The Boys (Foster puppies)

Do you remember me mentioning (it seems like just yesterday!) that we picked up some foster puppies?  They were basically staying over the weekend, and since they weren’t here for very long, I didn’t get very many pictures; in fact, I had to make an concerted effort to get a picture of each of them!  They were pretty stinking adorable, though, and I have to share the few pictures I have.

We always name the batches of foster puppies we have, and we decided to call this duo “The Boys”.  At least for now; time may change that, we will see. 😉

To be honest, one of them was cuter than the other.  It didn’t help things that the cute one was also the little angel.  And his name fit him pretty well, too!  Meet Uno:


Aren’t his ears just the cutest?!  When Adam (the Dog Foster Coordinator at Seattle Humane) emailed me asking if I was interested in fostering two shepherd puppies over the weekend, I was thinking they would be bigger than they were!  Uno was the smaller of the two, and as you can see, he was easily held with one arm.

And here’s Earnest:


You can’t see the size difference very well here, but he was bigger.  Not by a ton, and Adam told me that there were other puppies in the litter that were even bigger and smaller than these two!  We are wondering if perhaps there was more than one dad involved, but then it could also just be a wide gene pool.  We don’t know what the mom or dad was, as the puppies came in by themselves.  (Haha, that sounds like they walked themselves down to the shelter and turned themselves in!  In reality, I don’t know whether they were a surrender or a transfer from another shelter, but I do know that they came in without a mama.  And that they most certainly did not walk to the shelter and turn themselves in. 😄)


He looks nice and calm in this picture, but don’t let him deceive you…he had a mouth!  He would yowl like someone was killing him, just because he wanted out of the run.  Or because he was hungry.  Or for some mysterious reason that only he knew.  Near the end, I was beginning to wonder if he was psycho or something, because he insisted on continuing it, even though it never worked.


Sometimes, Uno would get to come out and play by himself because he was being good, and Earnest wasn’t.  Not that I was trying to spite Earnest, I know dogs don’t work that way.  It’s just that sometimes when I had time to do some supervised play time, Earnest was howling, and Uno was playing by himself in their run, which meant that he got to come out and play.


Look at those little eyes!!  He was the sweetest little thing.  He was the family favorite by a mile!  ❤  However, lest you think he was all angel, he was the chief bed destroyer.  Adam gave me two beds for them, and one of them was already coming a bit undone, and with Uno’s help, it quickly progressed.  I swapped the beds out, and he managed to wreck that one, too!  😄

They were media stars, at two different news stations, interestingly enough.  I stole these pictures from Seattle Humane, as they are much better pictures than anything I have!


Earnest looks so regal in this picture, but I love that you can see his spunky side.


I especially love this picture of Uno.  He is so photogenic!  How could you not love that face?

And of course, I took goodbye selfies!


I barely squeezed this one in before we left to take them to have surgery!  It was a miracle that he was looking at the phone!


Uno was so seflie-able!

And just like that, they were gone!  And I can sleep in again, lol!  That’s the one problem with having puppies on the weekend. 😆 😴

Sorry if this post is kind of disjointed, and for the blurriness/quality of the pictures!


6 thoughts on “The Boys (Foster puppies)

    • Thanks for your comment Beth! I actually started on puppies because they got along with our dogs, and were simpler to me, lol! Which I understand probably seems backwards to most people. 😀


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