Music Tag!

When I saw this post on Allison’s blog, I knew I had to do it myself.  I have a post list as long as my arm in my head (half of which are recaps of my trip to California with way too many pictures 😛), and I told her that I would do it after that.  Then I couldn’t help experimenting and seeing what my phone would come up with.  And after that I realized it wouldn’t be a bad idea to post it while working on the momentous task of editing the pictures and writing the posts. 😆  Thank goodness I’m not doing anything huge on the picture front. Mostly cropping and adjusting the color because my phone always makes things look kind of washed out.  Anyway, back to the music. 😉 <- a common refrain you will hear throughout this post. 😜

Here are the “rules”:

  • List the first 10 songs that come on shuffle (no skipping, that’s cheating).
  • Write your favorite lyric from each song (I’m also rambling about the song; what I like the song, why I have it, and other random things that come to mind. 😜 ) .
  • Tag/link back to your enemies (and maybe some friends, too).

Before we dive in, I have to apologize if the punctuation is wrong.  It’s always harder for me when I’m dealing with songs because I have the line breaks indelibly marked in my mind, and so I want to put some sort of punctuation there, even if it doesn’t belong.  I’ve done my best, but I’m not an expert when it comes to punctuation (or spelling for that matter!). 😀

Also, I probably will occasionally give more than one line.  Hope that’s not a problem!

(I linked all the songs to YouTube, if you are interested in hearing any of the songs.  I did my best finding good quality, although I couldn’t find a good one for one of them, and another is from another movie website.)

1.  “Welcome to the Future” by Brad Paisley: “When I was ten years old I remember thinking how cool it would be; when we were going on an eight-hour drive if I could just watch TV…”

Hard to pick just one line out of this song, because the whole song is fun – with a touch of serious. That’s BP for you! 😍 I am also kind of partial to the reprise of this song, although I was pretty sure that wouldn’t count. 😜  I also love the lines that follow about phones…I was SO tempted to include it, but then I would have pretty much the entire first verse, which I though was a bit much. I ended up picking this line because it is so true.  Although I *technically* lived in the era when it was possible as a kid.  At least, we took a road trip where we had a tv (it was one of those tv/vcr combos!) strapped into the car somehow.  Ok, back to the subject. 😉

2. “Awesome God” by Praise & Harmony: “I hope that we have not too quickly forgotten that our God is an awesome God…”

Just a really cool rendition of the song; especially if you are an a cappella fan. 🙂 Half (or more) is the singing.  It doesn’t come across in a post. 😄

3. “Never Saw You Coming” by Bebo Norman: “I am the lover with no one to hold; I am the seeker with an empty soul; I’m everyone who’s ever lost hope…”

Again so hard to pick a favorite line here.  Love this song!!  I’ve already talked about how much I love Bebo Norman… I also really like the bridge.

4. “See Me Beautiful” by Red Grammer: “Look for the best in me;; it’s what I really am, and all I want to be; it may take some time…”

Confession: this is not one of my favorite Red Grammer songs.  And mind you, I do have some.  I have no scruples of having favorite kid songs.  😀 Give me “Buono Appetito” or “Shining Eyes” anytime!  (Fun fact about me: “Buono Appetito” was one of my favorite songs as a kiddo.  My mom says I loved the “bah, bah” part, and would always sing it.  I still love it now, not particularly because of the food, but because of the cultures they represent, and having them all in one, fun, happy song is just so…fun!  I know I just said that, but there is no other way to describe it!)  I think the only reason I still have this one is because I got it mixed up with another one of his, and since I couldn’t remember which was which, I just put both on.  Anyway, moving on. 🙂

5. “I Thought I Lost You“by Miley Cyrus feat. John Travolta (from the Bolt soundtrack): “Don’t know how much it hurts to turn around like you were never there; like somehow you could be replaced, and I could walk away from the promises we made and swore we’d never break!!”

I love Bolt; it’s a dog movie, Bolt is adorable and funny, and I love the message.  But this song has taken on a life of it’s own, and I’ve applied it to so many things.  That line ^ is definitely the one closest to my heart.

6. “God Is With Us” by Casting Crowns: “You’re the Savior we have been praying for, in our humble hearts You will dwell; You are in us, You are for us, You are with us, Emmanuel”

I am a huge Casting Crowns fan.  This is one of the songs from their Christmas album that they wrote, and the main reason the above line is my favorite is they changed the perspective at the end of the song.  Those lines were at the end of the chorus throughout the song, but they changed it to be from third person to second person, which for some reason I love!

7. “I’m Not Small” by Sharon, Lois & Bram: “I’m not small, I’m so tall, I can carry everybody on my back; when they sing, I’ll sing, too…”

So random.  I’m not sure I have words for this.  Besides, “Why did my phone pick this song???” 😀 Oh, and this line because, singing.  And they do it in harmony, which is pretty cool.

8. “The Curse Won’t Reverse” by James Newton Howard (score piece from Maleficent): Well, it’s a score piece, but my favorite part is the moment where the curse won’t reverse. That big whooshing bang. Put it together with the movie and the musical build-up…mmmm.

I could have skipped this one, but I didn’t because, honestly I wanted a chance to give a plug for this movie.  Definitely one of my favorites!  I also love the soundtrack, and although this track isn’t one of my elite favorites so to speak, it’s still one of my favorites.  If you haven’t seen it, you should take a break and watch it now.  Unless you are sensitive to retelling of the Disney classics.  Then, proceed with caution. 🙂 (Here’s the scene if you want to get tingles…but it probably won’t make much sense if you haven’t seen the movie.)

9. “Jehoshaphat” by Don Fransisco: “Just believe that what I told you is exactly what I’m
going to do, and go out tomorrow against them, because the Lord’s gonna fight for you. Great jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!”

Such a catchy tune, and a huge flashback!  This is my childhood, right here!  My dad was (is?) a huge Don Fransisco fan, so I heard him a lot.  I grew to love his music too, although it has a very distinct (vintage, if the ’70s can be called that) style. 😉 I still love and listen to some of his songs.  I love “He’s Alive”!  It usually makes me cry, especially if I listen to it at night. 😀

10. “Christmas Offering” by Casting Crowns: “The sun cannot compare to the glory of Your love; there is no shadow in Your presence”

Agian, it’s hard to pick one line out of a Christmas song.  I thought it rather odd that my phone picked two songs from the same album.  I don’t have THAT few songs!!  This is (I believe) another song that Casting Crowns wrote themselves. Ironically, both of the songs from this album that are in this post, are the only ones that they wrote completely new.  If that makes sense.  All the other tracks are traditional Christmas songs, albeit their version, and in one case, with added verses.  How is that for weird, random, useless information you will never use!!

And that’s it!!  As you can tell, I get pretty carried away when I’m talking about music, and these aren’t even my favorites!  (Which would be WAY too hard for me to choose.  I have come to the conclusion that there is enough room in the music world for me to love as many songs as I want!)  I might have to do this kind of thing again on themes or something.  It was super fun!

I’m taking a page from Allison’s book, and tagging anyone who is interested who reads this!  If you aren’t interested, that’s cool, too.  Thanks for letting me do this!  Oh, and be sure to check out Allison’s blog – she’s hilarious and always makes me laugh.  She also has plenty of tips and tricks up her sleeve that she shares regularly.  She’s a cool girl! ❤


2 thoughts on “Music Tag!

  1. Yay!! I’m glad you found time to do it! And I LOVE that you linked them to YouTube! So helpful and such a great idea. And you’re the best Abbie 🙂
    Hope you had a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing your California posts!


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