Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday!


1.  It is blue-butted-bug season at our house.  I wish I could show you a close up, but it’s impossible to catch one without killing it, and I’m not sure I would be able to capture it on camera, or how you would feel about a dead bug in your face.  I swear these tiny bugs have little, fuzzy, light blue butts, and they come out around October.  Every year, for the last several years…  I had a sinking feeling when my mom asked if it was just in our yard, and I realized I don’t remember seeing them anywhere else, so it may be some insect infestation.  At least they are harmless to humans from what I can tell! 😀 Edited to add: my mom just came in from outside and said they were in the neighbors’ yards, too.  Phew!  We aren’t alone, I guess! 🙂


2.  I am so bummed that I missed the lunar eclipse!  I knew six months ago that it was in September, but by now I had totally forgotten about it (I am having a hard enough time remembering it’s September…except it actually isn’t anymore. Emoji).  My dad said he knew, but thought it was at midnight.  Apparently it was, only at midnight EST, which makes it 9:00 our time.  So it would have been super easy and unimposing to my/our sleep to watch it.  We only saw the tail end, because we had been watching Thor, which I guess is a fair trade. 🙂 Not really, because the eclipse is not something you can pop into the dvd player and watch whenever, but oh well.  I also was going to try and get a picture, but we didn’t realize at first that it was just ending when we saw it, so I finished getting ready for bed, and went to get the camera.  Luke, who was going to check on it at the same time, got to the window first and said, “Oh, it’s all over!”  Then I felt dumb for not figuring out that it was almost over by which direction the bite was being taken out of the moon.


3.  This is what it looked like outside when I got up this morning.  You can’t see it super well, but it’s foggy!  I think this is the first fog this season. 🙂 Lol, I guess since fall technically only started a few days ago, it shouldn’t be that hard to remember!  (And the blue-butted-bug picture was taken the same day…the clouds cleared, and it was sunny!)

4.  I wore boots for the first time in ages earlier this week.  I was going to document it via picture, but I didn’t get a chance because I only made it though half the day before taking them off because I was too hot.  Apparently it’s not quite cold enough for me to wear boots yet.  I just couldn’t face sandals, and the boots went perfectly with my outfit, or as close to perfect as I own. 🙂 I don’t usually worry much about shoes, but I love it when it coordinates perfectly!


5.  This cracked me up.  I see meat substitutes a lot, and have vegan friends and relatives, so I understand the market.  But really?  Beef-less ground beef?  I just can’t even.  It’s a paradox that my spins my mind in circles.  Why Trader Joe’s, why?

6.  Apparently I have a lot of photos today, or maybe it just seems that way since I’ve made so many picture-less posts. 😦 I miss my photos!

7.  October is coming! And it’s coming with a B that is A and NG!  Which spells BANG, and I don’t know why I worded it that way, but I’m going with it. 🙂 There is a trip to southern Washington for a couple family members who are going to help take care of my cousins’ kids at the beginning of the month, my aunt visiting and my dad going on a business trip shortly after they come back.  Then there’s a bit of a break, and we have my sister’s birthday, right before she goes down to help take care of my grandparents during and after my grandma’s surgery.  Depending on how my grandma is feeling in a couple weeks, I might be going down and switching with Hannah.  It’s going to be busy, but in a good way!  Shout out to my aunt who is visiting; it’s her birthday today!  I don’t know if you read this but ❤ ❤ ❤ and happy birthday if you do!  I love you so much! Emoji Emoji Emoji (I only remembered because my sister mentioned it, but I think I would have remembered once I wrote out the date! 🙂 )

8.  My grandma is having a lot of fun with the emojis on her new phone, and she has shared with us some of the circumstances she’s been using them in.  She brought up an emoji my mom had not seen before, since we don’t have iPhones, so I looked it up online, and found a website that compares emojis across platforms.  It’s literally called Emojipedia.  I won’t tell you which emoji I was looking up, but let’s just say that the conversations that resulted from it made me realize why we have no friends.  Ha!

9.  Ok, so if you don’t already know this about me/us, you probably will want to if you are going to read regularly (I both pity you and love you if you do).  Me and my family, we quote.  A lot.  In conversation.  Mostly from books and movies, but sometimes from songs or even stories we’ve heard.  A little on the eccentric side, but I’ve already done it a bit on here, and what made me think of this, is I was about to do it again, but thought I should give an explanation first.

10.  Another thing you don’t need to know, unless you want to read the following story is that my hair is so thick, I need two elastics to keep it up into a pony tail.  It still doesn’t stay super well, but it stays way better than just one.  I also almost never throw one away unless it is broken.  I mean really broken.  Like this:


11.  So last night (actually, when this goes up it will be two nights ago but whatever) I was very sleepy-I-wish-I-was-already-in-bed, and I just had to quick put my hair up, and  I would be all ready for bed.  As I reached for my elastics I thought, “Wow these are really holding up for a long time! They’ve been looking like they’re going to break any minute for weeks now, but they are still holding together.  I almost wish they would break, they are looking so trashy.  Now watch, one will break now.  Except it won’t because I just figured it would.  I should mention it in my post tomorrow.”  Essentially.  My thoughts weren’t quite that articulate, especially not at 11 pm, but it all flashed through my mind as I was pulling my hair back, and then on the last wrap…snap went one of my elastics.  I laughed.  It made me think of the quote from The Emperor’s New Groove (which we just watched a few weeks ago; I know we are behind the times) when Yzma says, “Yes, Kronk, it’s called cruel irony, like my dependence on you!” 😀 I almost left it, but I really wanted decent sleep, and I knew I would have enough trouble getting to sleep without loose hair bothering me.  So I got a new one, and yes, my other old one is still very sad, but still in use.


12.  And so I leave you with a random story about elastics.  But that’s what #thinkingoutloud Thursdays are for aren’t they?

Any random thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12

  1. Lol, I was going to tell that same story of the emojis if I get a chance to post tomorrow! It was so funny getting those emoji texts from Grandma; I thought I was going to collapse with laughter…seriously a workout! 😛

    And sometimes our posts reveal how eerily we are alike…


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