The Boys (Foster puppies)

Do you remember me mentioning (it seems like just yesterday!) that we picked up some foster puppies?  They were basically staying over the weekend, and since they weren’t here for very long, I didn’t get very many pictures; in fact, I had to make an concerted effort to get a picture of each of them!  They were pretty stinking adorable, though, and I have to share the few pictures I have.

We always name the batches of foster puppies we have, and we decided to call this duo “The Boys”.  At least for now; time may change that, we will see. 😉

To be honest, one of them was cuter than the other.  It didn’t help things that the cute one was also the little angel.  And his name fit him pretty well, too!  Meet Uno:

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Dogs + Sun = Bliss

Ok, first I have to admit that while everyone else in the nation seems to be in the midst of a torrential downpour of rain (maybe it’s just my impression?  My prayers are definitely with those in the path of Hurricane Joaquin…), Maple Valley has been enjoying warm, sunny days.  Hehe.  We aren’t hating it. 😀 I was all in a “I’m ready for summer!” mood this afternoon, but then I realized that this was fall, as evidenced by the leaves turning around me, and the fact that some had already fallen.

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Goodbye Selfies + Baby Puppy Pics

The Mariners puppies are long gone (two weeks!), but I have one last post I really wanted to make. Over time, I’ve developed several foster traditions, one of which is taking selfies with each of the puppies before they leave. I set aside a time to do it (before one of the false alarms), since I knew it would take me awhile.


Robbie was so good; it was getting a good picture of me that was the problem! Of course, he would sometimes look around if he heard something interesting.

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Another puppy?

Yes, I am that crazy. We had about a week of a normal house, but when there was a foster request saying that they had a bunch of puppies coming in on a transfer from California (pick-up being on Friday afternoon), I couldn’t resist offering to help. I thought that maybe a singleton puppy would be easier, since we had already cleaned up all our fostering supplies, and if there was only one, it wouldn’t necessitate getting out our handy-dandy foster area.

I ended up with Poppy, a 3 month-old lab puppy who has Demodex, which means she has kind of a lot of hair missing. =S (It does not spread to humans or dogs. We have way too many people/dogs to risk that!) Because of this, she doesn’t get that “awww” puppy reaction most of the time, it’s more of a “oh, poor thing!” kind of reaction.

So, with that in mind, here’s a picture of Poppy:


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Mariners Puppies’ Photoshoot Outtakes

It’s time for more puppy pics! I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak I gave you of the photoshoot my sister and I gave the Mariners puppies before they left. I included some outtakes, because they were cute and funny. There are definitely challenges when trying to photograph puppies, but it can be a lot of fun, and often the results tell a story all by themselves!

First the serious, cute ones. Or the seriously cute ones. Wait – whoa! I’m a little confused now. Perhaps puppies will straighten me out a bit…

Mariners Puppies' Official Photoshoot - June 2015 (1024x683) - 003

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Mariners Puppies Update #212

I promised more puppy pictures, and it’s about time I made good on that promise!


When the Mariners puppies got to be older, they became increasingly harder and harder to get a picture of them sleeping. I would spend 15-20 minutes slowly creeping up on them, only to have one of them (usually Whitney) open up her, I mean, their eyes, or sit up and look at me, thus ruining the cute pose. But this time, I was determined to take however long it took to catch them napping.

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Goodbye Mariners Puppies!

The puppies are having their surgeries this morning! I know this is a little sudden, but sometimes that happens when you foster. :S I’m still shocked myself!


They will be available for adoption on Sunday morning, and if you check here, they should be on the first page late Saturday night, and early Sunday morning. (Once they get adopted, they get booted to the last page.)

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How Many Puppy Pictures Can You Take In One Sitting?

Apparently I got lucky. 😛 This is not exactly what I envisioned when I said that yesterday, though. But first a little background:

At the puppies’ 8 week check-up, we decided to give them another week because Nelson was the only one who was over two pounds. A couple days later, Kyle popped over the line, and we were hoping that the other two would follow suit by Friday. They didn’t, so I kept them over the weekend, and they were going to go in for their surgeries this morning. As of last night, they were over all over 2 lbs. We were good to go!

This morning, I got up early, fed them only a small breakfast like we are supposed to before surgeries, and then just to check, I gave them a quick weigh before leaving. Annnd…Robbie and Whitney were both a 1/2 oz. too light. Argg. I really don’t mind keeping them for longer, it’s just that we finally were able to align the stars right and have an open morning to bring them in, and I have this big question mark of the jury duty thing, so it’s not like I can just bring them in with my regular Friday shift. I might, but we don’t know. They don’t do surgeries on Saturday mornings (although I’m not sure why not…maybe I misunderstood that. I should double-check), so that means probably next Monday. These poor puppies.

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Mariners Puppies’ Photoshoot

Mariner Puppy pictures - May 2015 - 001 (edited)

“Hey folks! How’s it goin’? I hope you are all having an excellent morning!”

I have this annoying habit of trying to take puppy pictures at night. I was able to get away with it when they were younger, but now they are more active, they think when they get out, they are coming out to play, which makes them wriggly. This last weekend, I couldn’t do it at night and use my phone. It was just a bad combination, and believe it or not I can snap pictures faster with our DSLR, so I cracked it out. I have to say, I am not happy with the pictures because I “had” to use flash. Blegh. (As you will see, I didn’t exactly need to use flash, but the outcome was better? With the fast moving puppies, it was at least tons easier.)

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