Thinking Out Loud Thurdsay #14

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday!  I am really going all over the place today.  <- I feel like I say this every time?


1.  Hannah and Grace are currently gone Vancouver (WA) to help my cousin take care of his kids while his wife speaks at a food blogger conference.  (Hehe, tell me it’s not like almost being famous, when your cousin is speaking at a conference!!)  Anyway, there are just four of us at home now, and it is so weird to be cooking less, and running the dishwasher less.  This also means that we have less people to do the chores, but we are kind of used to that.  It’s the food that really catches me by surprise every time someone goes out of town!

2.  This last Saturday started out windy, then it started pouring!  And then, for the first time of the season, we lost power!  It seemed like directly after we lost power, the rain and wind both calmed down, like they had done their job.  The outage lasted about one and a half to two hours, but it seemed like forever because dinner was hanging on it coming back on!  We would have figured something out, I”m sure, but thankfully it came on in time! #firstworldproblems

3.  Speaking of last week, this seems like forever ago, but after getting my license renewed (everything went fine by the way, even though we had The Lady), my mom and I popped into the hardware store next door to use the restroom.  We remembered that we needed to get something, actually, several things, so we took advantage and went searching for our needed items.  In the process, I saw this.


Cool, huh?  The possibilities are endless…my mind was spinning in circles trying to think of all the possible uses for it. 😀

4.  One night last week I had to pack a sack dinner, and when I got home, I saw this on the ice pack I used: do not put ice pack in microwave.  Ummm, why would I want to?  And even if I did, what would happen?  I’m assuming the real problem would be if I microwaved it, not simply placed it in the microwave.  But maybe it’s because I overthink things too much. 😀 Better not plan on storing in the microwave; phew, that was close! 😉


5.  Am I the only one who thinks these things aren’t as easy to peel as they were when they first came out with them?  Of course, after thinking this and taking the picture, this one came right off, no problem. Emoji

6.  Imagine you were designing a house, and you had two bathrooms about the same size, but one is a little bit bigger.  The bigger one has a window, and a wider mirror; the smaller one has a skylight and a narrower mirror.  One bathroom has a fixture with two light bulbs, and the other has one a fixture with three (both mounted on the mirror).  Wouldn’t you put more light bulbs (and the therefore bigger fixture) into the bigger bathroom?  Yeah, me too!  But the builder of our house didn’t…he put a fixture with three light bulbs into the smallest bathroom in the house; the one with a skylight.  Does not make sense in my brain. Emoji

7.  I attempted to wear boots again, and again had to take them off.  The day will come though…


8.  This shirt, however…  I’m loving it!  It’s new to me, and even though I never wear scarves because they drive me crazy, this shirt did not!  It is like wearing a scarf, only it’s not all over your neck and making you hot (sorry scarf-lovers!).  I love the look of scarves, but I just can’t stand them for very long.

9.  Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  And (if I remember right) Bella laid down next to Admiral, not the other way around!  This almost never happens. 😀


10.  It is officially something here, because it is freezing (aka 40°s ) outside at night.  Brrrr…  But it is still sunny and cool during the day, so hey, I’m not complaining! 😉

11.  Isn’t it so frustrating that your brain goes about 2,000 mph while you’re in the shower, or doing something else equally debilitating, and then, when you are actually able to write stuff down, you can’t remember ANY of it?  Ugh.  It happens every week, now.  Emoji  Which is why I’ve spent the last hour typing other stuff to try and remember that one particular thing I wanted to put into this post, only to be thwarted by my own memory.  *sigh*  Oh well.

Any random thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thurdsay #14

  1. So weird to get this from you from afar! I’m so used to knowing basically everything in your TOL posts, and now it’s like this phantom Abbie message. 😜

    #11: why I thought I could never do a TOL post. I was like, “my brain could never think of all the random stuff that I normally think of throughout the week!” lol! 😉


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