Is There Such a Thing as a Night Person?

Short answer?  Yes.  I am one.  Trust me; I know what it’s like.

A lot of people are might disagree with the above statement, and that’s fine!  This post isn’t written for you.  This post is for my fellow night owls, and for morning people who have night owls in their life and don’t understand what it’s like, but want to know.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if you disagree with me, I’m not saying you need to leave (although you can if you want!), I’m just saying that I’m not writing this to start an argument.  I’m just #thinkingoutloud, and I thought it could also be helpful to some people. Red Heart on Apple iOS 10.2


Also, I want to say that since I believe there is such a thing as a night person, I also believe there are morning people.  I am related to several, some of whom it’s very drastic and obvious.  There’s probably also people in between!  Every kind is just as valid; I’m not trying to turn morning people into night people.  I know there’s a lot of articles on the internet to convince night people that they can be morning people if they try hard enough, and this is not the opposite of that.  This is me telling you it’s ok if you’re a night person, and that you don’t need to change if it’s working for you, and your priorities are being met.

For the longest time, even I fell for the whole line that you are what you choose to be.  And while I do believe you can make your body *adjust* to any schedule, I also believe that no matter what you do, your body is wired to operate one way or the other.  (Who knows, my opinion on this could change at some point; I do my best to keep an open mind to being wrong.)  I’ve always identified as a night person, but at the back of my mind, I thought I could change if I wanted to, and believe me, I tried.  (More on that later.)

For the last couple years I had an average sleep schedule. I’d go to bed around 10:00 or 11:00, and every now and then I’d be up till midnight if I was up late.  I’d get up around 8:00, and I was convinced my body needed at least 9-10 hours of sleep, because I couldn’t function well on any less.  Even still I felt really sleepy all day long.  I thought maybe it was what I was eating, but I experimented around, and nothing changed my energy levels.  (I can’t drink coffee because it makes me feel light-headed, and I don’t drink any other sort of energy drinks, either, so that’s not a factor here.)

Then, more recently, probably around the new year, I started staying up much later.  Basically what happened was, I made it a goal to do yoga every day, and to be more consistent with my bible reading.  I love doing yoga at night, and don’t really feel like doing it during the day, so I do it before bed.  (I did Yoga With Adrienne’s Yoga Revolution, which was amazing!!)  But I didn’t like sacrificing my late night time hanging with my family, or doing other things, so I just tacked it onto the end of my night, causing me to stay up extra late.  I started going to bed at 1:00, then 2:00, and now it’s closer to 3:00.  (I really want to get it back to 2:00, though.)

It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that everything clicked for me, and I realized how much better I felt.  You know how sometimes when you get a cold, and then get better, but you’re coughing for weeks afterwards; then one day, you wake up and realize you haven’t coughed in the last couple days?  That was what it was like for me.  One day, I remembered how I used to feel all sleepy and draggy all day long, and now I feel so much more alert!  I can’t even describe it.  I ask you, who in their right mind would go back, unless you had a really good reason (work, baby, significant other, etc.).  None of which I currently have, so…you better believe I’m going to live this part of my life feeling great and staying up til 2:00.

While I’m here, though, I feel like I have to address something.  I didn’t intend to write a post centered around it, but it makes sense to talk about it here.  I saw this in an article called 25 Best Habits to Have in Life, and it not only irritated me, it doesn’t even make logical sense.


The author doesn’t seem to know what it’s like to not be a morning person, because the instructions they give are instructions on how to wake up earlier, not on how to become a morning person.  Being a morning person is being someone who functions best in the morning, and I don’t know how that is teachable. Even when I have a baby, I’ll be up early, but I don’t think I’ll be a morning person, unless, of course, my hormones change that.  Being/getting up early in the morning does NOT equal being a morning person.

I used to get up at 5:15 am.  It didn’t help my productivity; in fact, it hindered it.  I would work out, eat breakfast, and then laze around doing a whole bunch of nothing because I was useless.  No matter when I get up, my brain doesn’t work well until after 12:00 noon.  So, I can either sleep during that time, or be up and waste that time trying to do things and getting nothing done well.

Remember what I said about how I do my best to keep my mind open?  Well, when I get defensive, that’s my number one sign to evaluate.  Maybe I’m hearing something I need to change about myself.  And sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.  When I first read this, I thought maybe this was one of those things I should change.  But not anymore.  Not right now, at least.  I feel so much better, and I’d 20x rather feel better than look like I have my life together by sleeping “normally”.

It bothers me that our culture values being a morning person as some sort of moral accomplishment, which is just silly.  It also sees it as a key to success, which I firmly disagree with.  But disagreeing changes nothing, and I’m afraid that until something dramatic happens, us night owls will just have to let comments like the above roll off our back.

Also, the world is just as quiet and peaceful while everyone is sleeping at night.  It works both ways.  Just saying. Face With Stuck-out Tongue & Winking Eye on Apple iOS 10.2


Are you a night or a morning person?  Or someone who feels like they’re in between/neither?

