Thinking Out Loud Thursday #8

Woohoo!  Anyone else glad it’s Thursday?  If for no other reason than to think out loud?


1.  This has been a tough week, which is one reason I’m glad it’s Thursday, and therefore more than half over, but even more so because I am getting my hair cut today, and I’ve been counting down the days.  My hair is really thick, which I know I will be grateful for some day, but right now it drives me NUTS.  I have been so spoiled ever since I found out there was such a thing as thinning scissors.  But I feel like I should learn how to use them so I can do it myself, and go longer between haircuts.  (The length doesn’t bother me as much as the thickness.)

2.  Don’t ask me why, but in my notes for my T.O.L. Thursday post, I wrote, “Why isn’t cookie spelled ‘cooky’?”  I think it was a late night. 😀 But it is a pretty good question.  So many other words ending with the “ee” sound end with a ‘y’.  Why is cookie different?  Etymologists, do you know? (Oh hey, I just looked it up, and at the end of the cookie entry it says, “Also, cooky.”  Nice!  I think I’ll have to start spelling it that way with a “(look it up 😉 )” afterwards just to spread the word. 😀 )

3.  I think I need to go to Target again.  I just don’t get the hype.  I mean, it’s ok from what I remember, but everyone raves and raves about it.  I have made a couple of quick in-out trips in the past year or two, but nothing huge.  This is helped by the fact that the nearest Target is half an hour away in a shady part of town.  So it’s a bit of a process if we really want to go to Target, and then you have to keep checking your purse to make sure no one has stolen it or anything in it.  But I think maybe a “discovering Target” trip needs to be scheduled.  Maybe I, too will become addicted.  😀

4.  I have been running into more and more of Vera Bradley, and I heard that it was popular among high-school girls.  My mom likes Vera Bradley, and when she got a Vera Bradley bag several years ago, I thought it looked a bit (dare I admit?) old lady.  To be fair, I haven’t been to their website, and I might find something I think is cute.  But I was shocked when I heard that my mom has similar taste to teenage girls.  That either says something about my mom or the teenage girls.  You pick. 😉 I have a feeling in a few years I’ll have to eat some crow.  I’m very fickle. 😀

Warning: this next one is regarding female underwear, so if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, go ahead and skip it. 🙂

5.  Why is it that you have to try on like ten billion bras before you find the one that works?  And am I the only one that has a range of size depending on the brand, and even the different lines within brands?  It’s always been bad, but this time it seemed like it was worse.  Before, it seemed like it was the anomaly when I ran into one that I needed to get in a size up/down.  For the most part, I could grab my size, and try them on from there.  But this time I had to grab a bra that was in my general range, and then figure out what size to try on from how that fit.  Very frustrating!  It’s bad enough with clothes, but we have to do this with underwear, too?

6.  I shouldn’t have said what I said about phones on Thursday, because I jinxed myself.  Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but the very next afternoon, my phone crashed.  We had to wipe it and restore from a back-up.  Thanks to the at-home family members (I was at my volunteer shift), and my dad’s input from work, we had my phone back up and running by that evening (sort of – it was functional, but still needed music, ringtones, etc).  (More on this in another post. 🙂 ) So that’s partly why I have been absent here.  Also because I’ve been spending time with my grandparents. 🙂

7.  Is iTunes any faster/easier to use when it’s on a Mac?  I just stayed up past midnight last night trying to help my mom put a lecture series we own on Granddad’s iPad for him.  First we had to update iTunes which took…a long time.  Then we had to figure out how to get the files to show up in iTunes properly – on an album, not individual files.  When we fixed that problem, we plugged in the iPad.  Bad idea.  We should have done that before we were ready for it, because it had to install the driver software, and that also took forever.  Then we couldn’t get it on the iPad.  We finally figured out it was because my cousin set the iPad up on his computer rather than my grandparent’s computer.  So we fixed that, got the series on the iPad, and…found out the first file wasn’t there.  This was about midnight, and we had already been working for 2 1/2+ hours.  We did everything we could think of to try to get that stupid file to show up in iTunes, but to no avail.  So in the end, he just listened to that file through the computer, and the rest on the iPad. 🙂

8.  I have given up on summer and accepted fall as inevitable.  Because once it’s September, I can’t complain about fall weather.  August is solidly still supposed to be summer here, but once we cross into September – no more.  I still remember when my mom was talking with a friend of ours several years ago about September being summertime, and I seriously thought they were crazy.  Like, here?  I asked her if it was her California background making her think of September as a summer month, but she said that no, it was like that here.  Hm.  Not since I can remember!  It has been mid-60s and rainy for the last several days, and it’s crazy to read other bloggers talking about the hot weather still.  I’m like, “Uh, is that even real?  It feels like summer was several months ago.  It’s fall now.  Why hasn’t the rest of the country figured this out?”  Ha.  But it does look like we have just enough sun on Saturday to take the air-conditioners out.

9.  Which I’m really excited about and thought I should make it’s own line because the last paragraph is long enough.  We need to have at least a half a day where it’s not wet outside, and the air-conditioner is set on fan mode to dry it out, and then we can take it out.  That’s the hardest part about having room air-conditioners in the PNW, it goes from too hot to take them out, to cold and rainy overnight.  I have mixed feelings about air-conditioners.  I have trouble sleeping without them in the summertime, but I also hate the artificial atmosphere it creates.  Plus by the time we take it out, our room feels soggy and stinky, even if we’ve aired it out with a cross-breeze periodically. So I’m really excited to have them coming out because it’s nice and cool at nights (and during the day sometimes), and fresh air is so nice!

