Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15 – Thanksgiving Edition

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!  I have been trying to get a chance to write this post ever since I wrote the last one.  I didn’t know when I would have a chance to write it, so I debated about what format I should use.  Should I do it #thinkingoutloud style or Friday Favorites style?  Then I didn’t have a chance until today, and I decided that would be perfect because it’s kind of like a combination of the two!  Thinking out loud with some things I’m thankful for thrown in as well; sounds perfect to me! 🙂



1.  It’s pretty much unofficially winter here… white breath and frost are the norm, and I am starting to live in my hoodie.  Although I hate the cold, part of me likes bundling up.


2.  Because of this, my breakfasts have included a lot less smoothies and a lot more warm things; usually something of Amanda’s.  My latest obsession has been her hot chocolate smoothie.  For some reason it comes out a different consistency every time, but I don’t care.  The first time was a shock because I wasn’t expecting it to be as thick as it was.  (I have also tried blending some cherries in, adding milk and sweetener to compensate, and although definitely on the unique side, I liked it.)


3.  Fan-girl time!  Y’all know my PW love…so I was pretty much ecstatic to see her book in the flesh after reading about it’s progress on her blog.  Also, I just love her.  Her posts have been a welcome refreshment this last month. ❤


4.  Also a new family addition, an iPod touch, affectionately dubbed R2. 😉 I love him so much!  He was a gift from my cousins that my sibs and I share.  Thank you so much, Michael and Beth!  I love using him to listen to podcasts, since the app on my phone sees only a few of the podcasts I listen to, and otherwise I have to listen to them in my browser! 😕


5.  This was the confirmation that the world thinks I’m an adult…I got my first credit card junk mail.  I don’t even know how, but I can cross that off my list of firsts. 😀 If you went by what I got in the mail, you wouldn’t be able to tell if I was in college or needed a cremation service.  I don’t know what to think of that. 😐


6.  I don’t remember now why I was going to include this picture other than the fact that I loved how Keely chose to cuddle next to Admiral rather than sleep in her bed, which is not common!  That and how cute that they are in almost the same position. 😀


7.  Ok, so this is another random picture that I can’t remember why I was going to include it, but when my dad came home from his business trip, he brought home this t-shirt that had been given to him from a client company of his company.  He didn’t really care about the shirt, and since I’ve always wanted to try a t-shirt on Admiral, I decided on a whim to try it. Once I got it on him, I noticed that the first part said, “I love it when you call me big” which I thought was funny. 😀 It was a bit too big, but he didn’t care because he was getting treats. 🙂

8. Back to things I’m thankful for…we picked Hannah up from the airport on Sunday, and I’m so thankful to be together as a family again!  I will be leaving in mid December and will be gone for three weeks, so I am soaking up the family time while I can!  It’s just nice to be back to “normal” for a while!


Sorry for the quality…the sun was behind us, making the selfie really dark!

9.  I am so thankful for music in general, but Hannah brought home two Neil Diamond songs that I LOVE!  My grandma is a huge Neil Diamond fan, and I have him strongly associated with vacation and good times.  So his music is nostalgic to me, even though as far as I remember, I have never heard the songs before.  Does that make sense?  The two songs are “I am… I said” and “Hello Again“.   I think “I am… I said” is maybe my favorite?  It’s hard to chose!!  There is something so perfect about his songs.  At least with the ones I’ve heard.  I don’t know how to describe it.


The lows are just getting lower!!!

10.  I know this sounds dumb, but I’m so thankful for the full moon.  Especially at this time of year, having a clear night during the full moon is not a guarantee, so it makes it that much more special!  (Pro tip: Listen to the above mentioned songs while out under the clear, crisp winter full moon.  It’s literally perfection!)

50 follows

11.  And finally, I am thankful for all of you!  I know that sounds really cliched, but it’s true!  I was ridiculously excited when I saw that I had reached 50 follows!  It’s so easy to compare to other bloggers, but I remind myself that I am blogging for myself, and it’s a bonus that you all want to follow along!  It blows my mind that you are interested enough in me that you follow me, but I am so thankful for you!  You are awesome! ❤

By the way, please let me know if the pictures are too big/interfere.  I’m having to get used to the new WordPress, and I haven’t figured it all out yet. 😮


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15 – Thanksgiving Edition

    • I saw the pictures on your blog! So adorable! Ironically, the littlest dog here is the one most opposed to wearing things, even a jacket to keep her warm! She would rather be underneath your jacket, which is probably smarter.

      I am always frustrated by changes, but I always end up getting used to it and liking it eventually. There are several of the changes that I am super excited about, one of them being how it interfaces with the phone! So much better!


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