About Quizzing

Here are some quick facts about Nazarene Bible Quizzing*:

  • To participate you have to be between the ages of 12-18. After that you can help out by officiating or coaching a team.
  • Each year there is a predetermined book (or books) of the Bible that the quizzers were supposed to study or memorize.  There were 8 unique years, and then they start the cycle over again.
  • The quiz season goes roughly in line with the school year (from late August to early April).
  • Teams are made up of 3-5 quizzers.
  • Two or three teams go against each other at a time in a round. At a meet, there  are multiple rounds happening at the same time in at least two divisions.
This is a quiz meet schedule circa 2006. :D A

This is a quiz meet schedule circa 2006. 😀 A “bye” is a break where a team gets a round off.

  • In my day, it varied, but there were usually three divisions: Novice, Intermediate and Expert (sometimes called Advanced). At one point they also had a division between Intermediate and Expert that they called, yes, Advanced. Not like it was confusing or anything. 😀
  • A round (usually) takes about 20-30 minutes.
  • The official in charge of the round (called the quizmaster) asks questions based on the content that has been studied or memorized, and decides whether it is answered correctly.
  • If an answer is correct, points are awarded. If not, it depends. 🙂
  • The quizzers sit on an electric seat and jump when they think they can answer the question (which can be before the quizmaster has finished the question), and whomever is up first gets to try to answer (and finish the question if they jumped before it was finished).
  • The electronic seat system figures out who was up first. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully this picture will help you visualize the set-up.

Very old picture here…sorry for the quality!

There is TONS more, but I will spare you the details of scoring, rules and all that. I hope this makes sense! It is hard to tell if I’ve done a good job explaining it when I have been in it for so long.

*We quizzed with the Nazarenes, but there are other kinds of quizzing out there. All this only pertains to Nazarene quizzing, and is based on how we did things in our area. From what I hear, our district was pretty a-typical in several ways, so I can’t speak for the rest of the nation or world! Also, if you’ve heard of it, this is not to be confused with Awana quizzing. That’s very different! (If you haven’t heard of Awana quizzing, you don’t have to worry!)


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