Thinking Out Loud Thursday #16

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday everybody!!  I’m hoping to get this typed up and posted while it’s still Thursday, but if not, NBD.


1.  Every post I’ve read recently, people are talking about how time change messed with them, and I’m joining in.  Let me just start by saying that this particular time was kind of interesting because we forgot to set the clocks back Saturday night like we normally do, so while all the phones updated automatically, the rest of the clocks in the house didn’t.  So that was a nasty surprise on Sunday morning.  But do you want to know what is worse than just the time change?  Getting sick the same day as the time change.  At least, in my opinion it’s worse.  Basically Sunday night I came down with the weirdest cold-like thing, but the symptoms are mostly just being draggy and physically tired, with dizziness and light-headedness (??) thrown in.  So I guess it’s a backwards blessing because I’m basically tired all the time, and I can’t tell what’s sickness and what is time change. 😆

2.  But I’m loving the extra light at night!!  Especially since I don’t get up early enough in the morning for it to effect me.  (And the weather today was BEAUTIFUL!! The sky was SO blue, and the sun was out.  A bit on the nippy side, but I’m taking it, because I am sick of rain. ☔)

3.  It’s actually night right now, and the moon and the stars are out!! Yipee! We actually had a clear night last night as well, and I was suuuper excited.  Two nights in a row is just too good to be true!  (TMI warning: Fellow dog and moon lovers – do you gauge the moon by whether it’s bright enough to scoop your dog’s poop by the moonlight alone, or is that just me?)

4.  As for the reason I couldn’t type this up yesterday….


There’s a super cute reason!!!  We got four, four week old puppies.  They are supposedly Whippet/Jack Russell mixes, but I’m not convinced.  Granted, I only saw a picture of the mom, but she looked like a pointer mix or something to me.  Some sort of mix at any rate!  They are cute, and that’s all that really matters.  (Except that it doesn’t matter.  But we all know, it does! 😉 And if you managed to follow that, you are better at following my own thought train than I am! 😜)


5. Can we talk about this rock for a second?  It’s kind of freaking me out.  This is it in the daytime so you can’t see it properly, but you should see it at night with our outside lights beacons on.  It literally looks like it’s glowing.  And it’s LIME GREEN!  Now, at this time of year, where I live, everything is turning green.  But this is just a little too much for me to handle.  Maybe because I have lime green associated with evil villains?  (They need to add Cruella De Vil to the list!)

6.  On a bit of a different subject, I was listening to this podcast episode with Arden Rose (which I enjoyed, BTW), and I went and checked out both her and her boyfriend, Will Darbyshire‘s channels.  His channel ended up being more my style (nothing wrong with Arden, it just wasn’t really in my interests) and I’ve totally been totally binge-watching almost all his videos.  He is so much like me, it’s hilarious!  But he looks like my cousin.  And he also reminds me of my brother. 😜 (If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs (if you aren’t you can read about it here, or Google it; it’s quite popular), it’s not super surprising, because we all share the same letters; at least I think.  I’m not sure about my S/N, and he’s not sure about the J/P, but close enough. 😄)  I’ve seen almost all of his videos (and there are almost 60!), and they are just my cup of tea!  (No, that was NOT intended! 😵) There’s no other way to put it.  Check him out, and see if you enjoyed him as much as I did!  (P.S. for those of you on Instagram (like, who isn’t?? Me! 🙋), check him out; he has some stunning photography, IMHO.  I would totally follow him if I had IG.  He actually has a second account you can also check out if you like B&W photos. *end of shameless plug*

7. TBH, I only stopped because that paragraph was getting out of hand, and I thought it weird to kind of go on and on.  Reading through the comments on one of his videos, one overarching theme was that people loved his videos/he was their favorite channel, but they didn’t know why.  And I totally get it.  One person said it perfectly, though, and that it he is just so real, and genuine.  Not fake at all.  So yes, I apparently just did some more tooting of Will’s horn, but he totally deserves it. 🎺

8.  Do you ever notice that after watching or listening to something with people who have a different accent than you, that sometimes you start thinking in that accent?  And/or have compulsive urges to (attempt) speaking in said accent?  This happened to me after watching the above mentioned Will Darbyshire videos, and got stronger after listening to this podcast with Megan Crabbe (SUCH a good episode, on one of my favorite podcasts! 🙂 ).  The only problem is that it sounds SOOOO much better in my head than when I try and make my mouth do it.  (Weird side-note: as I am writing this post, I’m hearing it in a British accent.  Yikes, what is wrong with my brain?!)

9.  All of this accent business has made me come to a very important accent decision; if I could have any accent, it would be some sort of British one.  (I now realize that there is more than just one kind of British accent, which is what I thought as a kid.  I, however, do not know enough to know which type I would chose.  I don’t think I’m that particular, but there are a lot of different ones, and I’m sure I’d have some sort of preference.)  As much as I love southern (US) accents (which was my runner-up), I just think it would really fit on me.

10.  Sorry for all the parenthetical comments, improper grammar, abbreviations and weird punctuation.  I’m tired of being proper, and looking it up is too hard right now.  Ha. 😜  Also, sorry for the lack of pictures.  I did give you a lot to explore, though.  But I know when I’m reading, I like it when it’s broken up with pictures. 🙂

What is your favorite YouTube channel?  Will’s is definitely my current favorite.  Up until now, I’ve kind of used YouTube in a very practical way (yoga, self help, tutorials, etc.), so I’m kind of new to the funner side of YouTube.

Any random thoughts?

And I just barely didn’t make it!!  It is just in the first few minutes of Friday morning.  Oh, well, I’m glad I got it written out!  


What are your thoughts?

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