10.  It’s pretty chilly outside right now, and I’m almost am excited for cool fall evenings.  I probably prefer freezing winter nights because (in the last couple years at least) they tend to be dryer (aka, less rain 😉 ).  But I don’t mind dry fall evenings. 🙂  I also don’t mind rain, if I’m in the proper clothes and it’s coming down hard enough!

11.  I just finished two back to back games of Cribbage with my grandparents and Grace, and I got crazy good hands!  All this trip, I’ve had small to average hands with a good one thrown in occasionally.  Well, I’m pretty sure that all my amazing hands of the trip were consolidated into those two games!  Grandma and I were a team, and we beat Granddad and Grace so badly that before we even finished the first game, Grace insisted that we have a rematch.  They lost the second game, too, and only a little less badly.  I felt horrible, but I couldn’t control the hands I got!  (Grace maintained that I could have cribbed wrong intentionally, but even if I had, my luck was so crazy, it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference.  Not that I’m superstitious (again). 😀 )

Have you ever played Cribbage?  What’s the weather like where you are?  What’s your favorite season?  Any random thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #8

  1. I’ve never heard of Cribbage, although my family is always looking for new games to play so I might have to try it out in the near future! And the weather here in NC is all over the place. One day is will feel like fall, the next day it will be in the 90s. And my favorite season is definitely fall:) Oh and I have to admit that I do have a bit of Target obsession…although the nearest one is an hour away so I don’t get to go there often.


    • I think it’s easiest to learn when you have someone to teach you, but maybe that’s just me. Unfortunately you need a board to keep score, but you might be able to spot one at a second-hand store if you know what to look for. I have family in NC! I didn’t know you lived there! Yeah, I don’t even live in the boonies, and if anything is hour away, we don’t go very often. Maybe if we did live in the boonies, it would be different, because everything would be far away. 😀

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  2. I never understood the hype surrounding Target either… and apparently none of Canada did since they closed down all the Targets in the country. I’m thinking that the ones you get down there are better than the ones we had up here, though. And please don’t hate me for being super psyched that it’s fall. Definitely my favourite time of the year 😀


    • Whoa, I didn’t know that they closed down the Targets in Canada! I do wonder if there are regional differences in stores; so many times I hear things, and I go, “on what planet?” Then I find out it is the planet known as the East Coast. 😉 I don’t hate you. But I don’t understand you. 😀 *shakes head* 🙂


  3. Totally agree about the female undergarment thing…since when?? And I’ve been super-curious about the Target thing too. Everyone talks about how awesome Target is, but I don’t remember it being anything particularly special.

    Counting down the days till the air conditioner comes out! *happy dance* Though I’ll miss summer…autumn used to be my favorite season, but I am becoming increasingly intolerant of cold, so I think summer might actually win. At least tied. I still like all the transitioning part of autumn, the turning leaves, wonderful smells, sunny and warm-but-not-too-warm-days…but the dark? No, no, no!


    • We need to go again. But maybe to a different one than usual, like maybe the Issaquah one. 🙂

      The worst part about fall is the rain and the dark. Gah. Maybe I’ll bring you around to the dark summer side. 😀


  4. Target has everything you could ever need and more. But I totally understand not wanting to go to the shady part of town. 😉 A lot of new Vera stuff is leather which looks so nice! I want one of those!


  5. I know what you mean about Vera Bradley stuff! Some of it definitely reminds me of frumpy old lady-ish patterns, haha. I’m so sorry you’re not a huge Target fan (yet?!). Maybe that’s a good thing? I could spend a whole day (and paycheck) there!

    Summer is still in full swing here in Pittsburgh, though I think it’s slowing down. We’ve been having weather in the mid-to-high 80s, with no rain. We’re almost in a drought, actually… yikes. The leaves are beginning to fall/change, though!

    I could talk about the weather in Pittsburgh forever. It’s crazy! Our winters are brutal, and our spring is like an extension of winter. Buuut fall and summer are wonderful! Well, summer is HUMID, but I don’t mind 🙂 My favorite season is definitely summer!

    I’ve never played cribbage!


    • I did go to Vera Bradley’s website, and saw some cute things there, so I was relieved. 🙂 My memories of Target are all very vague. I remember going shoe shopping there, but I guess we don’t shop there much because we go to Costco and Fred Meyer, and between those two, we are usually covered (especially since Fred Meyer is within walking distance of our house!). But I really want to explore Target now. 😀

      That is so funny, because I just realized this morning that although it’s definitely fall weather here (even white breath this morning!), our trees aren’t changing yet. Except for the ones that started changing mid-June, but I’m not counting that. 😉 The very tops of a few of our trees have a hint of orange, but it’s so little that you start to think that maybe it’s your imagination.

      I have a feeling my favorite seasons would change if I lived in other places. I’ve never been out of my corner of the US, though, so I have no idea what the weather is like around the country. It’s supposed to be the epitome of small talk, but I find the topic of weather fascinating when comparing weather across the country/world!

      I happen to like cribbage, but it may be mostly because of association. 🙂

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