Friday Favorites – 9/11/15

Whoa, I didn’t realize it was already 9/11 until I was writing the post title.  I think it is important to remember the sacrifices and lives that were lost fourteen years ago, but in true Abbie style, I will let music speak for me. 😉 “Have You Forgotten?” by Darryl Worley is one of my favorite songs about 9/11 that I’ve heard.  (“Where Were You” by Alan Jackson is a close second, though!)  I like that he mentions the other tragedies that happened that day besides the twin towers, which is what it seems like a lot of people think of when they think of 9/11.  I feel like I can’t express my thanks enough to those who serve(ed) so that we can stay free.  You are not forgotten!

Ok, so now that we are all tearing up from that music video (or is it just me…), are you ready for some Friday favorites?  (Ironically, it involves another YouTube video…)

1.  Hearing stories from Mom’s childhood and of our long-lost relatives in California

Ok, so they aren’t long-lost, but we haven’t seen them in five years, and some of them for longer than that.  Hearing stories about them and their everyday life from Grandma and Granddad makes me miss them even more.  And I just love hearing those anecdotal stories about Mom growing up, and hearing about her neighbors, from the nice ones to the eccentric ones.  Speaking of which, we had a lot of fun trying to find one of my mom’s neighbors online.  The name she went by wasn’t her real name, and so we had to really dig to find her.  The reason we were looking her up was because she never told them her age (she was one of the moms in the development), and we were all dying to know how old she was.  Grandma said she actually knew her age at one point because Bonnie (the neighbor) had her driver’s license out, and Grandma read it upside down.  Let’s just say that I come by my spying skills honestly. 😀 (We did find her and her age without having to pay.  Yay!)

2.  Ladies with gray(ing) hair

I know this sounds beyond weird, but I like to think that there is some reasoning behind it.  I don’t know for sure why, maybe it’s because in my life, all my piers pretty much ignore me, and their moms are much more likely to at least act like they like me.  Not surprisingly, one thing all these mom-type women have in common is they were graying, so I have a very positive associations with this trait. 😀 Something about it makes me smile, and I just feel comfortable around them (usually 😉 ).  So if you happen to be graying, and I seem to be being a little overly friendly, this is why. 😀

3.  The Afters’ new album

Admittedly, I haven’t heard it yet, but the prospect of more Afters music has me excited and nervous.  Aw, yeah!  I found out completely by accident when I went to their website and it said “new album coming soon”.  I jumped up and down (literally – ask my siblings), because since it had been so long since they had released Life is Beautiful, we were concerned that maybe they weren’t going to do another album.  Why we didn’t look it up online is beyond me, but there you have it, and I can’t wait until it’s available for pre-order, so I can suggest it to our library system to purchase and be at the front of the line because I’m cheap that way.  Muhahaha!   Meanwhile, I’m listening to Life is Beautiful and Light Up the Sky like there’s no tomorrow. 😀 All mixed in with Matthew West and Casting Crowns. ❤

4.  This clip from The X Factor

I don’t watch TV, however, thanks to YouTube, I have seen several excerpts from various talent shows, all of which have starred Simon Cowell.  Don’t even get me started on that dude; I could go on a soap-box about him, but this isn’t about him, so.  Yeah.  Moving on.  My dad sent this video because of a recent conversation we had about Simon, and his, er, personality.  Him tearing up/crying was the aspect that grabs most people’s attention, hence the name of the clip.  But what I found more inspiring was Josh Daniel’s story.  Before I go on about it, you might want to see it.  If you are anything like me, you’ll need a tissue. 😉

Perhaps because I am reading a lot of self-improvement articles and books, what I thought was inspiring about this was that when Josh Daniel’s best friend died, he could have spiraled downwards.  But instead, he moved forward towards his dream, letting his past shape him, but not letting it hold him back.  He let it empower and inspire him, and he went on to achieve something amazing.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. I feel like this post is an utter failure, because I like to have at least five favorites, and I know I did have more, but I can’t remember it/them.  Also, I had a really hard time getting into my writing groove, and I know I didn’t express myself in the way I wanted to.  But I’m trying to be less perfectionist about my posts, so maybe this is good for me?

What’s made your week awesome?


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 9/11/15

  1. Hey girl, great post! It was not even close to a failure. I really loved that the theme of it was to be grateful and inspired. At least that’s what I took from it. Sometimes we have bad days though and can be our own worst enemies with self doubt and insecurities. You did awesome for not being in the mood to write 🙂
    Have a great weekend!! ❤


  2. “If it was up to me, I’d show it every day…” <- my feelings exactly! Maybe if we did, we'd be less likely to forget, to fall into apathy…yet, at the same time, I hear so many soldiers and public servicemen say they live the life they do SO THAT we can get lost in the blissful everyday, without having to think about those things. My heart goes out especially to "those left to carry on", the survivors who saw terrible things and lost those closest to them!

    I am SO excited about The Afters new album!! I've been haunting their website and the web in general for any news and was only able to comfort myself with the fact that they seemed to still be on tour. Now…NEW ALBUM!!! EEEEEE!!!! (Sorry for shouting… 😛 )

    And. you. are. NOT. a. loser!!! It's fun to hear even the little bits of your week you enjoyed, even if it doesn't add to a magic number. Sometimes there's a lot going on in life, and it's all we can do to collect our thoughts long enough to be thankful for one thing. Numbers, schedules and what you are "supposed to post" doesn't matter…do what works for you each day. Being real, being yourself and living your in-person life is what matters most. 🙂 ❤


    • There is no rhyme or reason to their tour dates, either! I thought they were roughly going around the US, but it’s more like a crooked zigzag. And we aren’t even on the schedule. 😀 Not that we could go if they were coming to our area. I also couldn’t figure out who they were on tour with, so there’s that too. 🙂

      Thanks for the reminder… ❤ It mostly only bothers me when I know I had more, and am forgetting them. 🙂


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