California #1 – The Trip

Ok, so that gets an award for lamest post title, but I have like four other posts, and this one is just about the trip overall.  Warning, this (and all following California posts) is picture heavy!


Yes, I was *that* girl.  The one taking pictures of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  I couldn’t help it, because whenever I see these cart things, I think of Toy Story 2.  What about you?


The view out my window on the way to the rehab center in Vallejo…  I ❤ the California hills…and this won’t be the last time you hear it!!


The day we went to bring Grandma home the day she was discharged (🎆🎊🎉), it rained really hard!!  But then…


This is what it looked like coming back!  The sun came out and it was back to being nice!


On her way home for the first time in almost two months!!  (I know she will want me to say, pardon her hair; it was driving her NUTS and she hadn’t had it cut or permed since she went in for surgery.)


We play Cribbage a lot, and this was a game where Granddad and I got whopped.  We just barely made it past the double skunk line…other times we weren’t so lucky. 😜


^ Notice the permed, cut hair.  She was so relieved. She was also relieved to get her nails done.  Both her hairstylist and nail technician were super sweet!  When my sister called to cancel Grandma’s appointments when she was in the hospital, they were both worried about her and asked to be updated on her progress.  I got to meet them both, and they took very good care of Grandma.  Super big shout out to Michelle and Kelly (even though they’ll never read this) for being so awesome!


My simpatico, Bunny.  (We call each other that…it wasn’t in my vocabulary before. 😜) She’s my aunt’s wife, and she volunteered to take care of my grandma when she first came home.  She actually just went back to work, and they transitioned to another caregiver.  She did an awesome job taking care of Grandma, diligently doing her PT exercises and keeping her spirits up when times got rough. ❤


More hills… 😍


My relatives all pooled money and bought me a Target gift card (I have yet to use all of it), and my mom, Bunny, my aunt and I all went out on a girls afternoon one Saturday, where we hit up Target and In-N-Out.  This was my Target booty…not a whole lot, but the shopping was fun!


Yeah!!  I hadn’t had In-N-Out for about eight years (yikes, that makes me sound old), so I was super excited to try it again.  (More on that in another post!)  In-N-Out; please come to Washington!  (Then again, maybe…maybe not.  That might not be the best for my health. 😉)


Another day we split up and got pedicures.  A first for my mom and I both!  I loved this bowl!  It was lined with plastic the entire time, but they threw it out when they were done with me, and I quick snapped a picture.  I wish we could have a serving bowl or something out of this materiel!


Speaking of beautiful, aren’t these colored star lights pretty!  The picture doesn’t really do them justice, but you can kind of see it.


Will you just look at this cake!?  My aunt made it and decorated it!  (Different aunt…I should really call them by name, shouldn’t I?)  Isn’t that insane?  She made it for Granddad for Christmas, as it’s a tradition of theirs.  But she decorates it differently every time, because she’s just that good.  Granddad said it’s a masterpiece every time.  I don’t know who could cut into a piece of artwork like that!


I don’t have a lot of pictures from Christmas, but I do have this one picture of (some of) my cousins doing a cousin pile.  It was impromptu, and I just barely got a picture of it.  They are so much fun to be around!


One of Auntie Lizzy and Bunny’s friends, Tim, came over to visit, and brought their baby, Arthur.  He was so happy, in addition to being downright adorable.  He was completely fine when we had to pass him around after discovering a leak under the sink and Bunny was needed.  (We were watching him while Auntie Lizzy and Tim went out for a walk.)  He took a nap in Bunny’s arms…so cute!


I took this picture at the school where we walked their dog, Kuma.  Bunny and I took her on one last walk together the afternoon that Mom & I left. 😢  I was so jazzed that I was able to get sun flare on my phone.  I’m obsessed with sun flare!


Kuma on the above mentioned walk; she’s so good at being off leash!  Right here she was being a little queen diva.  She and Bella are sometimes so much alike. 😄


The leaving part wasn’t so easy.  After a tearful parting with our family, we got to the airport in plenty of time for our 6:00 flight.  We were notified shortly after getting there that it was delayed to 8:00.  That was unfortunate, and we were a bit bummed that we got cheated out of two hours of family time.  But the good news was, we got these really nice chairs at the airport.  They had outlets, as well as a USB slot for charging your phone, and you can bet I took advantage of it, especially as I had a good amount of blog reading to do.  Partway through waiting, they announced that it was delayed again, this time to a 10:30 departure time.


As we neared the end of our wait, the airport grew crazy empty.  The whole thing was like this.  I mean, it is a smaller airport, but I’d never seen any airport this empty before.  (Granted, I’ve never been on this side of security before the trip there.)


We ended up leaving sometime after 11, making us arriving home some time after 1!  Southwest gave each person a $200 voucher, which was nice!  I was pretty incredibly disappointed, and felt cheated out of family time.  I was very moody already, and the late time, along with the insanely long wait made it harder.  But we made the best of it. 🙂


Home at last!!  I thought this was so amusing (it was 1:30 in the morning, remember?) to see this pillar with the names of all of Seattle’s tourist attractions.

Stay tuned for more California craziness fun!!

What is the longest you’ve had to wait for a plane? I know mine could have been WAY worse!  But six hours is still six hours!


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    • Yeah…now I know I should travel with my sister instead of my mom, because my mom has bad airport juju, and my sister’s is pretty good. Although she and my other sister had some security issues, their planes left on time both times!

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