Camera Roll Catch Up – August & September 2016

Are you bored yet?  I’m just going to keep chugging on assuming that you’re not.  Let’s go!


Um, hi.  I’m just a unicorn, nbd.


I took this randomly one night right after the filter on MSQRD came out, and so I was playing with it again.

Construction at Seattle Humane started getting interesting!  I started trying to take a picture every week so I could see the progress, but I haven’t always have a chance/would forget/there wouldn’t be much visible change/I took the week off for some reason, and so although I have several pictures of the process, it isn’t every week.  In fact, I thought I had a lot more than I actually do.  😕 (It looks so empty compared to how it looks now!)


Our cousins came over for a few days in August, and let me tell you, we had THE BEST time!!!  We played a lot of games, including one of my all time favorites, The Resistance.  (Seriously, it’s so much fun!)  We also played Risk, although since some of us didn’t want to read the directions, and it’d been a while since any of us had played, we got some things wrong, hence the number of dice.  (Don’t ask…)


We actually were never able to finish, even though we stayed up until 2:30 or so a couple of nights.  (See above about playing it wrong.)

Another thing we did is went to a trampoline park!  The four of us had a Groupon and were planning on going later on in the month, but when our cousins heard about it, we all thought it would be fun if we could squeeze it in while they were here.  It was up in the air for a while because we had to get parental consent from my aunt/uncle in California, but we managed it, and had SO MUCH FUN!!  (I’m actually *really* feeling like going back, especially after seeing Alfie go several times recently.)  We jumped for 2 hours, which didn’t sound like very long to me at first, but was plenty of time!  Our cousins taught us one very #basic trick, and I could only sometimes do it, but it was fun to stretch myself.

We were quite hungry by the time we were done, so car snacks were a lifesaver.  We actually rode home with my dad’s vanpool, although it was just him and another vanpool member riding, so we essentially had the van to ourselves.  It’s a big 12 seater, and my cousin, Nathan & I were at the very back, and we buckled in the corn nuts to keep them from sliding around.  I feel like maybe we named it or something, but I can’t remember for sure.  I do remember that it was very funny! Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2


Playing around with MSQRD.  Again…I just really like this picture, even though I was literally just flipping though filters and randomly snapped this one.  It just looks like #mood in a single photo… Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2 I probably also like it because it makes my eyes look really blue. See-no-evil Monkey on Apple iOS 10.2


(This really belongs in June/July, so I’m not exactly sure why I left it until now but oh well.) Somewhere around May I discovered the wonderful world of YouTube, and shortly thereafter found my sweet spot on the platform with the British YouTubers. Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2  I started watching these two a bit later (in June/July), and they make me so happy, it’s hard to explain to anyone outside the Phandom.  (The name of their fandom)

dan and phil

I also found out in one of their gaming videos (I was catching up…) that they didn’t have s’mores in the UK (probably not really anywhere besides America? Face Screaming in Fear on Apple iOS 10.2) and this was my reaction.  My love for marshmallows runs deep. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2 (Also, I’m the only one who knows or cares, but I have to say, s/o to my old profile pic. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2)20160814_062453000_ios

The other major thing that happened in August (besides our cousins visiting), was my sister, Hannah & I babysat our regular clients’ kids for five days.  (I believe it was four nights.)  This was the first time we had done anything that extended, and it was the first time their kids had been without their parents for that long.  There was six kids, three of whom were under three. Face With Open Mouth on Apple iOS 10.2Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Closed Eyes on Apple iOS 10.2Face Without Mouth on Apple iOS 10.2Upside-down Face on Apple iOS 10.2  The parents don’t want pictures of them on the internet, but I really wanted to share this photo, so I covered them up with stickers in this picture. Just imagine two little girls laying with me on top of me on the couch.


Hannah & I didn’t get the best sleep those few days (ha. ha. ha!), so we were quite tired.  And sometimes just crashing on the couch and coming up with games to play while resting was a must.


File this under the odd things you do when babysitting (or probably as a mother as well).  I believe one of the kids suggested I put it in my hair, and this was my solution so it didn’t ruin (or damage) my hair.  And then I took a picture because I found it funny. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2

This Siri conversation occurred when I was trying to demonstrate for my sister, Katie, that if you scroll up on a Siri conversation, you can see the whole thing.  I asked Siri the first thing that came to mind – what time it was, and was surprised at her answer!  This is just *one* example of Siri judging me.  It was 11:20!!  That’s really not that late…or is that just me?  This was even before being up until 2 am was somewhat regular for me, so I feel somewhat justified that it’s not that crazy.  If it is I have a serious problem!


(She also judges me when I ask her how cold/hot it is outside, and if it’s moderate, she will say, “It’s about X degrees.  I don’t find that particularly cold/hot”  Excuse me.  I just don’t think of asking what temperature it is outside.  If it’s a cold season, I’ll ask how cold it is, even if I don’t expect it to be cold.  Does that make sense?  Is this just me?)

