Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11

I am zipping in with a super quick #thinkingoutloud Thursday post, because it’s late (or it will be by the time I’m done), and I have a couple things on my mind.  I thought about not doing a post, but then things started flooding my mind, and I can’t not.  So here we go!


1.  My grandparents just both got iPhones.  Yup.  Before me.  Before my sister.  Sigh.  BUT they promise to let us play, er, look at them when they visit next. ❤

2.  I can’t seem to keep myself whole!  I keep cutting myself or knocking something, or injuring myself someway.  My poor right thumb was still healing from it’s skin getting scraped off by a dog leash, when I decided to try and grate it to see what would happen.  Ouch.

3.  Weird trick I’ve learned through all of this; if you dissolve Epsom salts in (as hot as you can stand) water, and soak an open wound in it for 15-20 minutes, it helps it heal.  It’s supposedly antibiotic, and it definitely seems like it has helped me in that area.  The first time, though, it HURTS.  My eyes actually blurred a bit, which has never happened to me before.  To be fair, that only happened with the open wound on the tip of my thumb, and there are a lot of nerves there, so that may have contributed. 😀 (We way reduced the recipe that’s in that link, since I am just soaking my thumb, not a limb! We also upped the Epsom salts amount.)

4.  I’m beginning to wonder if listening to the 100 Cupboards series wasn’t such a good idea.  Especially when sick, and recovering from multiple minor cuts and bruises.  It made the character’s trials oh-so real.  Too real.  Whenever he mentions heads throbbing (long story, but it happens to the main character quite frequently), feeling nauseous, or so exhausted that you don’t want to stand up…  Yeah, too real.

Full moon - July 2015 - 001 (cropped)

5.  The air-conditioner being out of the window = curtains and window open at night + the beginning of fall = crisp freezing cold nights + clear skies = the moon shining down on my face as I (try) to fall asleep = happy me.  Something tells me there are way too many equals signs in that run-on sentence, but I never was good at math, and I’m only average in English.  Oh well, you (hopefully) get what I meant. 😀

6.  I have like ten movies that I want to watch ASAP, from all sorts of genres, and  ranging in about a 70 year time-span.  TEN.  (Actually, I haven’t counted… Ok, it’s more like eight, but I might be forgetting one or two; I can never seem to remember them all at once. 🙂 ) And they can’t all happen right now, which is what I kinda sorta want.  Emoji

7.  Ok, folks, I’d better head off to bed because I just found out I have to be leaving by 7:40 in the morning for an appointment.  I know, I’m spoiled, because I usually don’t have to worry about getting up early in the morning.  And I can’t believe I’m calling 7:40 early. I used to get up at 5:45 every other day to work out!  Back then, my sleep-in days equaled sleeping until 7:00-7:30.  But I never have been an early morning person, and it was very unnatural for me.

Enough of this rambling, I’m going to bed now!

How do you feel about moonlight? Um, please tell me that no one hates moonlight.  It’s one of my favorite things!

What time do you usually get up?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11

  1. Weird, one of your TOL points was e.x.a.c.t.l.y. the same as mine!!! And I was just thinking last night, “Maaaannn…I have to get up at SIX O’CLOCK!!!” And I used to get up at 4:30…now 6:50 is my regular. You know I ❤ moonlight. 😉


    • Lol, I cannot wrap my brain around waking up naturally so early in the morning! I only wake up that early when I’m on vacation, and it’s not because I’m going to bed early, either! 😀


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