Friday Favorites – 8/28/15

I swear I had more, but I came up with them too fast for me to write them all down!  Which makes me a bit sad, but there are so many favorites, I can’t stay sad for long!  And sorry! I don’t have any pictures. 😦 I think this is either the first or second ever in my blogging history that this has happened!

1.  My grandparents visiting

They both make me laugh, but in very different ways.  It’s very good therapy.  😀

2.  My new (king-sized) blanket

Weird?  Yes.  Awesome?  Also yes!  I love it, especially at the beginning of the night because there is so much blanket, I can cover myself up and still have my arms out to do things.  And yes I sleep with just a blanket – no sheets.  But that’s…another post. 😉 Sorry, I was going to get a picture, but I forgot.  And it’s getting late.  (It’s a light gray.)

3.  My fingernails being painted (again)

I stubbornly refused to remove my pink nail polish I did (maybe a month ago?), because I didn’t want to remove it until I had time to repaint them.  I had time on Monday, and even though it was a nightmarish job because the paint was old and gloppy, it turned out surprisingly good!  I kept smudging them after the top coat was on because I put it on too thick, and I was sure by the time they dried they would look horrendous.  But it looked pretty average for me, so I was happy! It’s funny how when you expect something to turn out badly, it makes you extra appreciative when it turns out fine!

4.  Seeing a little girl push her handicapped sister in a wheelchair at Costco

I didn’t see the face of the girl in the wheelchair, but she was quite young, and had a small wheelchair.  Her sister who was pushing it couldn’t have been older than 4, and I thought it was so sweet to see her actively helping out her mom by pushing the wheelchair, when most little kids her age would be begging to get this or that.  Of course, she may have done her fair share of that, too, but it made me smile. 🙂

5.  The Pioneer Woman’s new website and giveaways

I just went to her new site and oh. my. gosh. she blew my expectations out of the water.  It’s so much more modern looking, and I love that she has a new section for giveaways!  (Her giveaways are the best; if you haven’t, you should go enter!) And she kept the Confessions section, which was my fave! 😉 ❤ But THE BEST part, is what she has you do to enter in the giveaway.  I love, love, love her so much!  She is the best.  The end.  Go enter into her giveaway.  Or don’t because that means I have a higher chance of winning.  Ha. 😀  Oh, you know how sometimes people ask you, “if you could have three people over for dinner, who would they be?”  The Pioneer Woman and N. D. Wilson would be two of mine.  Oh, and probably Brad Paisley.  (I’m not counting Jesus, ’cause we already have a dinner date. 😉 )  That’s a funny combo for you!

Now, I have several posts that I wanted to include, but when I realized how many I had I decided to put them all at the end. 🙂

1.  Marc and Angel’s post: 30 Quick Stories that Will Make You Think Differently.  So good and thought provoking.  I loved all these stories; they are just beyond words.  I can pretty much guarantee you that you will be thinking differently at the end!  I know it made my day better!

2.  This post from Pups on the Brain about a wildlife park in Australia.  It made me want to go to some sort of zoo.  I haven’t been in forever, and I think it would be fun to go again.  (It also made me remember the show I saw about behind the scenes at a zoo, which made me think maybe it would be fun to work there.  But, um, there’s poop there too, so I’m not so sure about that. 😉 )  But the best part was being able to seeing real-life pictures of all the Australian animals.

3.  Sometimes It’s Not Ok – by Erin’s Inside Job.  I think she has a really good point, and it’s something that kind of bothers me.  At the same time, I know I could improve my sympathizing skills, and her tips are really good.

4.  Why the “Fat Friend” Doesn’t Exist – by Abby’s Journey to Recovery.  I really related to this because I’ve always felt like “the fat friend”.  Whether my friends said anything or not.  And because I’m trying to work on my body acceptance, this is always something I need to remember!

5. Amanda’s blogiversary post!  She’s awesome, and her post inspired me.  Thank you, Amanda! 🙂

(That wasn’t five each on purpose…it just worked out that way.  I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s true! 😉 )

What is making your week awesome?


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