How do you feel about this subject?


Thinking Out Loud Thursday # 17- “If We Were Having Coffee…”

I am so bad at blogging right now!  At the start of the year, it felt like time was slowing to be more my pace, but now I blink and a month has passed since I posted.  Wow!  I’ve had my birthday, foster puppies, and my blog’s birthday, and I’m still woefully behind on all the posts I want to make.  I think I’ll do that “if we were having coffee together” thing (is it a tag? Someone please find help because I only pretend I know this blogger talk. 😜 ).  Well, partly that, but also part #thinkingoutloud Thursday.  It lined up that way, so I am totally taking the excuse to double up!


If we were having coffee… I would order hot cocoa, so you might be having coffee, but I…wouldn’t.  Not because I think coffee is bad; simply because I don’t like it + it makes me light-headed = why would I ever want coffee?  Answer: never.  Well, that’s not true, because I want to like coffee, and so I sometimes want it.  But I know it won’t end well. 😜 I might very well ask to smell yours, though, because I love the smell of coffee.

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #16

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday everybody!!  I’m hoping to get this typed up and posted while it’s still Thursday, but if not, NBD.


1.  Every post I’ve read recently, people are talking about how time change messed with them, and I’m joining in.  Let me just start by saying that this particular time was kind of interesting because we forgot to set the clocks back Saturday night like we normally do, so while all the phones updated automatically, the rest of the clocks in the house didn’t.  So that was a nasty surprise on Sunday morning.  But do you want to know what is worse than just the time change?  Getting sick the same day as the time change.  At least, in my opinion it’s worse.  Basically Sunday night I came down with the weirdest cold-like thing, but the symptoms are mostly just being draggy and physically tired, with dizziness and light-headedness (??) thrown in.  So I guess it’s a backwards blessing because I’m basically tired all the time, and I can’t tell what’s sickness and what is time change. 😆

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #15 – Thanksgiving Edition

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!  I have been trying to get a chance to write this post ever since I wrote the last one.  I didn’t know when I would have a chance to write it, so I debated about what format I should use.  Should I do it #thinkingoutloud style or Friday Favorites style?  Then I didn’t have a chance until today, and I decided that would be perfect because it’s kind of like a combination of the two!  Thinking out loud with some things I’m thankful for thrown in as well; sounds perfect to me! 🙂



1.  It’s pretty much unofficially winter here… white breath and frost are the norm, and I am starting to live in my hoodie.  Although I hate the cold, part of me likes bundling up.

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Thinking Out Loud Thurdsay #14

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday!  I am really going all over the place today.  <- I feel like I say this every time?


1.  Hannah and Grace are currently gone Vancouver (WA) to help my cousin take care of his kids while his wife speaks at a food blogger conference.  (Hehe, tell me it’s not like almost being famous, when your cousin is speaking at a conference!!)  Anyway, there are just four of us at home now, and it is so weird to be cooking less, and running the dishwasher less.  This also means that we have less people to do the chores, but we are kind of used to that.  It’s the food that really catches me by surprise every time someone goes out of town!

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #13

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday!  Random thoughts coming at you in 3…2…1…


1.  I have been trying to wake up (and stay awake) at the same time every morning to help with my sleep.  The only problem is, I can’t stop journaling late into the night, which then builds up to a headache from lack of sleep.  And my eyes feeling like they are cold and dry and wide open.  That’s me right now. Emoji

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday!


1.  It is blue-butted-bug season at our house.  I wish I could show you a close up, but it’s impossible to catch one without killing it, and I’m not sure I would be able to capture it on camera, or how you would feel about a dead bug in your face.  I swear these tiny bugs have little, fuzzy, light blue butts, and they come out around October.  Every year, for the last several years…  I had a sinking feeling when my mom asked if it was just in our yard, and I realized I don’t remember seeing them anywhere else, so it may be some insect infestation.  At least they are harmless to humans from what I can tell! 😀 Edited to add: my mom just came in from outside and said they were in the neighbors’ yards, too.  Phew!  We aren’t alone, I guess! 🙂

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11

I am zipping in with a super quick #thinkingoutloud Thursday post, because it’s late (or it will be by the time I’m done), and I have a couple things on my mind.  I thought about not doing a post, but then things started flooding my mind, and I can’t not.  So here we go!


1.  My grandparents just both got iPhones.  Yup.  Before me.  Before my sister.  Sigh.  BUT they promise to let us play, er, look at them when they visit next. ❤

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #10

Happy #thinkingoutloud Thursday! (<-I just noticed Amanda does that on her blog, and thought it was smart cool. I can do it, too, right????)


1.  I have thought of things to say here during the week, but didn’t have time to write them down, and have since promptly forgotten them.  So I am not working from a list like I usually do.  (Not to worry, there’s usually plenty of spontaneous thoughts that I add as I’m writing, but I’ll have a list of things I’ve thought during the week to get me started.)  All this to say I’m doing this off the cuff.

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