Friday Favorites – 9/18/15

Happy Friday everyone!  So today is perhaps one of the strangest Friday’s in a long time for me, because since I’m sick, I didn’t go to my volunteer shift.  Which also meant that I didn’t have to write this post last night, and I decided to do it today.  I already know that afternoons and evenings are my writing prime-time, but I thought maybe I would play a morning person and try writing in the morning, but, um, that didn’t happen. 🙂

So hopefully when you read this, your weekend has officially started. 😀 The only question is if you want to waste some of your weekend time reading this.  I won’t be offended if you don’t. 🙂 But enough of me rambling on and on, and let’s get to my favorites of the week!

1.  Mandisa

I mentioned this yesterday, but I have been loving the new music my sister shared with us.  This one is one of my favorites to dance to; dancing to it is so therapeutic and makes me feel empowered, and invincible.  With this song I can dance like crazy (accompanied with crazy faces and hand motions) without caring what people are going to think.

I’ve also been loving What Scars Are For.  They both speak straight to my soul. ❤

2.  100 Cupboards Series

I know, I know.  You are probably thinking, “Again?”  Yes, again.  It is essential for me to be honest here, and this is definitely a favorite this week.  You can skip this point if you are tired of hearing about it.  So anyway, we own the books, but we also own the audiobooks, and since that’s the way I “read” them originally, that’s my preferred method to experience them.  I’ve been feeling like listening to the series again, and I’ve also really wanted to have some fiction reading time, but I just couldn’t find time to do it.  I realized recently that I could solve both problems by actually listening to the series.  N. D. Wilson is a magician with words, and although I don’t have a very good imagination, with his books, I can really see what’s happening in my mind’s eye.  He also perfectly captures real feelings, which for this feelin’ girl, is rare and beautiful. 🙂

3.  This ↓


Is this real life?  I know The Pioneer Woman’s stuff has made it onto several of my favorites posts, but that’s because she’s literally the best (or at least one of them 😉 ), and all her stuff is brilliant, gorgeous and me down to a T.  My parents surprised us by stopping by Walmart while they were running errands this afternoon, and picking up her non-stick skillet for us to try.  I’m so excited, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hogging it!  At least, when I start using the stove-top again…I’ve been doing stuff in the oven a lot recently, but I know I’ll use the stove-top sometime, and when that day comes, there will be a PW pan waiting for me. 🙂

4.  This article: Which Beautiful Woman Do You Look Like by PlayBuzz

I would share the screenshot I took of my results, but I really think you should take it first. 🙂 I am a sucker for quizzes, and I couldn’t resist.  I was shocked when I got the results, but it brought a smile to my face. 😉

5.  My mom’s DNA results

My mom had her DNA tested, and one of the things you find out is what ethnicities are in your ancestry.  Well, I found out that from my mom’s side at least, I am 0.05% Japanese!!  This sent my Asian-loving heart into heights of delight.  I am part Asian, people!  Granted, it’s only a very, very small percent, but it’s still a bit!  And we don’t even know about my dad’s side…we know almost nothing about my paternal grandfather’s family, so anything is possible!  Yeah, so this news pretty much made my day month year, although nothing about me has changed, lol!

6.  60 Tiny Love Stories To Make You Smile

Because who couldn’t use some real-life love stories to brighten their day?  Plus, this made me smile (especially the old people ones…I love old people 🙂 ).

Do you know what ethnicity you are (or are a mix of)? 

I’m a 1/4 Polish, and we have Irish from three grandparents, so we are guessing we are probably almost 1/4 Irish as well, but that’s an estimate.  The rest is Heinz 57.  Except that now I know I am 0.05% Japanese, West African, and Ashkenazi, which is Jewish!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 9/18/15

  1. I love all these things…the beautiful new pan, Mandisa, N. D. Wilson…it almost could’ve been my favorites!! But the tiny love stories just made *my* week!! Seriously, whenever I have trouble thinking my petty issues are hard or I’m struggling with negative body image thoughts, I should go read that. It gives you a better look at the bigger picture of life and what really matters.


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