Thinking Out Loud Thursday #10

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday! (<-I just noticed Amanda does that on her blog, and thought it was smart cool. I can do it, too, right????)


1.  I have thought of things to say here during the week, but didn’t have time to write them down, and have since promptly forgotten them.  So I am not working from a list like I usually do.  (Not to worry, there’s usually plenty of spontaneous thoughts that I add as I’m writing, but I’ll have a list of things I’ve thought during the week to get me started.)  All this to say I’m doing this off the cuff.

2.  In other news, we have some sort of virus going around here, and I started feeling icky on Monday, so I have been out. of. it. blogging-wise.  I am so sorry…and I’m not going to make excuses (other than the one I just made 😀 ).

3.  I almost didn’t make this post, but I decided I would write something, because I kind of felt like it.  It’s actually freeing because I don’t have a certain number of things I want to say, so I can stop whenever.

4.  In my WordPress notifications, it told me that I registered a year ago.  It does not seem like only a year…it seems like way longer than that!  But I trust that they are doing the math right. 😀

Registering with WordPress

5.  Speaking of my notifications, I had mentioned to Alison that I had made these chocolate banana fudge bars, and since I just got on my computer, I just saw that she asked me which ones I had made.  After answering her, now all I want to do is make them again. 😀 Yum, yum…

6.  New music is so awesome, even if it’s nothing new, if you catch my drift. 🙂 What I mean is that music that is new to me is the bomb.  My sister found some new songs via the amazing YouTube, and shared them with us a few days ago on Saturday. ❤

7.  Ok, this relates because I was talking about music, and the fact that the Beauty and The Beast soundtrack just started playing on my playlist, but after it coming up in conversation the other day, I’ve been angsting over whether the live-action version will be any good.  And I only saw Beauty and the Beast for the first time about six months ago.  Am I allowed to worry about this?  I just know that when they remake an old movie, it’s either really good or really bad, and I don’t want them to mess up the Beauty and the Beast!

8.  You guys might remember my Oh-My-Disney obsession…  Well, on Tuesday I was having waves of nausea and dizziness, and stayed on the couch for most of the morning.  Since I had read all my blogs, and I didn’t feel like doing much else, I amused myself by browsing OMD’s most recent posts, and since I hadn’t been there in about a month or two, there was plenty to occupy myself by taking quizzes, polls, and reading funny posts.  The Frozen ones are reliably my favorites, but this one about Hans could have been co-written by me and Grace.  Haha!!  Emoji

9.  I honestly don’t remember where I was going after that.  I am having such a hard time restraining myself from linking to every single one of my favorite posts from OMD, that my train of thought has left the station.  Emoji  <- notice that!!  Hannah figured out how to do it on our non-Mac (lol! aka PCs) computers, and I’m super jazzed to have more than just the standard ones!  Emoji  Emoji  (And I’m I the only one who saw the irony of me calling our computers “non-Macs” instead of PCs, like I’ve called them ever since I learned the difference between the two?)

10.  All the acronyms I’ve used is getting on my nerves.  Sorry about that.  It was that last one that pushed it over the top.  Maybe I should stop writing now because I have ten (!!!), and because I need to go soon anyway. 😀

11.  Not stopping yet because I have to say: If anyone hasn’t seen Maleficent, please do yourself a favor and watch it, if you can.  It’s a remake of Sleeping Beauty, so if you haven’t seen that, you’ll want to see that first.  But it is literally AMAZING; I can’t even put it into words properly.  The only caveat I would put on this is if you just hate remakes, or are a real stickler to the original, you might not like it.

If you made it through this very irrelevant, sick-brain ramble, you…I’m not sure, it’s really too hard for me to think of how to finish that sentence.  I hope you understand. ❤

Oh, oh, I know!! If you made it this far, you get a bonus link to another Oh-My-Disney post which is really for everyone, because it’s such a good reminder!

What is one movie you would think everyone should see? Any random thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #10

    • What do you think???? 😉 Of the two, I would be more likely to be on #Instagram, but #nosocialmedia here! I personally think #Twitter is the bottom of the rung social media wise. You know I would let you know if I ever got on any #socialmedia, which is highly improbable. 😀 But if it ever happens, I’ll let you know. 🙂


        • Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Twitter seems like it’s good for newsy type things, but it also has almost a language all it’s own, which can make tweets hard to decipher to outsiders. From what I can tell from the outside, it doesn’t even feel like you are really relating with people at all, but perhaps that is a good thing, since you aren’t really truly relating with people on social media anyway. I think the picture aspect of IG appeals to me because I am very photo oriented, and one of my favorite things is looking at other people’s photos. 😀

          As for why I’m not on them, the same thing goes for IG and Twitter as for FB. There are many reasons:
          1. I don’t have time.
          2. I would get sucked in, and spend even more online than I already am (I am about at my upper limit right now, and would will probably have to cut back when I have real life friends.
          3. It would not be good for my mental state of being, especially IG. At this point, as I am struggling with body image and other things in my life, I know I would compare myself to others, and it would not be helpful. I have been hurt WAY more times through FB than with any other thing that I can think of, and I know that it’s not the only social website capable of doing this to me. I am a very sensitive person, so some things that wouldn’t phase you, would knock me over like a train had hit me. 😉

          I’m not saying that no one should have social media, but at this point in my life, I don’t think it’s a wise move for me. 🙂 If you want to/have time, you can read this article by Alexandra Franzen, which is about why she decided to quit her social media accounts. She says it much better than I can, although she is mostly focusing on my reason #2.

          And, um, why not use hashtags? They are cool, and everyone else is using them on their blogs, so I figured I could as well! It is seeping slowly into the culture, lol. I know I have even used them in conversation before…


  1. Haha, oh my, I loved that Hans one…literally lol-ing all through it! I’ll second you on the non-Mac (AKA non-sleek/awesome-looking computers) thing. Also second you on Maleficent: definitely. must. see. I actually feel like it’s been *shorter* than a year you’ve been blogging…crazy. And I ❤ new music.

    Hmm…a must-see movie for everyone(besides Maleficent 😉 )? I'm big into kids' movies, and I think there is a lot of truth to be found in some of my favorites, like "Frozen" (yeah, I know, everyone's pretty much seen that one already + are sick of it by now…except me 😄), the Winnie-the-Pooh movie (LOVE Pooh Bear!) and "Meet the Robinsons". There is so much you can glean, learn from and relate to in those, IMO, even though it's targeted at kids. Also, classic though it is, "It's a Wonderful Life" (though maybe that's because I'm really feeling the need to watch it soon!)…so many life lessons there!


    • Ok, sorry that I was confusing, but I have only been blogging since April (and late April at that!). I got my own WP account a year ago. 🙂

      Lol, so funny that you mentioned three movies, but you’re right, they’re all good! And I want to see It’s a Wonderful Life, too…and I’ve been waiting a long time. 😉


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