I almost made this a widget on my sidebar, but I wanted to be able to say why I liked the blogs/websites I do. I know I wish a lot of bloggers did this more often, and I can’t be the only one, right?

Food Blogs:

Pinch of Yum

I am not a foodie, guys. But Lindsay is awesome. (And she makes awesome recipes, too!) I read POY for many reasons, but for one thing, it’s not “just another food blog”. Lindsay has a unique writing voice, she is a very fun person, quite real (you know how important that is to me!) and never fails to put a smile on my face. After reading only a few of her posts, I wanted to meet her in real life, and after a few more, I felt like we were friends. I love how she includes stories and tidbits of their life in her posts. I feel like most food blogs I’ve bumped into spend most of their post selling their recipe to me, and I’m not a fan of that, since nine times out of ten I’m not interested in the recipe, I’m interested in the blogger.* While Lindsay does talk about how much she loves her newest creation, she also tells stories on herself. Which is awesome. 😀
*I recognize that this wouldn’t bother most people; I’m just different. 🙂

Eat Within Your Means

Ok, seriously, besides the fact that she’s my cousin, and an amazing person, Beth is a brilliant cook. Like I am convinced that she could make ANYTHING and I would like it. She had made the several things that I normally wouldn’t try because it’s on my “food that I don’t like” list, but I tried it to be polite. Every time, I’ve liked it, and usually I crave it now! (Chickpea Tacos!) Thanks, Beth!

Cookie and Kate

I haven’t been following her for very long, but Kate makes THE BEST salads, and a lot of her other recipes sound good, too! (And see above, I’m not a foodie!) Like, in our house Kate Salads are a thing. If it’s a Kate Salad, Hannah knows it’ll be a winner with me at least! Plus, she had a cute dog! And she shares (not enough) pictures of said cute dog on the blog! How could you not love her? She also shares stuff from her personal life, which makes her even awesome-er in my mind!

Dog Blogs:

Marking Our Territory

I ran across Will’s blog via someone on my whippet forum (see below) linking to his post on losing a dog. It was so well done, and it wasn’t long before I was caught up by his humor, stories and adorable dogs. You can’t help but love Penny and Eko’s little big  faces! And he is so good at capturing and captioning pictures of those two!

My Brown Newfies

Jen is funny. That’s all there is to it. But she also knows when to get serious, and has a really good balance on her blog. She is knowledgeable, and real at the same time. She is also a really good resource if you are have or are considering getting  a Newfoundland or a Newfie mix and are trying to find out more about the breed.


More Than I’ve Been

A childhood friend of mine, Kat Frost is an UH-MAZING writer, who should be published one day! (This seems to be a theme in my life… 😀 ) Her blog is brilliant, and I don’t know how else to describe it. She is a magician with words. It’s mainly a writing blog, but (I think I can say this, because I’m not a writer) it’s interesting even if you aren’t into writing.

My Uncommon Everyday

Ellen is incredibly open and real on her blog, and reading it is a breath of fresh air for me. She has what so many bloggers (it seems) lack, and that is the ability to share good and bad things, without it seeming like she’s completely perfect or always complaining. I really admire this in her, and I wish I was better at this myself.

The Pioneer Woman

Ok, OK, so I know, EVERYONE knows who she is, but I had to put her on here, because I just love her! When I read her posts, I don’t get the “big blog” feel. It feels like she is writing just like she would if it was just her mom and kids reading it, when in reality there are thousands (millions?) of readers. She is an incredible writer and photographer, too, which makes it even better. I can distinctly feel what she is feeling, or see what she’s seeing. Even when she announced her new line of products, she seemed so natural and real, that I was having a hard time believing it was serious for the longest time! She is just awesome. And that’s why she’s famous! 😀

Other links:

Seattle Humane Society

If you are in the Seattle area and are interested in adopting a dog, cat or critter, I would highly recommend checking their website! Seattle Humane is a private, non-profit no-kill shelter, and I can personally attest to their honesty and integrity. In all of my interactions with them, most everyone has been polite and helpful, and I know several amazing and talented people who pour themselves into the dogs (and cats, but I don’t work with them so much) who come to the shelter. I am so glad that I became involved with them! (If you are interested in donating, you can do that here.)

Whippet World

A great forum for learning more about Whippets, and sharing pictures or fun stories of current Whippets. Of course, Whippet mixes, too! It can be very helpful to know the inclination of your dog because of its background, even when it’s a mix! You can access the forum without being a member, but if you want to make a post, you’ll have to sign up.

The American Whippet Association

They have an amazing website, and I had an easy time navigating it on my phone, which cannot be said for a lot of the other dog club websites I’ve been to! They have tons of information on the breed, it would be a small book if you printed it out!


What are your thoughts?

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