About Cracks in the Fence

This page is for people like me. When I visit a blog, I like to be able to find out what kind of content to expect, and sometimes the history behind the name (as well as plenty about the blogger ;P).Ā  If you are the same kind of curious as me, then this page is for you. (If you are looking for more about me, you can go here.)

What to expect from “Cracks in the Fence”:

  • You can expect a lot about dogs. I am very interested in dog training and behavior, and I love talking about it. But I won’t get very technical on you, at least, not usually. =D Of the dog content, it will probably be cute doggy pictures most of the time, a story or three, foster puppy pics (eek!), and maybe highlighting one of the dogs I worked with on my shift at the Humane Society. In other words, the fun stuff.
  • Thinking posts” I am a very thoughtful person, meaning that I like to think. One of the best ways I think is by writing things out. My journal is very familiar with this, and I may do some of that here. It doesn’t necessarily mean I believe something, I am just working through it, and want to hear what other people think.
  • While I want this blog to be positive and not a place full of complaints and downers, I also recognize that life isn’t all candy and butterflies. If I could describe my hopes for the content on this blog in one word, that word would be “Real“.Ā  Because of past experiences, I believe in being open and honest, and not putting on a facade. This does NOT mean I am going to be rude, mean or impolite; nothing could be further from my intentions. I mostly want to be open with my thoughts and feelings so that people know what they are getting into. I want this blog to be an honest place.
  • Nature (and possibly other still-life) photography. I enjoy getting artistic with the camera, although I’m no professional.

My goals:

  • I want to stay connected with current friends and family, and give them a chance to get to know me better.
  • I also want make more friends, and nowadays, it seems like the internet is the number one place to start.
  • I want to encourage people. Whether by a serious post that you can relate to, or a funny story/picture that makes you laugh, or by an encouraging quote, I hope this blog makes your day a little better.

Why “Cracks in the Fence” is so fitting:

  • I am a watcher. From the time I was a baby, I loved to sit in the sling close to my mom and watch the people from there. Even now, I am happy just hanging out with the people I love, and watching what goes by.
  • When I was younger, I was a “first class” neighbor spy, and I would surreptitiously peek through the cracks in our fence into our neighbors’ yards. My curiosity has not diminished, although my methods have improved slightly. ;P
  • It is a very visual name. When I say, Cracks in the Fence, I immediately see in my mind’s eye, a close-up of a fence, as if I were a kid peeking through. This makes it easier for everyone to remember, and it makes it nice for me, because I really wanted something I could have a picture of as the header.
  • It also has a slight outdoorsy, horse/dog association with it.
  • I wanted a name that could be open to many subjects, not boxing me into writing about one thing. It is the perfect name for a lifestyle blog, because it gives the idea of me allowing you (lol, if it was a real fence, there would be no allowing about it!) to peek through the cracks in my fence, and into my life.

How I chose it:

The name was a product of my mom’s brainstorming. I had decided to take the blogging plunge, and was trying to think of names. I left to help out with a three day conference, and once it was over, my mom had created a shared list (gotta love technology!) with her ideas that she had come up with, both available and unavailable, in case one of the unavailable ones was my style and I wanted more ideas like it. There was one on that list that really stood out to me, and that was Cracks in the Fence. I really liked one my sister suggested, too (which, unbeknownst to her was similar to one my other sister had thought of, but was unavailable). I wrote them both down in the way the would appear in the URL, and with Cracks in the Fence, I could see all the words clearly at a glance, whereas the other looked like some sort of weird language of it’s own. They both had short, easy to spell words, which I wanted, despite the fact that apparently I like the big long words in blog names (all the ones I came up with had words like “perspective” and “reflection”) But I was really drawn to and intrigued by Cracks in the Fence. It seemed so perfect and so fitting. “Maybe I should sit on it and think about it,” I thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll think of something better.” But the thing was, I knew that if I waited, it would probably be months before I decided and got around to creating it, and I would probably decide on Cracks in the Fence anyway. If I waited, it would only increase the chances of it being taken by the time I did decide.

Yay! You made it through all those words! You are dedicated, and you deserve some sort of prize! I should think of something… If only I was more creative! šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “About Cracks in the Fence

  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog by clicking on your name in the comments section of an Ammo the Dachshund post. Your posts and blog description intrigued me (you are a Christian, dog lover, and thinker, as am I) and I look forward to your posts to come. Dona


  2. Hello there,

    I love the layout of your blog šŸ™‚ Its neat šŸ™‚ and the fact that you have pets šŸ™‚ love it!
    will follow you..



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