…), and when I saw the best by date, I did a double-take.  No way, it can’t be best by September?  We aren’t that close to fall…are we?  Please – no, no, no!

4.  My nephew is going to be four this November.  How, how, how?  I realized this when I was rocking out to some tunes that we discovered when he was visiting us last year.  He loved dancing to it with us, so there are lots of memories with those songs. ❤ I had to check my math about three times.  I don’t know why, but this seems like a big jump.  Three was fine, but four?  That’s when they start being like little people, and…just no!  Not Allen!  Of course, I know I have to let him grow up. 😉

5.  On that same note, we were just talking over dinner last night, and Grandma just mentioned that my two youngest cousins are 12 and 16.  I haven’t seen them since they were 8 and 12, so to think of the older one picking out what college to go to, and what he’s going to major in just blows my mind.  “I’m not that old!” (Batman in The Lego Movie Outtakes)

That’s it for now!  I can’t remember every single freak-out moment I’ve had recently, but these are the most memorable. 😉

Have you freaked out about anything recently?


6 thoughts on “Freak-Out Moments I’ve Had Recently

    • Ok, that’s a really good reason to love September! 😀 😉 I know I won’t be ready when it comes, but the other night I was thinking about the different seasons, I realized that although I love the summer weather, I have better memories of wintertime. 🙂 It’s fall I have to reckon with…but I’ll live. 😀


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