Life Update

Hello world!!!!  Boy, have I missed posting!  I actually didn’t think I missed it that much until I finally opened my computer to write this post, and I understood why so many bloggers after a hiatus will say that they missed blogging.  Anyway, I wanted to catch you up on why I haven’t posted for like a month. Emoji  Yikes.  I swore that would never happen, but then, guess what?  It did.  Never say never again!

I’m going to do this bullet point style, (like #thinkingoutloud, only not) and try not to get too long winded.  A month is a long time to catch up on, though, so let’s get started!

1.  So, shortly after my last post, my sisters came home, and the very next day my dad left on a business trip.  The day after that, my aunt came to visit ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ), and she stayed with us for a few days.  I was content with ignoring the blog and just living while she was here.  I wouldn’t trade that time for anything, and I’m so grateful that we got a chance to see each other!

2.  Meanwhile, my sisters had brought home a horrible virus, and one by one we all got sick.  We all had a fever at some point, and it was a really debilitating sickness.  The kind where you literally have no motivation to do anything, lights and noises hurt, and you just want to spend all day laying on the couch doing nothing.  Thankfully, we’re all better now, although I actually still have a bit of a residual cough. 😉



Sidenote: I had trouble with my sinuses for the first time ever (that I can remember) and it was miserable.  Besides that, I felt mostly fine, but I every time I ran down the hall, bent over, or did anything with high impact, I was reminded by the pain in my sinuses that I was not well.  It was annoying, and I sympathize with those of you who suffer from sinus problems more frequently.  The worst part was I couldn’t do yoga, and the Guaifenesin I was on for my sinuses dried out my skin (and throat) horribly, no matter how much water I drank.  I would wake myself up in the middle of the night because my throat was dry and cold.  It is one of the only times I can remember when breathing underneath my cover felt good and not stifling.  Anyway, moving on…

3.  Daddy came back from his business trip, and we had two days together before Hannah left to go to California.  One of those days was Hannah’s birthday, which was awesome!  We had great food, and watched The Princess and the Frog for the first time, which was so perfect for Hannah! (And now we are all jamming to those songs…)

My mom's gorgeous wrapping job

My mom’s gorgeous wrapping job!

4. The next day, Hannah left for California for two weeks to take care of Granddad while Grandma had heart surgery, and to help while she transitioned back into normal life post-surgery.  At least, that was the plan.  But things do not always go as we expect them to.  Grandma didn’t wake up for a couple days, and when she did wake up, they found out that she had had a couple strokes, and so her recovery progress is taking longer than expected, and we don’t know how much she will be able to do in the end.  Mom ended up going down there, too, and she’s been gone for about two weeks.  We also moved Hannah’s flight back home out by two weeks, meaning she will be gone for about a month by the time she gets back.

The last 2-3 weeks have been very emotionally trying, and it has been all I can do to work with my sibs to make the dinners, keep up with the laundry, and take care of Bella for Hannah.  Which sounds really lame, but in there has also been a lot of corresponding, doing favors, and keeping people updated, as well as some self-care type things for myself.  (Late night cry sessions FTW.)  It’s been probably the hardest thing any of us have done (staying home is not as easy as it sounds!), but I know it happened for a reason; we just don’t know why yet.  And we may never.  But we do know that it will make us stronger.


Sending some things to Hannah and Mom so they could stay for longer…

5.  The dogs are doing pretty well considering that almost half the family has disappeared.  Admiral was extra clingy for several days after Hannah left, which was super sweet.  He would lay down next to me, even on the hard wood floor.


Bella has a weird habit of peeing in her bed when she gets stressed out about Hannah being gone, so we put her bed in her crate, and it’s worked perfectly for her.  We also gave her Hannah’s hoodie, which helps her be a bit more stable.


On the whole, she’s doing pretty well, but she has gotten pretty insistent about the few things of her routine that are the same (like food and being taken out, etc.).  She is probably going to be one screwed up mess by the time Hannah gets home, but we are in a survival-whatever-works-that-doesn’t-make-all-of-us-go-crazy mode.  Seriously, though, we still love her, even though she’s a bit of a drama queen. 😀

6.  So basically, that’s why I haven’t been posting much.  I want to say that I am coming back for good, but honestly, I don’t know how often/when I will be able to post.  Right now, my grandma is in a nursing facility, and hopefully she will then go to a rehab center, and then when she comes home, the “plan” is that I will go down to help with that transition.  Beyond that, we don’t really know what will happen.

7.  Random fact: I don’t know what I would have done without Mandisa…she’s the best!  Both the songs I mention in this post, as well as the one I linked to earlier in this post have been exactly what I’ve needed to hear during this time.

This was a leaf in our backyard that dared me to take a picture of it. Apparently I can't refuse dares from leaves. ;)

This leaf in our backyard dared me to take a picture of it. Apparently I can’t refuse dares from leaves. 😉

8.  Also, it’s officially fall here now!!  It’s so cold, I said it feels almost like it’s winter, but really, I’m exaggerating. 😉 It was so weird, because it was like near the end of October, someone switched the weather from late summer (moderate temperatures, sunshine, some warm days and some cooler days) to solid fall (windy, cold, rainy, cold, falling leaves, cold, clouds, and even some almost freezing (literally) nights).  Ok, ok, so yes, I did kind of miss the rain.  For about three days, and now I’m ready for spring!!  Remember when I said I thought I preferred winter nights?  I’m second guessing myself now!  Maybe I’ll be ready when it comes, but right now I am such a cold wuss.

I think that’s pretty much all there is for right now.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon…  Thanks for being there! ❤

P.S. Grandma, if you are ever able to read this, I will be so happy!  I am holding out hope that one day you will be able to catch up on my blog.  You are an Overcomer! ❤


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