Our Trader Joe’s got really creative with hiding the cow (Millie??) in August & September.  I was impressed. Clapping Hands Sign, Type-4 on Apple iOS 10.2Clapping Hands Sign, Type-4 on Apple iOS 10.2Clapping Hands Sign, Type-4 on Apple iOS 10.2


September started fun because we went to the Washington State Fair for the first time!!  I had never been to a fair before in my life (well, maybe as a baby, but that doesn’t count!), and I honestly had so much fun!!  I 100% want to go next year.  We went with our friend, Lauren, and she helped us get the best out of our fair experience.  It’s always fun to have a friend to shake things up and get us out of our family ruts.  (If that makes sense?)  We love you, Lauren! (I know she doesn’t read this, but, you know, on the off chance…Red Heart on Apple iOS 10.2)


We haven’t been on a roller coaster since 2005 when my aunt took us to Marine World in California, so we were ecstatic to go on another one.  It was *SO* fun.  Even though it was pretty short, it was like a shot of the roller coaster experience.  We probably weirded out everyone else involved, because we were so overly excited about this ride.  Lauren offered to take our picture with it…thanks, Lauren!


Also had my first cotton candy…we bought one to share, thank goodness, because none of us were all that impressed.  It kind of tasted funny, although the texture was intriguing and fascinating.  Most of what I ate from it was just because I was intoxicated with the experience of eating it.  So there you go, an adults perspective of trying cotton candy.  I’m sorry if I just insulted all of your childhoods.  I know how things can be so much more incredible if they’re nostalgic.


We pulled off all the eaten off bits and gave the rest to Lauren, who ate what she wanted from the inside (I think we were concerned about possible bite points on the outside, so she just avoided it).  We were left with this cool looking shape, and I had to take a picture of it.  Isn’t it bizzare?


Katie & I got henna tattoos, which was so much fun!  (Hannah & Luke were going to get ones, too, but couldn’t find ones they liked, plus we were running short on time, so they went without.  Sorry guys!)  I got a butterfly, obviously.  (If you don’t know, I love butterflies!) Butterfly on Apple iOS 10.2 Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2  It lasted about six weeks, but I was very careful not to wash it, and was very careful when shaving.  It got me hooked on temporary tattoos, as you’ll see!


(We vlogged the fair, and if you’re interested, you can check that out here!  It was our first vlog, so we’re a bit awkward (we still are!), but just letting ya know!)

On a different note, I had to study the drivers handbook again because my written test expired, so I had to take it again.  Thankfully, I passed first time. Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat on Apple iOS 10.2  But I stumbled upon some real gems, and this I think might have been my favorite.


Like for real, even if you remember there are five “d”s, there’s no way you’re going to remember what they are.  Plus, it just sounds like cheesy preschool rules to me. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2

The monthly MSQRD selfie…I love Asian stuff as you might know, and so I couldn’t resist when they came out with this one.  #aesthetic


So beautiful…until this happened:


Then I couldn’t stop laughing.  Oh, no.  It’s an abonination!!  How can it go so wrong??  You can see the horror in my eyes. Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Apple iOS 10.2Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Apple iOS 10.2  This is the real reason I shared the original. Face With Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eye on Apple iOS 10.2

One of my favorite Youtubers, and the first I started watching actually (I even mentioned it on here!!), Will Darbyshire, came out with a book called This Modern Love last summer, which I read, and was beautiful.  The idea was, Will asked his audience questions like “What would you say to your ex, without judgment?” etc. and they would send him their answers.  Here’s an except from Amazon: “[This Modern Love is] a crowdsourced compilation of letters, stories, and art work about the modern state of love and relationships. Over a period of six months, Will posed a series of questions to his audience and asked them to reveal their innermost feelings about their own romantic experiences in the form of hand-written letters, poems, photographs, and emails.  The result is a curated collection of responses that are, at turns, funny, dark, confessional, awkward, comforting, and uplifting.”

I’d checked it out from the library because I’m cheap, and I had this idea while I had it: I thought it would be cool to spread some love in the local area by writing a letter to a stranger, leaving it in the book, and encouraging the next person to take it and write their own.  I don’t know if anyone kept it up, or if the library took it out, but I thought it’d be worth a shot.  This is what I wrote, accompanied by a separate paper with a note explaining my idea.  In typical me style, I took song lyrics and adapted them to be in sentence form, along with some “original” sentiments from me head. Face With Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eye on Apple iOS 10.2



I really wish I knew the end of the story to this, but I probably never will.  That’s the sad part about doing things like this.

Phew!!  That was a long post!!! And the next month is October…which I feel like I might need to split up into *at least* two.  Thank you so much if you actually read this whole thing.  I love you so much! Red Heart on Apple iOS 10.2



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  1. #Phandomforlyfe!!! In all honesty, though, I have to say, *you* got me started/addicted to YouTube! 😜 And I still think your letter in the library book idea was genius and so cool!! Also…I miss our cousins!!!! That was the best time…💗💖💓

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