Dogs + Sun = Bliss

Ok, first I have to admit that while everyone else in the nation seems to be in the midst of a torrential downpour of rain (maybe it’s just my impression?  My prayers are definitely with those in the path of Hurricane Joaquin…), Maple Valley has been enjoying warm, sunny days.  Hehe.  We aren’t hating it. 😀 I was all in a “I’m ready for summer!” mood this afternoon, but then I realized that this was fall, as evidenced by the leaves turning around me, and the fact that some had already fallen.

Second, I apologize for the quality of the photos.  I have yet to master being able to get candid pictures of the dogs with the nice camera, because if I move a muscle, the chances are 10:1 that they will move and spoil it.  *sigh*  One day, maybe, although I would not want to sacrifice my status of chief spoiler.  One of many spoilers, but still.  😉

If you own a dog (or a cat), and live somewhere where there is access to sun, you have probably seen this:


It’s a fairly common sight here.  When the sun is out, sunbathing is pretty much the #1 priority for all the dogs.  We have southern facing windows, which was the bane of our existence when we first moved in (in the summertime) and had no curtains.  Curtains help a ton, but in the summertime, we usually need to help them out.  That is a story for another time, though.  Apparently I can’t stay on track today!  Let’s try again!

Our dogs love the sun.  One day, we had only one out of four curtain panels open, making a very small patch of sun.  Note: there is almost always sun at the sliding glass door, since it is facing the same way, and has no covering.  The rug in front of it always has dog hair embedded in it. 😉


Keely started by squeezing into a Keely-sized patch of sun next to the couch.


This was sweet, because she did have her head on Bella’s back, but when I moved to take the picture, she lifted up her head.  I looked preoccupied with my phone, hoping she would do it again, but she just put her head up close to Bella, which is also a rare sight.  I’ve only seen it happen when they are sharing the sun.  Keely doesn’t mind touching Bella, but she is cautious of The Line of The Queen.  (Bella never gets nasty, but she has her ways of letting her subjects know that she is displeased with them. 🙂 Growling is her biggest “leave me alone” and she doesn’t use it very often.)  Also, notice that the sun is moving…


They are still shifting with the one patch of sun.  They’re doing a great job sharing, too!  Notice how economic they are being in their sun-sharing.  No one is sitting in someone else’s shade.  Admiral is so smart when it comes to not blocking his girls’ sun. 😀 😉 He knows exactly how to lay so as to get as much sun as possible on him, but not block any sun that his sisters are bathing in.  Such a gentleman. 😀


I’m not sure where the others were, but Keely jumped at the chance when they stood up and sprawled out along the couch.

Although watching them work with the challenge of only one spot of sun was amusing, I suddenly realized that there was no reason we couldn’t open all the curtains!  We still have the summer mindset. 🙂 So I opened up all the curtains, and this is what’s happened.


Time to spread out!!!  But notice that Admiral and Keely are still pretty close.  Bella just likes her space. 😉

Anyway, I found this amusing, and I hope you did, too!  If not, don’t be afraid to tell me that I’m weird. 😉

Also, this may or may not be the most noncohesive (dictionary says so, but I wanted to say incohesive.  My computer doesn’t like either.  Oh well.) post with the most winking faced smilies and awkward wording ever, but I’m too tired to fix it.  I’m going with my “it doesn’t have to be perfect motto”.  Now I want to backspace that whole paragraph because it sounds like I’m asking for validation.  Ugh.  I think I’d better stop now, because this is just getting more awkward by the minute.  See y’all later!

Have you noticed your animals doing this?


6 thoughts on “Dogs + Sun = Bliss

  1. Oh my gosh, I see that in real life, but it made me laugh how you captured it. Their legs all splayed out and chins on the floor really looks like they are honest-to-goodness sunbathing, completely relaxed and doped out on sun. Which is true, but your pictures captured it so perfectly, it made me laugh so hard!! 😛 Oh, haha, our dogs are the best…


  2. This is adorable! Jasper (our dog) does this as well and as we don’t have any other dogs, he gets all the sun to himself. Usually. Unless the cats come…

    And this is really random but I like the font…I know it’s a weird thing to notice but it’s easier to read, he he!


    • We don’t have any cats, so the dogs get to keep the sun to themselves. 😃

      Thanks! I changed it a while ago, when I found out that I could! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t change it when I first started blogging… I’m pretty sure I would have at least played with it! I have been wondering recently if it was too weird, but I’m glad someone besides me likes it. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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