Apologies & a confession

Hi friends!  I have to apologize. I haven’t blogged since May.  MAY. *gulp*  I’ve been meaning to write this post for like the last four months, but I keep putting it off.  I feel like getting back into it if I can, but in the meantime, I have a lot to catch you up on.  But let’s back up to what started my unintentional hiatus…

I was working on the follow up to my California post, and I got overwhelmed by all the photo touch-ups I was doing.  Lame, I know. I didn’t even have to touch them up, and I wasn’t really doing a lot to them; just making them look a bit better.  This is when my perfectionist part of me is not helpful. I should have just stopped touching them and posted them as is.  But I think it was mostly just an excuse I told myself to solve a bigger problem; I was tired of blogging.

I’ve always been impatient with myself because I often feel like I can’t make it sound as good in a post as I can in my head.  Shortly after my last post, I had a “revelation”, and thought I was more of a video person.  And while I still feel like I want to experiment with that, I’ve recently felt like coming back to blogging.  We’ll see…I still have to share a computer with my sister, who is using it more because…

My sister, Hannah, and I have started a YouTube channel together!  So, she’s been doing vlog editing on the computer, which is nice, but we also tend to have free time at the same time, which sucks.  Feel free to check it out…it currently has an *EXTREMELY* cringey introduction video, and some kind of awkward/newb vlogs of our family California vacation.  (Yes, we went again since my last trip… *hangs head in shame*)

So in conclusion, I think the break was a good thing, but I’m sorry for leaving everyone just hanging with no explanation.  I know this was a really short post (especially for me!), but I’m going to be working on a post that’s more of a life update, so keep your eyes peeled for that (most likely epically long) post!  If you care…if you don’t that’s ok, too.

(I also want to welcome anyone who followed me during The Great Silence of 2016. 😂 Surprisingly, some people did! Thank you so much; I hope you enjoy yourself!


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