Many firsts

In the past few months, I’ve had many different first time experiences.  I have enough that I thought it would make a fun post!  Of course, some things, like helping to take care of my grandma, comes without photographic proof.  😉

I have to say that a lot of these have more stories to them that will be coming in another post.  I will do my best to keep to the point here.  😉  Starting with the oldest and going to the most recent:

1.  I took my first flight! 


Technically, I have flown before, but I was under 1, so I don’t think it counts.  It was so weird, but fun!  I got my wish to fly at night, and actually both of my flights were at night!  Right or wrong, when I said that sometime I wanted to take a red-eye flight, I assumed that most of the time I would fly during the day time.  So it was pretty ironic that I flew twice, and neither was during the day.  😛

2.  I had my first martini!


My aunt is an expert mixologist, and even though I don’t like alcohol as a general rule, she was able to come up with a couple different martinis that I liked.  She’s good at that! ❤

3. I got my first pair of aviator sunglasses!


Self explanatory.  I really felt like I had mentioned how I wanted to get a pair before they went out of style, but apparently I haven’t.  My aunts and uncles and grandparents got me a Target gift card as a thank you for coming down to help, and this was one of the first things I got!  It wasn’t the color and tone I was planning on getting, but I surprised myself by liking the warmer tone, and my shopping pals (my aunts and mom) thought it looked fine with my skin tone.  I always love having an outside opinion or three (or five, because I had to ask my sisters too 😜)!

4. I had my first pedicure! (Warning: these next couple of pics are pretty up close and personal with my toes, which is kind of gross.)

My toes beforehand were in a pretty pathetic state.  I had wanted to paint them before I left, but didn’t have a chance, as it was pretty low on my priority list.  😉


…very sad looking.  After much deliberation at the nail salon, I finally picked a color, and I am still very happy with it!


Ok, so this one is the really creepy one, but I really wanted to capture the flower that she did!  It was such a fun experience, and such a treat to have nice looking toes without having to do the work, lol!

5. I had my first green smoothie!


I have had plenty of protein powder based smoothies, with and without fruit, and usually involving chocolate, but I was always very adamant against any kinds of greens in them.  Avocados, yes, but spinach???  No.  And I was very dubious of people who said they enjoyed green smoothies.  Then, when I was in California, my cousin had his wisdom teeth out, and my aunt made him a couple different green smoothies.  I tried them both, and I was surprised, because I couldn’t taste the greens at all!  I liked one better than the other, and when I got home, I tried to replicate it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t taste quite like I remembered the one my aunt made tasting, but it turned out better than I expected it to.  I don’t think I will turn into a green smoothie fiend, but I will definitely try it in several different applications that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  Because, let’s face it, I’m not big on smoothies without chocolate.  😀

6.  We visited our first bible study outside of a church that we attend.


That was a bit hard to explain in one sentence! I took this selfie on the way to our first visit to a local bible study group.  We hadn’t even visited the church, and we knew no one, so it was an interesting experience.  In and of itself, it was pretty good, but it was also fairly small, and according to the regulars, it was a bigger group than usual! 😲  Since we are trying to meet more people our own age, we were hoping for a bigger(ish) group.

7. I saw the first purebred Whippet (or at least the closest to one) that’s been at the Humane Society since I started volunteering there!


She was very sweet, and got scooped up the next day!  (Just to clarify, I don’t have an issue with mixed breeds.  The mixed Whippets I’ve bumped into are just not my style, although they have been so close!  I also don’t have a problem with adopting rather than getting from a breeder; if I had been at a different time in my life, I probably would have adopted her.  But now is like the single worst time of my life to be adding a second dog. 😄)  I wonder how she ended up in the shelter, but thankfully, she wasn’t there long.


Yesterday I had my first falafel!  It was homemade, and my sister said it wasn’t as good as the one she had in California, but I thought it was pretty good.  I didn’t like it enough to make it myself, but I’m glad I tried it, and I would definitely have it if someone else went to the work of making it.  😉  We had Lindsay’s falafel naan-wich, on TJ’s garlic naan, and (I think) using this recipe as a starting point for the falafel.  We didn’t want to use lentils, which is what Lindsay’s recipe called for, and knowing Hannah, she probably combined the two recipes, as well as making her own changes.

That’s it for now!  Hopefully 2016 will keep the new things coming to keep things interesting!  <-Don’t you love my passive voice there, as if I had no control over it.  Ha.  😏



7 thoughts on “Many firsts

  1. So many awesome firsts! I remember my first pedicure! It was definitely a special experience. 🙂

    Also, I used to volunteer at the humane society in our city! I loved it there. I ended up falling in love with one of the dogs and I introduced him to my husband who also loved him. So after we bought our first house, we adopted him! We’ve had him 5.5 years now and he’s currently curled up in a ball beside me snoring away. 😉 I still do some special events with the Humane Society, but my husband is afraid I’ll bring home more dogs so I don’t do as much with them anymore. 😉 I love that you are volunteering there! That’s awesome!

    Oh! And I love green smoothies, but I haven’t had one in AGES! I forgot how much I loved those. Thanks for reminding me! 🙂


    • Haha, when I first started at Seattle Humane I was worried that I would fall in love with practically all the dogs, and there have been several times where my heart was just a little bit broken, but most of the dogs I work with are nice, but not ones I would want to own. Either that or they are complete little devils that clash with my personality. 😄 Over time, it’s gotten easier, and I’m better at seeing past the surface of the dog, and so the heartbreaks are less often. I have a “virtually adopted” list, though, and if I really had adopted all of the dogs on that list, I would have like 12-20 dogs! (I’m not exactly sure because I never wrote them all down.)

      All that said, we adopted Keely (my brother’s dog) from them. She was a foster failure (fosters are even harder, FYI 😉), so my track record isn’t completely clear! <- Not that that's a bad thing! 😊

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Rach!! I had a great time getting lost on your blog, and I think it would be so fun if we ever had a chance to hang out! 😉 ❤


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