Friday Favorites – 10/9/15

I hope to keep things quick here so I can get to bed relativity on time, since I only got about four hours of sleep last night.  Yeah, about that…this is literally the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me!  Last night I could not get to sleep.  I tried everything I could think of, and I wasn’t really stressed about it, either.  Recently, I haven’t felt sleepy before falling asleep, so I was sure I would fall asleep any minute; except I just didn’t.

My brain finally started to wander around 3:30, and around that time, I started hearing things.  It sounded super quiet, like it was far away, or turned way down.  They weren’t scary noises, they sounded like noises my phone might make, only my phone wasn’t making any noises (I checked 😛 ).  These imaginary noises were just enough to startle me out of drowsiness, in an attempt to figure out what it was.  Once I confirmed that it was my imagination keeping me awake, I was able to ignore it (or shut it up, who knows!) and go to sleep.

What’s so weird about this, you ask?  Not much really.  I mean the hearing noises was kinda weird, but not really surprising.  What blew me away is what happened when my alarm went off this morning.  Yesterday I mentioned about my headache from lack of sleep.  When I woke up that morning, I felt drugged, and was barely able to physically keep my eyes open.  This morning?  My eyes popped open and I was a.w.a.k.e.  This is not me.  But I was like, ok, this is a weird morning.  Here’s the really strange thing.  It’s 9:00 pm. right now, and I’m not really tired.  I felt a bit tired this afternoon, but less so than I have recently.  So yeah, I can’t figure out what is going on. Emoji

Annnyway, you did not come here to hear about my weird sleep experiences, you were probably expecting to hear some Friday favorites!  Let’s get to it!

1.  Being able to do a topknot again (all day, too!) without my scalp killing me afterwards


Like this one!!

Crazy selfie time!  I’m trying to think outside my smiling-selfie box, and I was trying to fit my topknot in.  Which should be easy if it really was a topknot, but whatever.  So before my haircut (really, whenever my hair gets closer to it’s natural length and thickness), my hair was too long and thick to stay up in a topknot/bun.  And if I did attempt it, I would have to take it out halfway through the day because my scalp would be killing me, and it hurts all the rest of that day.  Every time each hair moves, the nerves…ow.  Now, post-haircut, I am able to put it up without my scalp hurting.  Two days in a row!  All day both days!  It’s pretty awesome.

2.  Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Seriously, I love this show.  If I were to pick a celebrity chef to meet, it would be him.  He just seems like an all around nice guy, and he is a good loser and winner.  The other thing about this show, is that it is literally a blind taste test to see who wins, which is a lot fairer than other shows I could mention! 😉 We treated ourselves to a Throwdown on Wednesday after doing a deep cleaning day.  It was perfect!  (Have you seen the one with Bobby Flay vs. The Pioneer Woman?  Hahaha, that was awesome!  Definitely one of my favorites!)

3.  The How Conversation Works course by the Great Courses

Ok, this is a good lecture series, but I realize the price tag is heavy, especially for only 6 lectures.  (I suggest seeing if your library has it or will buy it if you are interested.)  This was especially interesting for me right now because I’m also reading How the World Sees You by Sally Hogshead, which is also about communication.  It seems like I’m being flooded with information on this general subject, and I know I will have to listen to this course again.

4.  My clean old shoes


(Have no fear, I did wipe off the counter after taking this picture, although I am pretty confident in how clean the bottoms are. 🙂 )  I have this pair of old shoes I wear to my volunteer shift in the summer, although I’m looking for a replacement.  (I don’t wear them in the rain, because the water comes up through the bottom. 😀 ) Since I’ve been looking for replacement shoes, and because they get so dirty from the dirt, I haven’t cleaned them in a long time.  Last week, I stepped in dog poop, so I had to wash it off…and I couldn’t just wash that little bit off the bottom.  I scrubbed at the whole shoe, and it was so rewarding to see them come clean!  It was nice because I didn’t have to worry about being careful with them; they were already trashed!  I scrubbed them all over, and now, besides the fact that they are worn to nubs, they look almost new!  Add a little shoe goo to help hold them together a little longer, and they really do seem new. 🙂 Almost.

5.  My journal

Where would I be without my trusty journal to listen to me?  Actually, it’s a little startling to actually think about the answer to that question, because I’m pretty sure I would literally be crazy.  Not a fun visual… I love journaling, because it’s an acceptable way to talk to yourself.  No just kidding, that just occurred to me, and I couldn’t resist.  I love journaling for many reasons; I can rant, tell stories, express my feelings – even if it’s in an obscure manner – write things through, and so much more.  (By the way, I talk to myself all the time, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly normal, although I could be wrong. 🙂 I also talk to people when they aren’t there; usually stuff I want to say to them, but never would, for various reasons. 😊 Now you know I’m crazy. 😀 )

Apparently I still have a bit of #thinkingoutloud in me today, because I just can’t stop myself.  I just go off on things.  Must be the lack of sleep.

Ok, I’d better get to bed, because my head is starting to swim.  But, I have remembered like five thoughts that were supposed to go in yesterday’s post, so that’s super important. Emoji Catch you guys later!

Do you journal?

What are you loving this week?


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 10/9/15

  1. Haha, that’s *exactly* the first thing I thought when I saw your shoes was, “Eww, gross, on the counter??” 😜

    I’ve thought the same about Bobby Flay. He is actually respectful of his competitors (something that is lacking in today’s competition shows…argh, don’t even get me started on competition shows…) and seems like he would be a nice person to meet in real life.

    Lol, well, if you’re weird, I am too, but then we knew that! 😉 I talk to myself out loud all the time, and about things like most people would say in their journals. Though I must admit, I haven’t talked out loud to people who aren’t there (barring practicing future conversations)…genius!! I need to try that!!! I am currently taking a break from journaling because it was become more of a check-box, logging activity and I want it to be something I do when I want to, to be able to tell stories, pour out struggles and hash through emotions with abandon and passion once again. Sooo, a break to regain my passion. 😉


  2. I miss my topknot! My hair is too short for that hairstyle right now. It makes me so happy and it looks like you feel the same way haha! I love the mornings when I wake up and just pop awake. Hasn’t been happening a lot lately, but it’s a welcome surprise when it does 🙂


    • Yeah, here’s nothing quite like it (although I can’t really do a true topknot) to keep your hair completely out of your business. 🙂 The last time I had short hair was when I was 12…bad timing there. I donated my hair, and since we didn’t pay for the haircut, the stylist styled it the way she wanted to (presumably what she thought I would like), rather than what my mom told her to do. Since then, I grew it super long before going to a more moderate length, which is where I am now! I am getting used to having “shorter hair” as well as thinner (my stylist thinned my hair as much as possible without looking ridiculous), and so am discovering what I can and can’t do with my hair. Haha, sorry for the random epistle! 😀


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