Girl Talk

Guys are welcome to read this if you want; I just wanted to give fair warning to guys and also to girls who aren’t into talking about periods, because that’s what I’m writing about today!  To each his own!

When you consider some of the horrendous things some girls have to deal with when they’re on their periods, I feel like I am pretty lucky.  Especially when I first got mine; for example, I didn’t ever get cramps.  Ever.  For the first several years, it was basically just the bleeding, maybe being a bit more emotionally sensitive and that was it.

About six years later, I went on a diet, which basically shut my entire body down, and although I lost weight, it was not good for my body.  I lost my period (big red flag, btw!  That’s not good.), and eventually went to the doctor.  The diet was what caused me to loose it, but another part of the problem was, I had hypothyroidism.  We worked to get my period back, mostly by treating my body in the way it should be treated, but also with supplements to make up for the hypothyroidism.  When I did get my period back, this time it came with more traditional symptoms.

To this day, however, I forget about that part of the deal until it comes upon me, and then I feel like a baby, because I’m not used to getting periodical stabs in the gut as I go about my day, and I usually gasp or moan.  (Remember what I said about being lucky?  I know other girls have it way worse, and I feel for you.Red Heart on Apple iOS 10.2)

Every period is different for me, and my symptoms seem to change with time.  Just when I get the hang of one, I guess, my body decides to change it up.  Keeps me on my toes!  Another thing that I find a bit odd, is that most of the time, the symptoms are only on the first day (with the exception of cramps…those don’t go away, although for me they’re completely sporadic.)

For a while there, on the first day of my period, I would feel nauseous all day, unless I had just eaten, so I would end up basically just snack all day long rather than eat “normal” meals.  It was just better than feeling sick all day.  (I would a lot of times just take as much of the day off as possible. #YouTubebinges  I don’t have a regular job yet, so don’t worry, I wasn’t calling in sick or anything.)

Then things transitioned to having this weird tight/achy feeling in my spine, like I needed to stretch it out or get it adjusted or something, but no matter how much yoga, stretching or cracking my back I did, nothing but time would make it go away.  (The yoga felt really good in the moment, though! Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 10.2)

I have a theory that winter is throwing my hormones off, because my periods started getting late (plus it happened last year as well), and so I randomly decided to take some vitamin D, because if it was winter causing the problem, that was the only thing I could think of that was the difference (besides the temperature, obviously).  I don’t know if it’s helped or not, especially since I’m not the best at remembering, but I think it might have?  It’s come back at least.

Anyway, this latest one I didn’t have any of my above usual symptoms, but it hit me really HARD in the emotional camp.  Like, ever since I got it back, and have had a more traditional period experience, I’m always more emotional during my period (I think…?), but this time.  Maaaannnn.  I can’t even describe.  It’s bad.  But at the same time, I kind of like it?  Is that weird?

I think it’s because I like to feel emotions deeply, and when I’m emotional because of my period it’s like having a megaphone that’s not available to me at other times.  I’m a pretty emotional person inside anyway, and although I can feel like I’m feeling things deeply when I’m not on my period, when I am on it, I’m like, no, this is the real thing.  Of course it’s not.  It’s basically being high on natural hormones, lol.  But yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with it.  You know, I think what’s annoying about it is because I feel like I can feel more deeply, but I can’t really control what I’m feeling, if that makes sense.  And I like first part of the deal, but not the second. Neutral Face on Apple iOS 10.2

My period really played with my feelings this time, and it pulled from so many different areas.  It was almost like I could feel strings being pulled, which sounds super  weird, but it was literally like I could almost feel an internal marionette being played with, and all I could do was watch and enjoy with a morbid fascination.  Let’s just say, yoga was super helpful. Face With Tears of Joy on Apple iOS 10.2

Anyway, enough of me waffling on feelings.  Sorry if this was TMI for any of you (girl or guy!).  I know this is very different than my usual style of post, but I just felt like writing about this.  I blame my period.  Ok, I’m shutting up now.


How do you feel about emotions/getting emotional?

If you’ve gotten your period, and are comfortable with sharing, what’s your weirdest period symptom?


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