Camera Roll Catch Up – Scenery & Artsy Shots – October 2016

Please take “artsy” loosely.  Some are legit artsy in my mind, but some are just ones I thought looked cool.  Not necessarily art.  Just wanted to get that out of the way. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 10.2

The scenery on the way down was starting to change, and I got excited by the organized trees. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2 Upside-down Face on Apple iOS 10.2


The sun & clouds were just so pretty & mysterious…plus, flat country!! Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2


Can you see why I love it so much?  I just find it so refreshing.


I don’t remember what body of water this was, but I think we passed it on the way to San Francisco on our driving tour.  (Maybe it’s the bay?  Idk, it’s just pretty.)  California is just so photogenic!


We drove down Lombard Street (well, the famous, windy part of it)!!


I was trying to take a picture of the street, but our car was so dirty that it focused on the dirt.  Total fail…except when I was going through my photos, I thought it kind of looked cool in it’s own way.  Maybe it’s just me and my whacked artistic sense, and if so, I’m sorry.


This was the view from the Legion of Honor parking lot. Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2


If you read my last post, you might remember we stopped by the beach on our driving tour of SF, and I couldn’t resist taking some sand pictures.


And then this kind of sand…(any beach smart people know why it does this?)  It almost looks extraterrestrial or something.


The ocean itself…so beautiful!  #takemeback


Seafoam… (why is that a greeny-blue color, by the way?  It just occured to me that it really would make more sense if it was a white!)


Several people had their dogs on the beach (one even came over and said hi to us!  It was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which of course made me think of Will.), and I thought the paw-prints in the sand were just so cute!


This was where we pulled off to look at the Golden Gate on our driving tour.  I had already seen it, and although I did take some more pictures of the bridge itself, I also wanted to take pictures of the things around that were just as pretty.


I took an unofficial panorama of the area, and I really wanted to include them all, but I thought that would be a bit excessive, so I trimmed it down to two.


To be fair, I could stare at most of these pictures all day, but maybe it’s not the same for the rest of you.  (I’m jealous of everyone in the Southern Hemisphere who is having summer right now. Snowflake on Apple iOS 10.2)


This was on our way home, and I thought the city looked really pretty as the sun was setting.  (I believe it’s actually Oakland or close to, not SF.)


Taken on the ferry on the way into SF the second time of the trip.  I love the American flag against the water.


Brace yourself for some pictures of the Bay from the ferry.



We walked along the piers for awhile, just poking around and taking in the city.  We stopped to take a look at the ENORMOUS cruise ship that was in port, and we just so happened to be outside this restaurant/diner.  These stools were calling my name, so even though I felt a bit silly, I took a few photos.  I feel like I could have done a bit better, but it’s fine.


We decided to climb the HILL up to Coit tower, and to get there we took a shortcut through a beautiful park.  This actually wasn’t in the park, this was just along the sidewalk!


I love these trees!  It’s so random, but it makes me think of California, since we don’t really have trees like this in Washington.


This was the view from the top of Coit tower hill!  (We didn’t end up going into the tower itself because you had to pay/reserve or something.)  We had to climb so. many. stairs to get to the top!  (<-link to our vlog if you’re interested in seeing that!)  It was probably the most stairs I’ve climbed in one go, as well as the steepest.  It was actually quite mentally straining, almost as much as physically so!


Can we just say that going down was SO much easier than going up?  It was still surprisingly challenging, though.  There were these beautiful flowers at one of the levels, and when I see a pretty flower, I can’t help but take it’s picture.


I wasn’t going to include this, but I just thought it still looked cool.  I’ve always loved macro photography, and I always like to see how macro I can go with my iPhone.  It’s usually never quite enough to completely satisfy me, but this time I think it worked well!  I also have a random thing about wood.  Therefore, I bring you, our lunch table!!  (Also the lighting in SF…OK Hand Sign, Type-4 on Apple iOS 10.2Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2)


Besides the pigeons, we had this bird for lunch company, which I believe is a Starling.  (I always ask Hannah because she used to study birds for a period of time in her teen years, so she remembers that sort of thing.)  I feel like I didn’t like this bird, but I don’t remember why now.  Did he steal some food of mine?  Was he just being rude?  All I know now is, I like the picture.


This was the Bank of America building or something like that.  I don’t remember.  The little park outside it was beautiful, and I loved it.  (The park, not the building.  I mean the building was alright, but that park…)


How cool would it be if this was your Target?  It’d be lit, that’s what.  And I don’t even use that word.  I’m so jealous.


We saw this fountain on our way back to the ferry.  Some of us got a little too into trying to figure out how it worked, and got told off.  (To be clear, it didn’t say not to touch it, and we were being respectful.  Also, I wasn’t doing anything, because I was pretty sure it would be frowned upon.)  It sure was pretty, though!


Those are my good looking siblings in the foreground…and my dad & uncle even further ahead. Face With Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eye on Apple iOS 10.2  But I took the picture because I loved the architecture!


That’s the last picture from SF.  This was taken at a school nearby my aunt’s house (where we were staying), where they walk Kuma.  I was walking Kuma for them this time and it was so pretty, I had to get a picture, even though it doesn’t do it justice.  Why is California always so much prettier then Washington when it rains?  I mean, it’s not my favorite, but even I can appreciate how this is beautiful in it’s own way.


More pictures from the hike as promised!


I kind of like this house…it kind of surprised me, but yeah.  Soirry if this is your house.  I’m not a creeper!  I just thought your house cool & unique and thought the area was breathtaking. Face With Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eye on Apple iOS 10.2


The top of the hill…again I had an unofficial panorama, but I just picked a favorite so I didn’t swamp you with six pictures. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2  Like I said, INCREDIBLE view!!


Aaannnnd we came home to the picture on the right.  I took the picture on the left three days before we left, because it was pretty out, and then when I got home, I was amazed at the change that had taken place in 2.5 weeks, so I decided to recreate it so I could put them side by side.  Blegh, so wet & soggy.


That’s it!  See you soon with the next installment!!  I think we’re almost done! sign-off


4 thoughts on “Camera Roll Catch Up – Scenery & Artsy Shots – October 2016

  1. This is beautiful…It makes me even more excited to HOPEFULLY make it to California in June/July. And it also makes me want to get more serious about photography. Just curious about what camera you use or if it’s mainly the iPhone camera (if so, I’m impressed!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you, Sarah! ❤ I really hope you are able to make it to California…it’s one of my favorite places ever, although I have only been in four states. 😜 Yes, it was just my iPhone (6s) camera! As much as I love using the DSLR, I’m too lazy like 99% of the time. And when my phone has a decent camera, it makes me even lazier, lol. (My dad just got the iPhone 7 plus and I’m head over heels with that camera…but I still love mine.) I spruced them up a tad using PicMonkey, and it’s amazing how a little tweaking can make a picture go from meh to wow, that’s half decent! I actually used to spend a bunch of time doing everything manually, but now I use their auto adjust button and then tweak it from there. Anyway, that was more than you asked. Photography is fun, but my advice is not to take it too seriously. I wasn’t trying to take good photos here; I was just capturing stuff that I loved, and when I looked back at them, I saw their potential (not that I think they’re AMAZING, but I think they’re decent). When I go to take good pictures, I put so much pressure on myself, that I can’t even get started. Maybe it wouldn’t be the same for you, but I thought I’d throw it out in case it is the same for you. Good luck! ❤


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